WWF All Star Wrestling – December 26, 1981

This is the final episode of All Star for 1981, as we close out what’s been an exciting year of WWF action. Last week we had a couple good tag matches plus Ventura versus Hennig. This week Tony Atlas faces Hans Schroeder in our main event. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to tonight’s broadcast and talk about tonight’s show. Tonight we will see Steve Travis and Greg Valentine in separate matches as well.

1. Steve Travis v. Jose Estrada

The bell rings and they lock up, but Estrada keeps trying to escape. Another lockup and Travis with a hiptoss sends Estrada across the ring. Estrada complains to the ref, then rakes the eyes of Travis and rams him into the turnbuckle. Travis fires back slowing down Estrada for a moment, but Estrada right back on him with a snapmare. Travis counters the armbar with one of his own and cranks on the shoulder, but Estrada back to the eyes. Estrada unloads on him as Travis is blinded, but fires back with jabs knocking Estrada to the mat. Slam in the middle of the ring plants Estrada and gets a near fall. Estrada back to the eyes, but Travis catches him and bites his fingers, as Travis is bleeding from the nose. Estrada with a side headlock and nails Travis in the bloody nose, then a big slam gets two. Estrada sent in and Travis catches him in a small package for three.

1. Steve Travis pinned Jose Estrada

2. Johnny Rodz v. Steve King

Both men are looking for their first wins of the year, and the loser will get their fiftieth loss since we started the recaps! Rodz powers King to the corner and unloads, but King shoots him in and charges, Rodz gets a boot up. Big slam from Rodz but misses the forearm drop and King nails him but misses a corner charge. Rodz with a big chop takes down King, King catches Rodz with a sunset flip and Rodz breaks the grip with a kick to the face. Back body drop from Rodz and then stomps on King, Rodz slams King and then hoists him on shoulder for a hotshot. Another slam from Rodz but misses the diving headbutt. King goes for a splash but Rodz gets the knees up, Rodz drops a forearm off the second rope for three!!! Rodz wins!!! Rodz wins!!! Rodz wins!!! Steve King is the first to reach fifty losses!

2. Johnny Rodz pins Steve King

3. Hans Schroeder v. Tony Atlas

Atlas with a quick waistlock and Hans makes the ropes, a second lockup and Atlas catches the arm, flipping Hans to the mat. Hans powers up and makes the ropes again, then gets a cheap shot on Atlas. Front facelock from Hans, countered to a hammerlock from Atlas and Hans again to the ropes. Hans uses the tights to gets Atlas in the ropes and nails Atlas, who fires back and rams Hans into the turnbuckle. Hans rakes the eyes and unloads on Atlas, while occasionally raking the eyes between forearms. Atlas has had enough of Hans and pounds on him, dropkick and a leaping headbutt followed by the splash gets three.

3. Tony Atlas defeated Hans Schroeder

Patterson is ringside with Mr Fuji, Mr Saito and Lou Albano. Patterson talks about their title reign and asks about the competition, Fuji says they tougher but so do the champions. Fuji says they are not afraid of anyone. Patterson asks Albano if he thinks he looks like an athlete, Albano says he is 322 pounds an can bench press 490 and do two thousand push ups. He continues to lie about his physical prowess, and asks Patterson if he wants to test him. Albano calls out Vince and calls him a punk, it’s always fun when they call out Vince.

4. Greg Valentine v. Barry Hart

The bell rings and Valentine goes right after the leg of Hart taking him down. Hart gets a side headlock on Greg, who counters with a kneebreaker. Valentine quickly goes after the legs as the Wizard approves of Valentine’s efforts. Greg hits a perfect vertical suplex and locks of the Figure Four for the win. After the match Valentine grabs the microphone and calls out Intercontinental Champion, Pedro Morales. Vince at ringside asks Greg about the challenge he issued, and Greg says Pedro has been avoiding him and calls him a coward. This brings out the champion, and Vince gets between them, Pedro accepts the challenge for next week.

4. Greg Valentine crushed Barry Hart

5. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito v. Curt Hennig & Manuel Soto

Saito and Hennig start the match, and Hennig takes down Saito with an armdrag. Lockup Saito takes Hennig down and they work some amateur style counters with Hennig getting the better of Saito. Saito with a side headlock takeover and tags in Fuji who maintains the headlock. Fuji shot in and comes back with a shoulderblock, a second one is countered to a pair of armdrags and Soto tagged in. Soto works the arm of Fuji, Fuji powers to the corner and tags in Saito who takes down Soto. Soto brings in Hennig, who gets caught in the wrong corner as Albano gets involved. Fuji drops the headbutt to the shoulder of Hennig, then shoots him in but Hennig comes back with a sunset flip for a near fall. Fuji quickly tags in Saito and he goes for the Hennig, but Hennig kicks him off. Multiple tags from both teams as it comes down to Hennig and Fuji, and Hennig with a dropkick and shoulderblock but runs into a powerslam from Fuji for three.

5. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito defeat Curt Hennig & Manuel Soto

6. Jesse Ventura v. Steve King
Steve King gets a second match tonight, as this match like the previous one are from Championship Wrestling. Ventura all over King at start, overpowering King and tossing him all around the ring. Vince is not into this match as he talks about Valentine facing Morales next week, as Ventura just dismantling King. Ventura with a backbreaker and then into the vertical backbreaker for the win.

6. Jesse Ventura defeats Steve King

1. Steve Travis pinned Jose Estrada
2. Johnny Rodz pins Steve King
3. Tony Atlas defeated Hans Schroeder
4. Greg Valentine crushed Barry Hart
5. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito defeat Curt Hennig & Manuel Soto
6. Jesse Ventura defeats Steve King

That was a solid episode, and we have a huge match next week to start the new year. Odd to have King work two match in one night, giving him fifty one loses now. A great year of WWF programming ends, but we still have Mid-Atlantic and Mid-South to finish up the year!

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