Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – January 2, 1982

After a brief break due to the holiday, Mid-Atlantic Wrestling returns. Last week we ended with Blackjack Mulligan Jr trying to break the Cobra Clutch, and just as it looked like he was going to do it the show ended. Will we see the conclusion of this hot angle? Announced for the show we have Terry Taylor and Bob Davis facing Sgt Slaughter and Pvt Nelson pus Ivan Koloff in action. Let’s go to the ring.

Bob Caudle & David Crockett welcome us to the show, which we can’t hear as the music is too loud and plays too long. They talk about the action tonight, but we didn’t hear most of that. Bob asks who contributed the most this past year, Crockett says the fans made this show number one. Crockett announces they will allow the fans to vote on who contributed the most in 1981, and thanks the fans.

1. Jay Youngblood & Jake Roberts v. Mike Miller & Chris Markoff

I guess Volkoff is gone, as Markoff has had a different partner last two weeks. Kris and Jay start out with Jay taking him down, both make the early tag and Jake easily takes down Miller. Jake with an armbar and drives a knee into the back of Miller. Jake cranks the arm, and follows with a side headlock takeover. Miller fights Jake off and stalls for a bit to slow down the momentum, but Jake powers him to the corner and tags in Youngblood. Dropkick from Youngblood followed by headlock takedown and tags in Jake who maintains the headlock on Miller. Jake slams Miller and then right back to the side headlock before tagging in Youngblood. Miller driven into the turnbuckle and back to the headlock, as this match is just dragging. Markoff tagged in and runs into the shoulderblock of Youngblood, but a knee from Kris followed by a slam gives the heels the advantage for the first time. Miller back in and stomps on Youngblood, as the crowd cheers on Youngblood, Miller sends him in and a high back body drop sends Youngblood crashing to the mat. Kris tagged in and goes to work on the arm of Youngblood, as Kris drives a knee in and crashes Jay into the turnbuckle. Jay gets a boot in and tags in Jake who unloads on Miller, quick tags from the faces and a big kneelift from Jake gets the pin.

1. Jake Roberts & Jay Youngblood defeat Mike Miller & Kris Markoff

Caudle interrupted by the champion, Roddy Piper who says as champ he deserves time whenever he wants. Piper talks about everyone in Mid-Atlantic and says in 1981 he was Television Champion, United States Champion and Mid-Atlantic Champion and the most feared man in wrestling. Piper says the fans don’t have the guts to make Piper the man who contributed the most in 1981.

2. Ivan Koloff v. Ron Sexton (TV)

Ron starts fast with a dropkick and side headlock to control the Russian. Ivan misses an elbow but connects with the shoulderblock and goes for a headlock, but Ron counters to a hammerlock. Ron cranks the arm but Ivan counters with a headscissors, Ron fights free and back to the headlock. Ivan powers him up into a backbreaker, then a knee to the back of the head. Scoop and slam from Ivan, as he taunts the fans, then nails an atomic drop on Ron. Ivan works the back over, and locks on a bearhug but Ron hammers away on Ivan to break the grip. Ivan snapmares him over and drops a knee, then another from the top rope. Ron tries to hammer the midsection of Ivan, but Ivan with a front facelock takes him over. Ivan tosses Ron to the cement floor and follows with a diving forearm before tossing him back in the ring. Ivan sends Ron to the corner and slams Ron into the turnbuckle tying him upside down. The ref pulls Ron off the ropes, and Ivan sends him back then drives the knee into the back of the head from the top rope for three.

2. Ivan Koloff crushed Ron Sexton

3. Ray Stevens v. Tony Russo

Russo with a side headlock to start and shoulderblock, but Stevens with a headscissors. Stevens pounds on Russo, but Russo with an armbar and Stevens makes the ropes. Russo continues to work the arm of Stevens, which is just angering Stevens. Ray unloads on Russo in the corner then backdrops him down, Ray drops a series of knees then hits the piledriver for three.

3. Ray Stevens destroyed Tony Russo

Caudle joined by Jake Roberts who says his goal is to keep up with everyone else in Mid-Atlantic. Blackjack Mulligan Jr comes in and says he is chasing Slaughter and the United States title, and he will catch him somewhere. Ray Stevens joins Bob and says 1982 is cleanup time, as he calls out Ole Anderson. Stevens says he has one half of the tag titles, and Ole won’t run through him.

4. Blackjack Mulligan Jr v. Bill White

Blackjack quickly takes White down with a hiptoss and White comes back with a hammerlock and smacks Mulligan across the back of the head. White with a cheap shot to the jaw, Mulligan tries for a hiptoss but White locks, so Mulligan with a flying headscissors to take down White. Mulligan goes to work on the arm of White, who powers him to the corner and flips him but Mulligan maintains the grip on the arm. Suddenly Sgt Slaughter makes his way to the commentary table, which distracts Mulligan allowing White to send him into the turnbuckle. Slaughter calls out Mulligan Sr, and says he will do more then slap Jr. Mulligan slams White and drops a big knee for two. Mulligan distracted and this allows White to hammer away on Mulligan, but Mulligan comes back with a series of rights, and a back body drop. Mulligan with a nice dropkick and the flying forearm followed by the Bulldog for three.

4. Blackjack Mulligan Jr defeated Bill White

5. Sgt Slaughter & Pvt Nelson v. Terry Taylor & Bob Davis

Taylor armdrags Nelson and works the arm, tags in Davis who continues working the arm of Nelson. Taylor back in and maintains the work on the arm but Nelson tags in Slaughter who overpowers Taylor. Taylor with a series of armdrags into an armbar, Slaughter shoots him in and slams Taylor. Slaughter misses an elbow and Taylor goes after the arm, tags in Davis who continues working the arm. Slaughter sends Davis in and eats a dropkick as Davis back to the arm, tags in Taylor. Slaughter throws Taylor into the buckle and tags in Nelson who slams Taylor and drops a knee. Both men make a tag, and Davis dropkicks Slaughter but gets caught in the wrong corner, Davis fights out but then misses a dropkick. Neckbreaker from Slaughter who brings in Nelson who unloads on Davis. Quick tags from the heels as the double team Davis, Slaughter with the Cobra Clutch on Davis for the win.

5. Sgt Slaughter & Pvt Nelson defeat Terry Taylor & Bob Davis

Caudle joined by Ivan Koloff who talks about how great he is. Gene & Ole Anderson comes in and says they will take the belt back from Stevens. Ole says every time they try and do something Sandy Scott stops them, but in the ring no one will stop him. Ole says 1982 will be the year of the Andersons.

1. Jake Roberts & Jay Youngblood defeat Mike Miller & Kris Markoff
2. Ivan Koloff crushed Ron Sexton
3. Ray Stevens destroyed Tony Russo
4. Blackjack Mulligan Jr defeated Bill White
5. Sgt Slaughter & Pvt Nelson defeat Terry Taylor & Bob Davis

A good show, but the opening match really dragged down the whole show. They need to cut the length of the squash matches, as they go way too long. Would rather have double the matches at half the length. Next week Buddy Landel & Tony Anthony face the team of Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff.

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