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Saturday Night’s Main Event – January 4, 1986

With the start of the new year the WWF kicks it off with Saturday Night’s Main Event. The WWF was about a year into it’s biggest boom of all time, as we’re about nine months removed from the inaugural Wrestlemania and three months away from Wrestlemania II. Hulk-a-Mania has dominated the WWF for almost two years and was showing no signs of slowing down, meanwhile Tito Santana had what he thought was firm grasp on the WWF Intercontinental Title. In the tag team scene the Dream Team had been running roughshod over the over teams including the Killer Bees and The New US Express, but a new team was getting ready to take over. As 1986 begins we start heading into the build up to Wrestlemania, but the show really doesn’t take shape till the next show, however we do have a Terry Funk versus Hulk Hogan match to headline, so that should be amazing. Continue reading


WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #4 – January 4, 1986

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #4 – January 4, 1986

After sitting through the worst episode of Monday Night RAW, I really needed entertaining to watch. So that brings us back to, in my opinion, the greatest era of professional wrestling ever, the eighties and SNME. Tonight’s episode comes to us from Tampa, Florida and our main event features Jesse Ventura back in the ring, along with Roddy Piper and Cowboy Bob Orton v. The Hillbillies in what should be a fun brawl. The only title that has changed hands is the Women’s title, which is now held by Moolah again, after the infamous Spider Lady incident. Otherwise the champions are, World Champion Hulk Hogan, Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana and Tag Team Champions Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake. So let’s get to tonight’s episode, which unfortunately is not from the original broadcast, but from 24/7 so hopefully nothing major is missing. Continue reading