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WWE Smackdown – April 27, 2012

No idea why the last post had that weird first line, but if I delete it for some reason it changes the spacing of the whole page. For some reason Blogilo doesn’t seem to want to do the spacing right either anymore, so I’m typing the blog in ScribeFire. Hopefully I’ll figure out a better way sooner or later, but for now this will have to do.Anyways, it’s time for Smackdown this week, only two days before Extreme Rules, also known as Rematch-a-Mania. Seriously, we have one match that’s not a rematch from Wrestlemania so far and that’s Brock/Cena, which is just a rehash of Rock/Cena. The PPV has been built up good, but so many rematches makes me wonder why anyone paid for Wrestlemania when you can see the same matches four weeks later cheaper? Anyways, let’s get to Smackdown and hopefully we get a good episode after a streak of bad ones.

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WWE Smackdown – April 20, 2012

With Extreme Rules only 9 days away, tonight we have Smackdown. Last week’s Smackdown which showed so much promise, instead wound up one of the worst shows ever, meanwhile RAW this week was impressive. So, will Smackdown be a flop or a success, let’s find out. Continue reading

WWE Smackdown – April 10, 2012

We have a special edition of Smackdown this week, since the WWE Wrestlers are headed overseas. There is a number of legends scheduled to make appearances tonight, so that should make for a fun show. Hopefully better then the trainwreck that was Raw this week. So without further ado, let’s head to the arena for a live Smackdown.

We open with the same promo from RAW showing all the legends scheduled to be on the show, best of all is Roddy Piper. Wish they had Michael Hayes on here too, and put Gene on commentary. First thing we get on the live show is a recap of AJ being kicked to the curb by DB, and tonight DB is on the Piper’s Pit, that is awesome! Piper’s Pit should be a permanent thing on Smackdown, as Lillian introduced the great Mene Gene, did he ever have hair??? Continue reading

WWE Smackdown – April 6, 2012

After the shocking return of Brock Lesnar on Monday Night, we move forward to Smackdown as we continue to build towards the next PPV, Extreme Rules. Tonight is the second night of “People Power”, another lame catchphrase the WWE thinks will attract attention. Much like their constant talking about Twitter, which is pathetic. How much money do they get for being a trending topic anyway? Let’s see if we at least get a good match tonight on Smackdown. Continue reading

Friday Night Smackdown – October 14, 2011

Let’s end this week with Smackdown, hopefully a good end to what has been a lackluster week of wrestling. Rumors abound of a D-X reunion tonight and a big battle royal. If true, this might be a good show. I just hope Shawn Michaels never steps back in the ring, just once I’d like to see a retirement that actually sticks. Too many guys retire and comeback to tarnish their legacy, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Terry Funk, etc. I’m optimistic for tonight’s show, let’s hope the WWE doesn’t flop again. Continue reading

Friday Night Smackdown – September 23, 2011

It doesn’t seem like I’m going to find Superstars anytime soon, so for now I’ll just skip it. Really wanted to see the Ted DiBiase versus Tyson Kidd match, hopefully I’ll find at least that much. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this week’s episode but I’ve avoided the spoilers, let’s hope they don’t let me down. Although it can’t be worse then TNA Impact this week, so I’m optimistic this week. Continue reading

Friday Night Smackdown – April 2, 2010


Let’s finish the week of with Smackdown, as we are five days removed from Wrestlemania. With Jack Swagger targeting Randy Orton, will the Edge and Jericho continue? Tonight’s episode is subtitled “Jackpot”, and I don’t think it’s from Las Vegas, so let’s find out what that means. Never mind, they are in Las Vegas, my bad.

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