WWF All Star Wrestling – January 9, 1982

We return to the WWF, coming off last week’s huge brawl between Pedro Morales and Greg Valentine. With only seven episodes remaining for this show’s run, hopefully we finish with some great stuff. Pedro Morales and Adrian Adonis, are in action among others this week. Let’s go to the ring.

The usual opener and Vince and Pat welcome us to tonight’s broadcast. Tony Atlas, Tony Garea and Rick Martel also join us tonight.

1. Adrian Adonis v. Barry Hart

Hart would go on to fame later as Barry Horowitz, after a decade of losing scoring a big win on Skip, Chris Candido in 1995. Adonis accompanied to the ring by Fred Blassie, who helps remove the leather jacket before the match starts. Adonis quickly takes Hart down with an armbar and the roll around the ring with Adonis in full control. Hart makes the ropes and Adonis breaks the grip but quickly chops Hart down and a big slam followed by the bulldog into the turnbuckle. Adonis with high knee sends Hart crashing to the floor, and Blassie high fives his man, who quickly throws Hart back in the ring. A belly to belly suplex plants Hart, and a brainbuster then elbow off the second rope, as it’s been all Adonis. Running powerslam but Adonis not done yet, as he rakes Hart across the ropes. Adonis with another powerslam and cover, but pulls Hart up at two which incites the crowd. Butterfly suplex sends Hart across the ring, Adonis then nails a running lariat and into the Goodnight Irene sleeper for the easy win.

1. Adrian Adonis crushed Barry Hart

2. Larry Dee v. Pedro Morales

Pedro is the reigning Intercontinental Champion, and last week took a vicious suplex on the cement floor. He comes out a little slower then normal but easily takes over his opponent with a snapmare. Patterson talks about how great Pedro is, as Pedro slams Larry down with ease. Pedro with a short arm scissors controls the opponent, before he makes the ropes to break the hold. Larry gets Pedro in the corner and hammers him, but Pedro quickly comes back and nails Larry. Whip in and double sledge followed by the big slam into the Boston Crab for the win.

2. Pedro Morales destroyed Larry Dee

Pat at ringside to interview Pedro, as Pat says he didn’t expect Pedro back so quick. Pedro says he’s been around a long time but this is the first time someone suplexed him on the floor. Pat says the pain must have been awful, Pedro says he’s fine and tells Valentine he will get him and challenges him to come out now. Patterson says Valentine couldn’t take the pressure of facing Pedro and that’s why he threw him out of the ring, Pedro says he will fight to his last drop of blood.

3. Davey O’Hannon v. Tony Atlas

Davey starts out posing and taunting Atlas, Atlas responds by posing and the crowd explodes. A side headlock from Davey but Atlas shrugs him off and a leapfrog is botched as Atlas doesn’t go up high enough. A dropkick from Atlas sends Davey to the corner, but Davey back to the headlock and series of knees as he clobbers Tony in the corner. Davey with a kneedrop gets a near fall, but Atlas quickly back with a back suplex and a headbutt. Davey stalls by crawling to the apron, and Atlas waits for his to come in, test of strength from Davey but Atlas easily overpowers him. A quick elbow stuns Atlas, and Davey unloads but makes the mistake of driving the head of Atlas into the turnbuckle which does nothing, and Davey realizes his mistake and backs off. Atlas with a headbutt and backdrop, Atlas sends him in and a monkey flip sends Davey to the floor. Davey argues with the ref on the apron and Atlas flips him in the hard way. The match continues to go back and forth as Davey rakes the eyes then hammers away on Atlas, who’s now been staggered but Atlas comes back with a series of shots and then press slams Davey for the win.

3. Tony Atlas pinned Davey O’Hannon

4. Rick Martel & Tony Garea v. Jerry Johnson & Johnny Rodz

Martel and Rodz start out and Rodz quickly takes him down but Martel easily fights free. Martel with an armdrag into the armbar, Rodz fights him away but Martel easily right back to the armbar. Garea tagged in and maintains the armbar, Garea hits a dropkick and back to the armbar, but Rodz rakes the eyes. A kneelift sends Garea to the mat, and Rodz drops a knee. Rodz all over Garea with forearms then tags in Johnson, who trips coming in. Johnson unloads on Garea as they use quick tags to control Garea in their corner. Garea finally makes the hot tag to Martel who takes out both guys, then shoots Rodz in but gets caught with his head down. Rodz misses a splash and Martel applies a headlock, but Rodz with a knee to break the hold. Martel eats the turnbuckle and Rodz quickly unloads on Martel in the corner, Martel fires Rodz to the opposite corner and Rodz goes up and over, Martel slings him back in. Rodz makes a tag to Jerry, who doesn’t fare well either with Martel who snapmares him over. Garea tagged in as Rodz falls off the top rope and tangles himself in the ropes, tag to Martel as they work over Johnson with the quick tags. Martel scores a big dropkick for the win.

4. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Johnny Rodz and Jerry Johnson

5. Greg Valentine v. Jeff Craney

They lock up and into the ropes, as we get a clean break, Jeff with a side headlock and Greg powers him up in an Atomic Drop. Greg with a slam in the middle of the ring as he takes control. Vince announces next week in action is WWF Champion, Bob Backlund, which is a rarity. Valentine starts to work over the leg of Craney, setting him up for the figure four. Greg locks on the figure four for the easy win.

5. Greg Valentine beats Jeff Craney

1. Adrian Adonis crushed Barry Hart
2. Pedro Morales destroyed Larry Dee
3. Tony Atlas pinned Davey O’Hannon
4. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Johnny Rodz and Jerry Johnson
5. Greg Valentine beats Jeff Craney

A good solid episode this week with some lengthy matches actually. Next week the World Champion and the Tag Champions are in action, which should make for a great show.

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