WWF All Star Wrestling – January 2, 1982

It’s a new year, and lots of new stuff on the horizon. In eight weeks we say goodbye to the Northeast and the World Wrestling Federation for awhile. However this week we have the addition of World Class Championship Wrestling from Texas. Our first episode of the new year features a gigantic main event, as Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales defends the gold against Greg Valentine. Let’s go to the ring.

Same opener from 1981, as expected, and then we are welcomed by Vince McMahon & Pat Patterson. Tonight in action, Steve Travis and Adrian Adonis among others.

1. Lee Wong v. Jesse Ventura

Gary still with us as the ring announcer, as Jesse readies for action alongside his manager Fred Blassie. Jesse shoves Wong away multiple times before locking him in armbar. Pulling the hair keeps Wong on the mat, as Jesse towers over his opponent. Patterson talks about Blassie managing both Adonis and Ventura and how both want to be champion as Jesse is all over Wong. Jessie rakes the face of Wong and then continues to stomp and kick away on Wong. Over the shoulder backbreaker finishes off Wong with ease. Post match Jesse drops a knee across the face of Wong, as Blassie distracts the referee.

1. Jesse Ventura crushes Lee Wong

2. Jeff Craney v. Steve Travis

Travis easily takes down Jeff and goes for the ankle, but Craney makes the ropes. Travis with an armdrag and into the armbar, but again to close to the ropes. Craney gets slammed in the middle of the ring, and he quickly rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. Jeff slowly back in and gets taken down again by Travis into a unique looking armbar using his legs. Craney again makes an escape to the outside slowing down the momentum of Travis. He returns to the ring and offers a handshake but Travis has had enough and kicks him. Back body drop from Travis into the snapmare for three?!?

2. Steve Travis pinned Jeff Craney

3. Adrian Adonis v. Barry Hart

Adonis takes his time removing his gloves and hat, while Blassie tells the ref to give him space. Adonis finally goes right after Hart tossing him around the ring, then a big slam. Hart sent hard to the corner and followed up with a big kneelift sending Hart to the apron. Adonis pulls him back in and powerslams him down, pulling Hart up at two which angers Vince. Gut wrench suplex from Adonis, who starts to work over the leg of Hart. Goodnight Irene finishes off Hart quickly,

3. Adrian Adonis destroyed Barry Hart

Patterson ringside with Adonis and Blassie, as he asks about how Blassie is. Blassie says his men are in demand all over the world and that is making him rich. Patterson says Blassie is the only manager that has yet to manage a champion. Blassie says every time his guys are in the ring the referee’s favor the champions. Blassie calls Adonis his scientific wrestler who used a plethora of holds. Adonis talks about his ability and he causes people to retire, mentioning Bruno Sammartino.

4. Pedro Morales v. Greg Valentine (Intercontinental)

The crowd goes wild for Pedro, as always, while Valentine and Wizard take their time getting ready for action. They quickly start out slugging it out, Pedro slams Greg in the corner and Greg begs off. This crowd is rabid for everything Pedro does, as Greg bails out and confers with Wizard. Greg gets back in the ring and they lockup, with Greg powering Pedro in the corner but misses the elbow. Pedro hiptosses Greg across the ring and Greg stagger back to the corner for a breather. Greg quickly charges in with a forearm knocking Pedro back. Pedro sends Greg hard to the corner, Pedro makes him eat the turnbuckle. Big right sends Greg face first to the mat, as Pedro is in full control. Big sledge to the midsection of Greg followed by the backbreaker on the knee, and Wizard jumps on the apron. This distracts Pedro, allowing Greg to nail him from behind. Greg tosses Pedro to the cement floor and follows, he nails Pedro with a vertical suplex on the cement and then locks on the Figure Four on the floor but here comes Rick Martel, Tony Garea and Ivan Putski to chase him off. They carry Pedro to the back as he quivers from the pain. *** A good solid brawl that should lead to a much better match.

4. Greg Valentine and Pedro Morales go to a double countout ***

5. Ron Shaw & Jose Estrada v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea

Garea and Shaw start out, with Shaw getting Garea in the ropes and a clean break. Shaw with a side headlock and Garea sends him in, Shaw comes back with a shoulderblock and back to the headlock. Another shoulderblock from Shaw, but Garea grabs the ankle and tags in Martel who begins to work the leg. Quick tags from the former champions as the work over the leg of Shaw, who needs a tag to Estrada soon. Shaw finally makes the tag and Estrada tosses Martel over the ropes, Martel holds on and flips Estrada outside instead. Estrada makes the apron and Martel slingshots him back in, rollup from Martel but Estrada breaks free and nails Martel. Shaw tagged back in and they double team Martel, Shaw with a side headlock drags Martel to his corner and tags Estrada back in. Martel shot in and a knee driven into his midsection gets two for Estrada. Shaw tagged back in and Martel fires back, tagging in Garea who dropkicks Shaw then a big slam, tags in Martel who pins Shaw with the crossbody!

5. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeated Ron Shaw & Jose Estrada

6. Tony Atlas v. Tony Colon

Colon jumps Atlas at the bell and starts to hammer on him, but Atlas easily turns it around. Atlas cranks on the arm of Colon, who makes the ropes for the break. Colon drives the head of Tony into the turnbuckle, but that has no effect, Colon driven into the turnbuckle he crumples down. Atlas pulls him up and nails a headbutt, then shoots him across the ring to the opposite corner. Colon rakes the eyes, but Atlas headbutts him and then press slams Colon for the easy win.

6. Tony Atlas squashed Tony Colon

1. Jesse Ventura crushes Lee Wong
2. Steve Travis pinned Jeff Craney
3. Adrian Adonis destroyed Barry Hart
4. Greg Valentine and Pedro Morales go to a double countout ***
5. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeated Ron Shaw & Jose Estrada
6. Tony Atlas squashed Tony Colon

A good start to the new year this week, with a vicious brawl between Pedro and Valentine. No debuts yet, but a few new faces will make appearances before we end the WWF programs.

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