Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – December 26, 1981

The final episode of 1981 for Mid-Atlantic as they have been some of the best shows this year. Tonight someone will get a chance at the Cobra Clutch Challenge. Can someone finally break the infamous clutch? Let’s go to the ring.

Bob Caudle & David Crockett welcome us to tonight’s show, and go over tonight’s show. We will see Ox Baker, Billy Robinson and more in action. Slaughter joins Bob and David, and says he could talk about how great he is but they only have an hour. Sandy Scott comes out and cuts off Slaughter, he says Slaughter has this challenge but has yet to do the challenge so tonight we will have a draw to decide who will get the chance. Slaughter storms off the set irate.

1. Charlie Fulton & Mike Miller v. Jake Roberts & Blackjack Mulligan Jr

The bell rings and Jake and Miller start the contest, with Miller getting Jake in the ropes but a clean break. Miller with a headlock and Jake sends him in, Miller with a shoulderblock, a second one and Jake tries to roll him up, Miller holds the ropes. Backdrop from Jake and he works the arm, Mulligan tagged in and continues to work the arm. Miller sent to the corner and Mulligan snapmares him out then drops a knee for two. Miller finally fires back but Jake gets a blind tag and they double team Miller. Fulton able to get a tag in, but Jake goes after the arm and brings in Mulligan who ducks the clothesline and slams Fulton down. Fulton sends Mulligan in and backdrops him then tags in Miller who unloads on Mulligan. Miller drives the knee into the midsection but Mulligan fires back and slams Miller. Tag to Jake who snapmares Miller over, but Miller fights free and the heels double team Jake in their corner. Fulton misses an elbowdrop and this allows Jake to tag in Windham who hits a flying forearm, sending Fulton to his corner and Miller in. Jake tagged in and Miller nailed with a backbreaker then the kneelift for three.

1. Jake Roberts & Blackjack Mulligan Jr defeat Charlie Fulton & Mike Miller

2. Billy Robinson v. Tony Anthony

Robinson takes him over quickly with the side headlock, and then nails a nice butterfly suplex for two. Robinson tosses Tony across the ring, but Tony holds the arm and locks the armbar on. Robinson easily reverses and also hooks the knee, Anthony makes the ropes to break the hold, Robinson with a nice series of moves to take out the leg of Tony. Robinson hammers on Anthony, who’s just getting destroyed here. Billy with another takedown and then a shoulderbreaker for two, as Anthony kicks out. Side backbreaker across the knee finishes it.

2. Billy Robinson crushed Tony Anthony

3. Ivan Koloff v. Keith Larson (TV)

Ivan takes Keith down with an armbar and into the headscissors, but Larson fights out and into the headlock. Larson with a dropkick sending Koloff to the corner. Ivan catches the arm of Larson and uses the tights to pull him down. Larson with a flip, but Ivan holds the arm and keeps him down, but Larson makes the ropes. Ivan sends him in and nails him with the back elbow and a big slam. Backdrop sends Larson crashing down, as Ivan throws him across the ring, another backdrop but Larson leaps over then eats a forearm. Larson sent to the corner and Ivan drives a knee in, then a kneedrop to the back of the head from the top rope finishes.

3. Ivan Koloff destroyed Keith Larsen

Bob joined by Sandy Scott, who says Gene said there was a loophole in the contract to put Ninja in his place, but Sandy says no. Johnny Weaver joins Bob and talks about Ricky Steamboat and his challenge to Piper. Ray Stevens next for promo time, and Stevens says Ole tried to sacrifice him and that’s not going to happen. Stevens says he will get Ole and he will beat him like he’s never been beaten.

4. Tony Russo v. Terry Taylor

Tony goes right after Terry and they wind up in the ropes, Terry with an armdrag. Another armdrag and into the armbar transitioning to a hammerlock, and Russo sweeps the leg to break the grip. Terry quickly back to the hammerlock as Sandy back at commentary table. Sandy says the drawing is done, and Blackjack Mulligan Jr gets the shot at Slaughter later. Russo works over the leg of Taylor, who counters and drives his knee into the leg of Russo. Russo rakes the eyes and hammers Taylor in the corner, but Taylor fires back. Taylor back to working over the shoulder and arm of Russo, who makes the ropes. Russo gets a kick in on Taylor and sends him in, boot to the midsection but Taylor with one of his own. Back drop from Taylor followed by the flying forearm for the win.

4. Terry Taylor pinned Tony Russo

5. Ox Baker & Carl Fergie v. Don Kernodle & Vinnie Valentino

Fergie goes right after Vinnie at the start and cranks the arm, Baker tagged in and unloads on Vinnie before bringing Fergie back in. Fergie crashes into the corner and Don tagged in, Atomic drop on Fergie who makes a tag to Baker. Don hammers Baker, but Baker armdrags him over and locks on the armbar while tagging in Fergie. Don flips Fergie over and tags in Vinnie who unloads on Fergie. Vinnie charges the corner but Fergie gets a knee up and hammers Vinnie then brings in Baker. Ox rams Vinnie into the knee of Fergie then tags him in, Fergie smashes Vinnie into the elbow of Baker. Fergie slams Vinnie but misses the elbow, but he’s close enough to tag in Baker, as Don gets a tag too. Don sends Baker to the corner but runs into the boot of Baker. Baker drives Don into the knee of Fergie as they continue to destroy Don with quick tags. Vinnie gets tagged in and nailed by the heart punch of Baker, Fergie covers for the three.

5. Ox Baker & Fergie defeat Vinnie Valentino & Don Kernodle

Sandy Scott joins Bob Caudle as they talk about the draw which brings up Slaughter who wants to see the draw. Sandy says it starts now, and Slaughter enters the ring with the chair. Mulligan comes out and sits in the chair, as Sandy says Nelson has been warned not to get involved. Slaughter nails Mulligan with an elbow to the shoulder, and that angers Sandy who says that is not part of it. Slaughter is warned by Sandy, as he continues to stall before finally locking it on Mulligan. Mulligan drives Slaughter to the corner and then flips him, but Slaughter maintains the grip. Mulligan runs Slaughter into the turnbuckle but Slaughter won’t let go. Mulligan is fading out, as the crowd cheers him on, he powers to his feet and Slaughter drives the knee into the midsection as the show fades out for the week. Last thing we see is Mulligan almost breaking the grip.

1. Jake Roberts & Blackjack Mulligan Jr defeat Charlie Fulton & Mike Miller
2. Billy Robinson crushed Tony Anthony
3. Ivan Koloff destroyed Keith Larsen
4. Terry Taylor pinned Tony Russo
5. Ox Baker & Fergie defeat Vinnie Valentino & Don Kernodle

A really good episode this week with some solid matches. Odd that they went off the air during the Cobra Clutch Challenge as it looked like Mulligan was going to break the hold. Wonder if they pick it up next week, as we start the new year. Announced for next week is Terry Taylor & Bob Davis face Sgt Slaughter and Pvt Nelson.

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