WWF All Star Wrestling – December 19, 1981

With only two more episodes left for 1981, we’re closing in on the end of the year, but with the addition of Mid-Atlantic, Mid-South and soon World Class we’ll have lots of wrestling. Even though we lose the WWF shows come February and nothing WWF for over two years, at least the other territories are fantastic. Last week on All Star we started a feud between Greg Valentine and Pedro Morales over the Intercontinental Championship, plus SD Jones scored a win over Baron Mikel by countout. This week in the battle of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura faces Curt Hennig. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

Mid-South Wrestling – December 12, 1981

We have arrived at a new territory as we head to Mid-South Wrestling for the first time. The Network actually has five years of shows from this territory which is great. The territory was based out of Oklahoma, and also did shows in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. They were a part of the NWA, so that title would get top billing when the champion toured the area. When he wasn’t there the Mid-South North American Heavyweight Championship was the top gold, and at this time was held by Ted DiBiase, for the third time, who defeated Paul Orndorff on November 1st for the gold. The secondary title was the Mid-South Louisiana Heavyweight Championship, which was held by the Junkyard Dog who won the gold on December 7th from the Great Kabuki. The Mid-South Tag Team Champions were Junkyard Dog and Mike George, who won them from the Wild Samoans on October 15th, this was the Dog’s seventh reign as champion! On our first episode we have the North American Champion, Ted DiBiase defending against Paul Orndorff, a great way to start the series. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – December 12, 1981

Returning to the Mid-Atlantic territory for another exciting hour of wrestling. Previously we had Ole Anderson and Ray Stevens team up to defeat Buddy Landell and Paul Jones in a match for the tag gold. It seemed like Stevens was going to replace the injured Gene Anderson, but during the match Ole rammed Landell into Stevens for the win, and Stevens did not like being used and both men left with a belt. Also more talk on the upcoming tournament and the battle royal to decide the opening round, tonight we should know the opening round. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – December 5, 1981

We return to the Mid-Atlantic territory for another exciting week of television. Last week Piper and Ole destroyed Tony Anthony and Don Kernodle before being chased off by Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts. Steamboat again challenged champion Roddy Piper to a match. We had videos of Tommy Rich and Angelo Mosca, who are both coming to the territory for the upcoming tournament. Plus Blackjack Mulligan challenged Big John Studd after Studd attacked Blackjack Junior, aka Barry Windham. Lots of great stuff, and the follow up should be just as good. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – November 28, 1981

Last week on Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, Jake Roberts & Ricky Steamboat beat The Grappler and Super Destroyer by disqualification when Ole Anderson and Roddy Piper got involved. Piper and Steamboat brawled and after the smoke cleared Steamboat demanded a match with Mid-Atlantic Champion, Roddy Piper. They also announced new name coming to the territory including Angelo Mosca. Tonight we have Ole Anderson and Roddy Piper in tag action facing Don Kernodle and Tony Anthony. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

WWF All Star Wrestling – November 28, 1981

Previously on All Star Wrestling, Greg Valentine, Tony Atlas and Jesse Ventura won squash matches. Mr Fuji and Mr Saito won a tag squash as did new team SD Jones and Curt Hennig. We also had a pretty good show from Madison Square Garden where Pedro Morales regained the Intercontinental Championship from Don Muraco in a Texas Death Match. Tonight it looks like they are playing the match on television, which was easily the best Pedro match I’ve ever seen. Let’s go to the ring. Read More »

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – November 21, 1981

We missed a few weeks again, hopefully it gets a little better next year. Previously we saw Sgt Slaughter introduces his newest Cadet, Private Jim Nelson (later known as Boris Zhukov), and Ivan Koloff challenge Ron Bass. This week we have the Grappler and Super Destroyer in the main event face Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts, that should be a happening. Let’s go to the ring. <–!more–>

Bob and David welcome us to the show and talk about tonight’s card. They introduce NWA rep, Sandy Scott who talks about some problems here, and he wants the best talent here. Sandy says they have contacted some big names and he will talk more about it later. David says tonight Jay Youngblood, Slaughter and Piper and more will be here.

1. Ricky Harris v. Jay Youngblood

Jay gets a nice pop from the crowd, as we get the classic battle of cowboys and Indians! Jay gets him in the ropes and we get a clean break, test of strength and Youngblood catches him with a dropkick and a few armdrags sends Ricky to the corner. Side headlock takeover from Jay as he controls the much larger man, Harris powers out and eats another dropkick and right back to the side headlock. Again Harris powers up and gets Jay in the corner, Harris charges and misses, Jay back to the headlock. Really, is that all he does, this is so boring. Harris again breaks the hold and hiptosses Jay then misses an elbowdrop and guess what, back to the freaking headlock from Jay! Harris breaks the grip and backdrops Jay, as Harris tries to save this match, he slams Jay down and gets one. Jay gets sent in and Jay comes back with a series of chop and a running elbow for three.

1. Jay Youngblood pinned Ricky Harris
Bob calls in United States Champion, Sgt Slaughter and Private Jim Nelson, and Sarge calls out Wahoo for calling him a coward last week. He demands a film rolled, and it’s a Wahoo interview from last week where he says he has no challengers and calls Piper, Slaughter and other cowards. Slaughter says he has an open contract for a match with Wahoo, and demands he come out now. Slaughter heads to the ring.

2. Sgt Slaughter v. Ken Hall

Slaughter quickly overpowers the jobber and quickly takes him down, a series of kneelifts as Slaughter in full control. Stomachbreaker from Slaughter and then a second one, as he calls out Wahoo. Slaughter works over the shoulder and hits a vicious clothesline and into the Cobra Clutch for the easy win.

2. Sgt Slaughter annihilated Ken Hall

Bob with Sandy again, and they talk about the big money athletes make, Sandy says he has an incentive. Sandy says they will offer a 1982 Cadillac in a match, either a tournament or battle royal, and one of the names coming is Tommy Rich. We see clips of a Tommy Rich match from who knows where, and he’s facing a guy who looks like Mario ate Luigi! They actually air the entire match as it’s a dark arena and Tommy is in control for almost the entire match. Rich botches the Thesz press the first time, and they redo the spot for the ending. That was the best they could find of Rich, one where he botches the end. This brings in Piper who talks about the $17,000 Cadillac, and he will win it, this brings out Ole and Slaughter. Ole demands to know the time and place, Slaughter says he would look great in a Cadillac. Sandy puts over the Mid-Atlantic, United States and one half of the Tag Champions and asks what would happen if they faced each other. We then get a video of Angelo Mosca, so I guess he’s gone from WWF, as we watch him destroy a jobber. This a cool way to introduce some new blood, as we get footage of new guys from other areas. Piper makes fun of Mosca as we still have the match playing, and Sandy asks about all those guys in one match could happen. After the break, Bob is with Jay Youngblood, Jake Roberts and Ricky Steamboat, Jay says he’s tired of hearing Slaughter talk about how great he is and accepts the open contract for the United States Title. Steamboat talks about the new talent coming in, but he’s concentrating on beating Roddy Piper for the belt, but he needs a match with him first. Jake says Steamboat needs a petition to get this title match, and calls out Ole Anderson and says he will mow him down.

3. Jimmy Valiant v. Dick Rivers

Most of the match happened during the commercial, as we saw a couple armdrags and a big elbow drop for the win.

3. Jimmy Valiant crushed Dick Rivers

Bob is joined by Roddy Piper, who says he’s tired of people calling him a coward and people demanding he gives title shots. We get a video of Steamboat in the ring being beaten by a masked guy, and Piper makes fun of him. No one does promos like Piper, as he is so exciting to listen to. Piper says he can beat Steamboat anytime, and Steamboat needs to impress him.

4. Jake Roberts & Ricky Steamboat v. The Grappler & Super Destroyer

Jake and Destroyer start and Jake quickly takes him down, quick tag and Jake also makes a tag. Steamboat works the leg of Grappler who tags in Destroyer, but Steamboat works his leg. Jake back in and continues to work over the leg, Steamboat back in to maintain the work. Some double teaming gets Steamboat in trouble, but he comes back with a dropkick and tags in Jake who slams Grappler. Side headlock takeover from Jake, as he tries to wear down the Grappler. Jake tags in Steamboat who locks on a sleeper on Grappler, who falls back to his corner and brings in Destroyer who nails Steamboat with a back elbow. Steamboat comes back with a chop and tags in Jake, who catches Destroyer with a high knee. Back body drop and another kneelift from Jake, then into the front facelock from Jake, Destroyer powers up. Jake nails Grappler but this allows Destroyer to catch him and they double team Jake. Destroyer drops a knee and gets two, as the crowd is behind Jake. More double teaming on Jake, and Grappler with a back drop face first, and that almost gets three. Destroyer reaches in for a tag, and locks the bearhug on Jake who’s in trouble and needs the tag. Fast tags and cheap shots from the masked team as they take Jake apart in their corner. Roberts goes after the mask of Destroyer but here comes Piper and Ole Anderson as Jake catches Grappler in a DDT, which means nothing, yet. Steamboat tagged in and takes out both masked men with chops, All four in the ring, Steamboat covers Grappler and Piper yanks him out. Piper and Steamboat brawl in the ring, as Jake holds Ole at bay. Where did Grappler and Destroyer disappear to? *** That was a great main event, fast paced and exciting but no finish hurt it.

4. Jake Roberts & Ricky Steamboat defeat Grappler & Super Destroyer by disqualification ***

After the match Bob is with Steamboat and Roberts, and we see the rest of the Steamboat match that Piper played earlier. Steamboat finished off the masked man after Piper’s interference, and demands a match with Piper. He calls him a white ghost and says he will finish off Piper as soon he gets a chance.

1. Jay Youngblood pinned Ricky Harris
2. Sgt Slaughter annihilated Ken Hall
3. Jimmy Valiant crushed Dick Rivers
4. Jake Roberts & Ricky Steamboat defeat Grappler & Super Destroyer by disqualification ***

There was a lot of talking and video clips this week, as both a way to debut new faces and continue storylines. Three matches were really fast, but the main event was really good, and a great ending to the night. Mid-Atlantic is really an impressive territory with some of the best talent of the era. Next week the Tag Titles are on the line, plus Roddy Piper in a tag match main events the show!