Mid-South Wrestling – December 19, 1981

Finishing out the week of December 19th we journey back to the Mid-South territory. Last week was our first look at Mid-South Wrestling and we had a great main event as Ted DiBiase went to a time limit draw with Paul Orndorff. It was strange to watch a show with no interviews at all, so nothing being used to hype house shows or upcoming episodes, very odd. Still a solid hour of great television, and this week Paul Ellering takes on the Iron Sheik in a test of strength plus the Louisiana Champion, Junkyard Dog defends the gold. Let’s go to the ring.

Lloyd Pierce welcomes us to tonight’s episode and is joined by Ted DiBiase as his guest commentator. Ted has a big bandage across his forehead, they talk about the matches we will see tonight. Junkyard Dog won the title from the Great Kabuki on December 7th in New Orleans. Tonight is his first appearance as champion, Ted says his leg is injured from last week but he would never submit.

1. Tom Renesto Jr v. Bryan Blair

Blair uses his speed to keep Renesto off balance, as he armdrags him three times and into the armbar. Blair transitioning into a hammerlock, but Renesto breaks the grip and hits a shoulderblock, a second attempt is countered back to the armbar. Renesto all tied up by Blair, who’s in full control. Renesto sends him in and they criss cross with Blair catching him right back into the armbar. Renesto able to backdrop Blair and gets a one, sends Blair in and gets caught with his head down. Blair unloads on Renesto and a big backdrop, elbow off the second rope gets a near fall. A very poor looking vertical suplex from Blair and into the figure four for the win.

1. Bryan Blair defeats Tom Renesto Jr

2. Paul Ellering v. Don Serrano

Paul is better known as the manager of the Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal. This is his comeback from an injury, and he cuts a promo before the match very similar to Superstar Billy Graham. Don Serrano was the very first opponent of Hulk Hogan, and also wrestled as the Black Demon. Serrano goes after the arm of Paul, who makes the ropes as DiBiase says this is Paul’s first match in six months. Paul is really ripped at this point, as Serrano rolls up Ellering but gets one. Ellering catches him with a big knee to the midsection and drops a pair of elbows. Serrano sent in and nailed with a back elbow and a legdrop as Ellering in control. Ellering nails a neckbreaker for the victory.

2. Paul Ellering pinned Don Serrano

3. Junkyard Dog v. Mike Boyer

This is a non-title match, as the bell rings and Mike gets a knee in. That angers the Dog who unloads on Boyer and snapmare him over, a headbutt sends Boyer to the apron. He slowly gets back in and tries for a half nelson on Dog, but Dog flips him over and locks on the armbar. The grapple into the ropes and the ref separates them, Dog nails Boyer with a running forearm. The Thump Powerslam finishes the match easily for the Dog.

3. Junkyard Dog crushed Mike Boyer

4. Paul Orndorff & Bob Orton v. Carlos Zapata & The Monk

Orton is the Mississippi Heavyweight Champion, I think everyone had a belt back then there were so many different belts. Paul and Zapata lock up and Orndorff unloads on Zapata in the ropes. Orndorff with a front facelock, and tags in Orton who pummels Zapata. Slam from Orton plants Zapata and Paul tagged in drops a knee across the chest of Zapata. Carlos fights back but Orndorff uses the hair to take him down and tags in Orton. It’s been all the heels so far, as Zapata is getting torn to pieces. Zapata almost makes the tag but Orton drags him back to his corner and tags Orndorff back in, as Orndorff continues the offense. Zapata shot in and catches Orndorff in a sunset flip for one, and that just angers Orndorff who beats him down and tags in Orton again. Orton just outwrestling Zapata, as he nails a perfect dropkick on Zapata then brings in Orndorff who does one of his own for a near fall. Zapata shot to the corner and Paul misses a charge, Monk finally tagged in and a slugfest ensues. Orndorff gets the advantage and drives a knee into the stomach then brings in Orton. Orton puts him on his shoulder and tags in Paul who drops an elbow off the top rope. Orndorff locks on the figure four for the win.

4. Paul Orndorff and Bob Orton defeat Carlos Zapata & The Monk

5. Bob Roop v. Mike George

They lock up and Roop with a waistlock, George reverses and takes Roop down. Into the ropes and they separate, side headlock from George and Roop counters to a full nelson but George breaks it. Roop back to the full nelson and rams the face of George into the turnbuckle. George reverses and does the same, Roop kicks off the ropes and gets a near fall. Roop on the second rope, but George catches him so Roop drops back to the mat. Roop powers George to the corner and unloads on him, but George reverses and hammers away. George with an atomic drop and Roop begs off in the corner. Roop catches George in a side headlock and rakes his eyes across the top rope then the bottom rope as well. Roop applies the rear chinlock and wears down George, but George able to break the grip and hammers away on Roop then rakes his eyes on the ropes. George stomps on Roop in the corner and chokes away at him, as George has had enough of Roop. Back body drop sends Roop crashing down, side Russian legsweep gets two. George stays on the back of Roop, a second legsweep is countered as Roop holds the top rope. Roop goes for a slam, and George blocks, hits a pair of dropkicks for another near fall. Roop sends George to the cement floor, and George gets to the apron, Roop charges and both men on the apron. George charges and Roop moves, George crashes into the steel post and crumples to the cement. George on the apron hits a shoulderblock and hammers away on Roop, Roop runs George into the buckle and hits a flying knee to the face for three.

5. Bob Roop pinned Mike George

6. Mike Bond v. Ed Wiskoski

Ed takes Mike down with a hiptoss at the bell and quickly unloads on Mike. Slam from Ed plants Mike, as Ed is all over him, Wiskoski drives Mike into the turnbuckle and another big slam. A crossbody block to a seated Mike, which was odd looking, followed by a backbreaker for the easy win.

6. Ed Wiskoski over Mike Bond

In the ring they announce Paul Ellering is going to do the Persian Club Challenge of the Iron Sheik. Paul lifts the heavy clubs, as Sheik and Akbar watch behind him, whatever number he does the Sheik has to do double. The crowd cheering on Ellering, who does fifty reps so Sheik has do to a hundred. Akbar says they have a match first, and then Sheik will do it and double the money.

7. Iron Sheik v. Frank Monte

Sheik goes right after Monte and nails a vicious clothesline, as Ellering stands by at ringside. Sheik drives his head into the midsection of Monte and then slams him down. Monte tossed hard to the cement floor, he struggles to the apron and Sheik catches him, then whips him in. Sheik with a bearhug, but Monte breaks the grip. Sheik caught with his head down and Monte nails him then tosses Sheik across the ring. Sheik catches Monte in a German Suplex for the three.

7. Iron Sheik crushed Frank Monte

Akbar says Sheik just had a tough match with an international star and stalls. Ellering fires up the crowd, as Akbar keeps complaining. The stalling works as the show ends and Sheik did not attempt the challenge.

1. Bryan Blair defeats Tom Renesto Jr
2. Paul Ellering pinned Don Serrano
3. Junkyard Dog crushed Mike Boyer
4. Paul Orndorff and Bob Orton defeat Carlos Zapata & The Monk
5. Bob Roop pinned Mike George
6. Ed Wiskoski over Mike Bond
7. Iron Sheik crushed Frank Monte

A solid fast paced show with lots of action and little filler. The segment with Sheik was the only non-wrestling portion. We have two more episodes left for the year, and next week the Sheik has to do one hundred reps with the clubs. Also Orton and Roop team up and more.

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