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The Life and Times of Captain Lou Albano

   Time for another classic Coliseum Home Video release, and this time it’s “The Life and Times of Captain Lou Albano”. Lou is of course the manager of champions, guiding multiple teams to the WWF Tag Team Titles. This tape covers the career of one of the greatest managers of all time. The box calls him one of the most influential men in wrestling, and I have to agree as he was one of the biggest stars of the eighties. I expect this tape to have a ton of promos and skits and very few matches, but the promos should be fun as no one cut a promo like Lou, let’s get started.
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WWF Wrestling’s Country Boys

Due to my DVD player deciding not to cooperate anymore, I had a bit of a delay. I finally got the DVDs to play in my Wii, so we should be good to go. Today’s show is one I’ve been dreading, Wrestling’s Country Boys, a tribute to Hillbilly Jim and his wrestling family. I don’t expect anything good to come from this cluster of a tape. The tape cover is lime green with a shot of Elmer and Jim on the cover and promises some “Down Home Matches”, with that said let’s get this over with so we can get to the good tapes again. Continue reading

Best of the WWF Volume 3

It’s time for another classic WWF Home Video, as we continue through the 80s with the Best of the WWF Volume 3. This tape should cover matches from late 1984 into 1985. The box for this volume features the Junk Yard Dog, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka, and advertises a Battle Royal, Fijian Strap Match, the return of Bruno Sammartino and the best of TNT. Nothing more entertaining then a battle royal and this one includes Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Big John Studd and others, should be awesome. Following the classic WWF Home Video opener we’re greeted by Vince McMahon, and sadly he’s not wearing a pink suit just a plain tuxedo. Vince goes over tonight’s matches and we have a tag match coming up with the Hart Foundation facing the British Bulldogs, that should be awesome. The battle royal is for thirty thousand dollars, doesn’t seem like much these days. Vince sending it to the ring for our opening match. Continue reading

WWF Biggest, Smallest, Strangest, Strongest

It’s time to continue our trip through the eighties with the next WWF Coliseum Home Video release, Biggest, Smallest, Strangest, Strongest. This looks like another compilation tape, much like the first WWF Video, Bloopers, Bleeps and Bodyslams. The box for this one is bright purple and features George Steele, Ivan Putski, Jesse Ventura, a Moondog, Andre the Giant and Big John Studd. If this is only clips, I won’t bother recapping the matches, just a quick rundown of what’s featured. Let’s see what we get. Continue reading

WWF Andre the Giant

I’m really burning through these tapes, which shows how good they are. I can’t stop enjoying these classic shows, they’re just so fun. Although I think the match quality on this tape is going to be bad. It’s Andre th Giant, never known for mat classic, but should be still be a fun tape. This is the second tape dedicated to just one person, the previous being Hulk-a-Mania, and they picked a legend for this one. Andre the Giant was one of the most famous wrestlers of the era, and a true superstar. The box shows Andre squashing someone in the corner and advertises the famous haircut match, a match with Ken Patera and a three on one handicap, plus a boxing match with Gorilla Monsoon. Should be interesting, so let’s get the tape rolling. Continue reading

WWF Hulk-a-Mania

The second tape in the Coliseum Home Video library features the World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan. The first tape was clips from TNT, mostly skits, however the second tape features some of Hulk Hogan’s best title defenses from his first year as champion. Hulk Hogan captured the World Title in January 1984 from the Iron Sheik, and thus began Hulk-a-Mania and the change in wrestling forever. The WWF quickly capitalized on this with their national expansion and Hulk Hogan leading the charge. This would lead to the Rock-n-Wrestling Connection followed by Wrestlemania, and then the birth of Wrestling Pay Per Views. However we’re getting ahead of ourselves, as right now it’s only 1984 and Hulk-a-Mania was just starting it’s surge. Continue reading

Saturday Night’s Main Event #21 – May 27, 1989


Tonight’s SNME comes to us about six weeks after Wrestlemania V, where the Mega Powers exploded. The fallout from the biggest PPV of they year happens tonight from Des Moines, Iowa. First let’s recap Wrestlemania V, which took place in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the second year in a row. Hulk Hogan overcame former tag team partner Randy Savage to regain the WWF World title for the second time, at the team that was a big deal. Only Bruno Sammartino had won the title twice, since Backlund’s loss & second reign was never recognized by WWF at this point. Also at Wrestlemania we crowned a new IC champion, as Rick Rude scored a controversial pin over the Ultimate Warrior, thanks to Bobby Heenan holding Warrior’s ankle. After the match Warrior destroyed Heenan, who still had a match with Red Rooster coming up. Rooster crushed Bobby in 32 seconds, but was attacked by Brooklyn Brawler in a feud that basically went nowhere. Strike Force broke up at Wrestlemania, when Tito Santana accidentally nailed Rick Martel with the flying forearm during the match. This prompted Martel to walk away and leave Santana alone with Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson, and Santana got beaten. We also had the Wrestlemania debuts of Mr. Perfect, Powers of Pain, Owen Hart as the Blue Blazer, Shawn Michaels, and Bad New Brown. The tag team Champions, Demolition, were able to retain their gold beating former manager Mr. Fuji and his new protégés The Powers of Pain in a handicap match, as the Demolition celebrated one full year as champions. Finally we had a huge return at Wrestlemania, as Rowdy Roddy Piper returned after a two year absence. The Hot Rod hosted his classic Piper’s Pit with guests Brother Love and talk show host Morton Downey Junior. Piper did what he does best by humiliating both guests as he stripped Brother Love and sprayed Morton with a fire extinguisher. That brings us to tonight, as we have my favorite Hulk Hogan match as he faces Big Boss Man in the steel cage, so let’s get to it.

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