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WWF – October 22, 1984

The next WWF show comes to us the day after the previous show and is from Madison Square Garden in New York City. Nothing has changed as far as championship obviously, but on this show we do have a WWF World Title match up as Hulk Hogan defends the gold against Big John Studd. With the show over two hours long, I assume we’re getting the entire show, so let’s head to the ring.

Still love the classic opener with all the old arenas and legendary stars, just a great way to get the hype started. Even Michael Hayes makes the opener! Gorilla Monsoon and Mene Gene welcomes us to the show and sends it to Howard Finkel. Continue reading


WWF TNT -May 29, 1984

I’m back with more WWE Network programming. I waited to see if they were going to fill in any of the gaps for the territories and it doesn’t seem likely, so I’m just to skip those and focus on WWF, NWA/WCW and ECW. So that brings us to TNT tonight from May 29, 1984. So, we are about ten months away from the first Wrestlemania and four months into Hulkamania which started in January when Hulk Hogan won the World Title from Iron Sheik in the last show we recapped. The Tag Team titles are being held by Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch, who won the gold Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas only a month earlier. Tito Santana is the current reigning Intercontinental Champion, having regained the gold from Don Muraco on February 11th. This leads us to TNT, aka Tuesday Night Titans, which is not your standard WWF program as they tried to make it more of a talk show style with occasional matches. Let’s head to the ring for the very first episode.

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WWF Rowdy Roddy Piper’s Greatest Hits
December 18, 2011, 11:57 am
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We come to one of my favorite wrestlers of the eighties Coliseum Video, Rowdy Roddy Piper. This should be a lot of fun, as no one could fire up a crowd like Piper, and most of the current crop could learn a lot from Piper. Whereas Sheik, Volkoff and Blassie could get heat by playing to the USA hatred of Iran and Russia in the eighties, Piper got heat by just being a major jerk. The front of the box features Piper with a blue background, and features Piper interviewing himself, plus a match with Hulk Hogan, Piper’s pit with Andre the Giant, Mr. T and more matches. Let’s hit play and get to the show. Continue reading

WWF Hulk-a-Mania

The second tape in the Coliseum Home Video library features the World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan. The first tape was clips from TNT, mostly skits, however the second tape features some of Hulk Hogan’s best title defenses from his first year as champion. Hulk Hogan captured the World Title in January 1984 from the Iron Sheik, and thus began Hulk-a-Mania and the change in wrestling forever. The WWF quickly capitalized on this with their national expansion and Hulk Hogan leading the charge. This would lead to the Rock-n-Wrestling Connection followed by Wrestlemania, and then the birth of Wrestling Pay Per Views. However we’re getting ahead of ourselves, as right now it’s only 1984 and Hulk-a-Mania was just starting it’s surge. Continue reading