World Class Championship Wrestling – January 2, 1982

We enter a new territory this week, as we head down to Texas for World Class Championship Wrestling. World Class, aka WCCW, was the territory for Texas and was also affiliated with the NWA, like Mid-South and Mid-Atlantic. Thus they shared the major champion, the NWA Champion, Ric Flair and had many of their own champions. The WCCW was formed in 1966 and ran until 1990. In the eighties the WCCW was most known for the Von Erich family, Kerry, Kevin, Mike, David, Chris and father Fritz who also owned the territory. Sadly four of the five brothers died young with only Kevin still with us today. The major title here is the WCCW American Heavyweight Championship, which is held by Bugsy McGraw who won the title on December 26th from The Great Kabuki. The WCCW Texas Heavyweight Title is held by Al Madril who defeated Killer Tim Brooks sometime in 1981. The WCCW Tag Team Championships are held by Terry Orndorff and Kerry Von Erich, as they defeated The Great Kabuki and Chan Chung (The Dragonmaster) on October 25, 1981. They also have a Brass Knuckles Championship, which seems violent, and is held by Jose Lothario, who defeated Ernie Ladd on December 25th 1981. Finally we come to the WCCW Television title, which was vacated on May 15th 1981, last held by Bill Irwin, but will be filled later in the year. That is a lot of titles for one territory, and they add a six man tag later as well! Lots of big names made their way through this territory through the eighties including King Kong Bundy, Bruiser Brody, Abdullah the Butcher, Cactus Jack, Freebirds, One Man Gang and more. Plus many future stars had a run here early in their careers, most notably Shawn Michaels and the Ultimate Warrior. World Class was a major player in the eighties, but sadly due to many circumstances faded away at the turn of the decade. Let’s go to the ring.

The show opens with a montage of clips, which has a grid over it looking like a steel cage. A voiceover can barely be heard over the music as all the shows take place at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Gene Goodson welcomes us to the show alongside Jose Lothario. They talk about the matches tonight, as Tom Shaft in action, Big Daddy Bundy from Alaska, and Great Kabuki for the first time in the area. We have a tag match of Arman Hussian and Killer Tim Brooks face Kerry & Kevin Von Erich. Arman & Brooks are the United States Tag Team Champions.

1. Tom Shaft v. Carlos Zapata

Tom was only around for a brief run here, but they are pushing him on commentary. Carlos we’ve seen in other territories and attacks Shaft before the bell. Shaft fires back and sends Carlos to the outside, he slowly gets back in the ring and they lockup. Shaft with a side headlock and cranks the neck of Carlos. Shaft with a pair of shoulderblocks and a really poor looking dropkick. Carlos eats the turnbuckle and Shaft gets two. Back to the side headlock from Shaft and Carlos rakes the eyes to break the grip. Carlos grinds Shaft across the ropes and then bites the forehead, as he unloads on Shaft. Back bodydrop and Carlos gets only one, Carlos quickly continues to hammer the big man. Shaft sent to the corner and Carlos chokes him, as the ref counts, Shaft fires back and sends Carlos to the opposite corner. A bodydrop staggers Carlos, as Shaft sends him in and hits a flying hip block for three.

1. Tom Shaft pinned Carlos Zapata

2. The Monk v. Big Daddy Bundy

Big Daddy would later become better known as King Kong Bundy, who we’ve seen as a jobber in the WWF previously under Chris Canyon. Bundy is supposed to be from Alaska, while the Monk looks like a shrunken Erick Rowan. Bundy overpowers Monk, sending Monk to the outside. Monk comes back in and goes after the leg of Bundy, that doesn’t work as Bundy takes him down. Monk goes for the eyes and a front facelock to control Bundy into the corner, where Monk unloads on him. Bundy snapmares the Monk and drops a leg across the arm. Bundy sends him in and catches the Monk in a bearhug then falls forward onto him for the pin.

2. Big Daddy Bundy crushed the Monk

Gene joined by Tom Shaft, who calls this the highest caliber of wrestling. He talks about Hussein, Brooks and Kabuki, and says he won a Roughman and will go after anyone. He looks like an older version of New Jack, as he explains about the Toughman Contests he did. After the commercial break Gene is joined by Kerry and Kevin Von Erich, Kevin just came back from Atlanta and says this is where he wants to stay. Kerry talks about tonight’s main event and says he’s in the best shape of his life. Kerry says this is not for the United States Tag Team Championship, but they will do their best. Kevin says no matter which Von Erich he teams with they will do the best they can. Kevin talks about the kicks of Kabuki and the evil green mist and challenges him.

3. Kabuki v. Jesse Leon

Jesse would later become known as Billy Two Eagles in the Pacific Northwest territory. Kabuki was one of the first to do the green mist gimmick, and has been active since 1964. He wears scary looking facepaint to intimidate his opponent. Kabuki did one appearance in Mid-Atlantic beating Charlie Fulton, before being replaced by the Ninja. Kabuki goes right at Jesse, who retaliates with an armdrag. Kabuki with a chop to the shoulder, and a kick to the midsection. Jesse fights back and Kabuki staggers a little. Gary Hart at ringside managing Kabuki, looks on as Jesse with an armbar and hammers the back of Kabuki. Kick knocks Jesse back, and then locks on a nerve hold to the armpits. Jesse fights free but eats a big chop from Kabuki and back to the nerve hold. Kabuki sends him to the corner and Jesse flips over and dropkicks Kabuki for a one count. One karate kick knocks down Jesse, and right back to the hold. Shot to the throat and Kabuki drops a chop from the top across the head of Jesse. Jesse comes back with a series of flying headscissors but runs into the kick from Kabuki, as he again goes back to the nerve hold. Another kick to the face from Kabuki and then the chop to the throat from the top gets three. After the match Kabuki goes back after him, Monk and a masked guy tries to save and gets taken down, Kerry charges the ring and Gary Hart pulls Kabuki out.

3. Great Kabuki destroyed Jesse Leon

4. Kerry & Kevin Von Erich v. Arman Hussein & Killer Tim Brooks

WCCW has two referees for tag matches, which is unique. Hussein does a ceremonial thing, they call the camel walk, that sounds racist. Some lady in the crowd mocks him, and he gets irate. Kerry takes down Arman, and into the side headlock. Next week Kerry faces Kabuki in our main event, that should be good. Brooks tagged in and unloads on Kerry then into the facelock. Kerry makes the ropes and no clean break, as Brooks hammer Kerry who fires back. Shoulderblock sends Brooks down, and an armdrag into the armbar from Kerry. Hussein tagged in and rams Kerry into the turnbuckle, then clobbers Kerry. Arman sends him into the boot of Brooks, then tags in Brooks who continues to destroy Kerry. When this was taped I guess they were the champions, but according to multiple databases Kerry Von Erich and Terry Orndorff won the belts on October 25th. All four men in the ring, and the refs finally gets Arman on Kevin out, Kevin rams Arman into the cement pole, while Tim has a full nelson on Kerry. Arman gets a shot in and tags in, Kevin gets the hot tag and just unloads on Hussein. Dropkick from Kevin and one for Brooks, Kevin slams them into each other and cover Hussein for two. Hussein gets a shot in and staggers the Texan, Kevin fires back and blasts Brooks but this allows Hussein to clobber him. Brooks back in and Kevin shoots him in, catching him in the midsection then drops an elbow for two. Brooks slams the head of Kevin into the mat multiple times, tags in Hussein who chokes Kevin. All four men in the ring again, and the refs have lost control. The heels choke the Von Erich boys, but the referee get the illegal men out. Hussein tosses Kevin to the cement floor, and Kerry quickly goes to check on him. He slowly gets in and all four in the ring again, and the heels double team Kerry while Kevin is back on the floor. Brooks with a slingshot into the fist of Hussein. Brooks goes for the crab but Kevin hits a sunset flip on Brooks for the win. After the match the heels go after the boys and pummel them, but the referees chase them out. *** a great chaotic brawl, and the crowd was on fire the whole match.

4. Kerry & Kevin Von Erich defeat Arman Hussein & Tim Brooks ***

Gene and Jose close the show, and next week Jose is in the ring.

1. Tom Shaft pinned Carlos Zapata
2. Big Daddy Bundy crushed the Monk
3. Great Kabuki destroyed Jesse Leon
4. Kerry & Kevin Von Erich defeat Arman Hussein & Tim Brooks ***

A really good first episode of WCCW, as the matches went quickly and were exciting. Looking forward to more from WCCW, glad to see the Network has five years of footage right into 1986. Next week in addition to Kerry versus Kabuki we also have Arman & Brooks versus Shaft & Lothario.

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