WWF All Star Wrestling – May 23, 1981

Last week they replayed the tag title change from the previous month, which seemed odd as they did and old match the week before as well. Now we see why, as this becomes the fourth episode from that taping. So somewhere along the way they decided to make the tapings last four weeks, and I assume it was after the did they taping so they needed to pad the shows. This week we get another old match with Bruno Sammartino, plus Mil Mascaras and Don Muraco in action to finish this taping. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – May 9, 1981

Hopefully we don’t have another match like that tag match last week, what a debacle that was. However the bonus match after the show was amazing, and the finish to the Slaughter and Patterson feud. Tonight we have Intercontinental Champion, Pedro Morales in action, and hopefully something good. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF 1980 Year in Review

Welcome to the first of hopefully many, many years in review special reports. With an entire year, basically, of WWF programming recapped and in the books, it’s time to look back on the year. With only one house show we didn’t have a lot of high ranking matches. Most TV matches are simple squash matches, and are not worth rating. However we did have a few good matches, and lots of guys had fantastic years, although some had really bad years. So, let’s get started. Read More »

WWWF From Madison Square Garden – August 7, 1976

Finally back to Old School WWF programming. The Network has since updated and finding the Hidden Gems, in the ring order, is almost impossible so I think those are going on the back burner. However for now, we’re going back to 1976 for the next house show, from as always, Madison Square Gardens. Since the last house show the Tag Championships have changed hands, Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi dropped the gold on May 11th to the Executioners, Killer Kowalski and Big John Studd. Bruno Sammartino is still the reigning World Champion, midway through his second year of a three and a half year reign. With that let’s see what is happening in the Gardens, let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWWF From Madison Square Garden – April 14, 1975

Following hot on the heels of the previous house show, we go directly to the next big New York City show. Headlined by a huge rematch between WWWF Champion Bruno Sammartino and Spiros Arion in a Greek Death Match, whatever that is, I assume it involves feta cheese. After Spiros get ripped off, as the ref did not see his foot on the rope during the pin, this rematch was quickly signed. Could this spell the end for the legendary reign of Sammartino or will he finally silence his foe for good? Stay tuned and let’s see what happens!Read More »

WWWF From Madison Square Garden – March 17, 1975

Here we go with the next show from the WWF, as we jumped forward almost two full years. Since the last show Pedro Morales has since lost the WWWF World Championship to Stan Stasiak who quickly lost it, nine days later, to Bruno Sammartino. Bruno would then begin his second legendary title reign. The Tag Team Championships changed hands multiple times in the two years between shows, your current champions are the Valiant Brothers, Jimmy and Johnny, who won the gold on May 8, 1974. This episode is not a full show, as it only clocks in under an hour but features Bruno defending the title against Spiros Arion plus appearances from Killer Kowalski and Ivan Putski. Let’s head down to ringside for our opening contest.Read More »