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WWE Smackdown – April 27, 2012

No idea why the last post had that weird first line, but if I delete it for some reason it changes the spacing of the whole page. For some reason Blogilo doesn’t seem to want to do the spacing right either anymore, so I’m typing the blog in ScribeFire. Hopefully I’ll figure out a better way sooner or later, but for now this will have to do.Anyways, it’s time for Smackdown this week, only two days before Extreme Rules, also known as Rematch-a-Mania. Seriously, we have one match that’s not a rematch from Wrestlemania so far and that’s Brock/Cena, which is just a rehash of Rock/Cena. The PPV has been built up good, but so many rematches makes me wonder why anyone paid for Wrestlemania when you can see the same matches four weeks later cheaper? Anyways, let’s get to Smackdown and hopefully we get a good episode after a streak of bad ones.

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Monday Night RAW – April 23, 2012

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With only six days until Extreme Rules, tonight on RAW we have the contract signing between John Cena and Brock Lesnar for their huge main event. Last week on RAW Cena dropped a match to Lord Tensai, surprisingly, which hopefully means a big push for the man formerly known as A-Train. Also last week we had a great promo video of Lesnar, since he didn’t make the trip over to the UK. One thing we have not seen on RAW since Wrestlemania are the divas, which seems really odd. No Kelly Kelly, no Beth Phoenix, only seen Eve in the backstage briefly. Not that I’m complaining, since no one really wants to see KK in a match. The biggest downfall for tonight’s RAW is that it is a three hour show, with no theme, thus no draft, and everyone just came back from an exhausting UK tour. I have a feeling some of them will be dragging pretty bad, and a three hour is usually unbearable as it is. Hopefully Dolph Ziggler can save us all, let’s head to Detroit, home of Wrestlemania III, for this week’s RAW, which will not be as cool as Wrestlemania III.

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WWE Smackdown – April 20, 2012

With Extreme Rules only 9 days away, tonight we have Smackdown. Last week’s Smackdown which showed so much promise, instead wound up one of the worst shows ever, meanwhile RAW this week was impressive. So, will Smackdown be a flop or a success, let’s find out. Continue reading

WWE Smackdown – April 10, 2012

We have a special edition of Smackdown this week, since the WWE Wrestlers are headed overseas. There is a number of legends scheduled to make appearances tonight, so that should make for a fun show. Hopefully better then the trainwreck that was Raw this week. So without further ado, let’s head to the arena for a live Smackdown.

We open with the same promo from RAW showing all the legends scheduled to be on the show, best of all is Roddy Piper. Wish they had Michael Hayes on here too, and put Gene on commentary. First thing we get on the live show is a recap of AJ being kicked to the curb by DB, and tonight DB is on the Piper’s Pit, that is awesome! Piper’s Pit should be a permanent thing on Smackdown, as Lillian introduced the great Mene Gene, did he ever have hair??? Continue reading

WWE Smackdown – April 6, 2012

After the shocking return of Brock Lesnar on Monday Night, we move forward to Smackdown as we continue to build towards the next PPV, Extreme Rules. Tonight is the second night of “People Power”, another lame catchphrase the WWE thinks will attract attention. Much like their constant talking about Twitter, which is pathetic. How much money do they get for being a trending topic anyway? Let’s see if we at least get a good match tonight on Smackdown. Continue reading

WWE Monday Night RAW – April 2, 2012
Coming off a mediocre Wrestlemania, where we crowned a new Smackdown and IC champion, brings us to Monday Night Raw. I miss when it was the War Zone, but those days are long over. At Wrestlemania we saw the end of an era as the Undertaker pinned Triple H and along with Shawn Michaels the three men walked to the back together. Hopefully this is the last match for all three involved, as it’s time for them to move on and let the spotlight shine on someone else. Cody Rhodes dropped the IC title to Big Show, a big mistake unless he’s the next challenger for new Smackdown champ Sheamus. I’d like to see Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho switch shows, and then we can have more Daniel Bryan versus CM Punk matches, plus Sheamus and Jericho had a nice go at the end of the Rumble. Lots of big rumors swirling around about tonight’s episode of RAW, so let’s get to it and see what happens.

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WWE TLC – December 18, 2011

Here we go with the final PPV for the WWE of 2011, TLC. Before we get going on the PPV, I want to mention one thing I found out from this week’s Superstars. The mystery man who accompanied Hunico to the ring on the bicycle was none other then the son of former WWE star Haku, which is cool, as I always liked Haku, As of now there has been no announcement of any John Cena involvement, which makes me happy. The Ziggler/Ryder match should be the match of the night, while Nash/HHH will be the worst of the night. I assume we will get at least one more match added to the PPV tonight, as we have no diva match or tag title match. They wasted the tag title match on the under-appreciated Superstars this week, where Air Boom lost to the new Mexicools. The RAW title match between Miz, ADR and Punk probably won’t be very good, I don’t expect ADR to win as they seem to have lost interest in him. The other title match with Henry and Show is going to be boring as well, we’ve seen this match enough times, it needs to end tonight, and move Henry into another feud leading into the Royal Rumble. Booker and Cody should be a good match, as it looks like Booker is pretty intent on bringing it tonight, however I don’t expect him to win the title. Cody should retain the gold and they can maybe resume the storyline between him and DiBiase, since DiBiase is highly underused right now. I still expect Chris Jericho to return on the first episode of the new year, and hopefully we get a feud between him and Punk, as the promos alone would be fantastic and a main event match between them at Wrestlemania would be awesome. However before we get to Wrestlemania, and even the Rumble, we need to get through TLC. Continue reading