Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – December 19, 1981

To Mid-Atlantic wrestling as we near the end of the year. So far Mid-Atlantic has provided some great moments in the few episodes we’ve seen, and 1982 looks to be even better. Last week Jay Youngblood challenged Sgt Slaughter to his Cobra Clutch Challenge, Slaughter then stalled until time ran out. Will Jay get his chance this week, or will Slaughter continue to avoid the challenge? Also new Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions, Ox Baker and Carl Fergie, are in action tonight. Let’s go to the ring.

Bob Caudle and David Crockett open the show and talk about tonight’s huge lineup. Sgt Slaughter is in action, plus The Ninja with new manager Gene Anderson, and Billy Robinson as well. They’re joined by United States Champion, Sgt Slaughter who talks about his thousand dollar challenge to anyone who can break the Cobra Clutch. Bob asks about Jay, Slaughter says he had a chance and it’s time for someone else to get a chance.

1. Blackjack Mulligan Jr & Jake Roberts v. Charlie Fulton & Chris Markoff

Mulligan & Fulton start, with Mulligan in control and tags in Jake who starts to work the arm. Both men make tags and Markoff slams Mulligan down but Jake gets a tag, as does Markoff and Jake takes Fulton down. Jake tags Mulligan in and Fulton powers him to the corner, tags in Markoff who again slams Mulligan. Side headlock from Markoff, and they wind up in the ropes, Fulton tags himself in and eats a bulldog from Mulligan for the finish.

1. Blackjack Mulligan Jr & Jake Roberts defeat Charlie Fulton & Mike Markoff

2. The Ninja v. Mike Davis

Ninja sprays the green mist before the bell and quickly goes after the arm of Davis. Ninja just snaps the arm over and drops a leg, he cranks back on the arm and shoulder. Headbutt to the shoulder of Davis, and then Ninja drops all his weight across the shoulder. Ninja slowly and methodically tearing apart the arm of Davis as Anderson shouts orders from ringside. Ninja misses a chop and Davis fires back, but one kick puts Davis down. Ninja with a diving headbutt for three.

2. Ninja crushed Mike Davis

3. Terry Taylor v. Mike Miller

Terry is announced as the undefeated Rookie of the Year, and goes right for the arm. Blackjack Mulligan joins the commentary table and says he heard about Slaughter and his challenge. Taylor with a snapmare into the ropes, and a clean break. Miller charges at Taylor and gets caught in a hammerlock, as Mulligan says he’s watching everything that happens. Taylor with an armdrag and Miller powers him to the corner and unloads. Taylor fires back and dropkicks Miller down, Miller shot to the corner and Taylor charges in and a monkeyflip gets two. Taylor send Miller in and hits the flying forearm into the figure four for the win.

3. Terry Taylor defeats Mike Miller

4. Jimmy Valiant v. Tony Russo

Jimmy facing the guy that looks like Mario, he slams Tony and sends him into the turnbuckle. Front facelock from Jimmy, as Tony breaks free and gets a shot in but Jimmy fires back. Tony smashed into the turnbuckle and Jimmy continues to unload on Tony. Jimmy backdrops Tony down and then the back elbow followed by the elbowdrop for three.

4. Jimmy Valiant crushed Tony Russo
Bob with Ricky Steamboat and Paul Jones, weird seeing a face Jones as I only remember him as a heel manager. Meanwhile Steamboat has a really strange looking mustache, as we see video of Steamboat facing Dick Slater from a different show. Piper is at ringside as Steamboat sends Slater into the turnbuckle shoulder first. Steamboat wearing down the arm and shoulder, nailing Slater with the double chop and then one from the top rope. Steamboat covers for the win, as Piper dives in the ring and a slugfest ensues. Steamboat gets the better of Piper, as Ole charges the ring and Steamboat gets double teamed. Ray Stevens makes the save and chases Ole from the ring. Back to Bob, Steamboat and Jones now joined by Jake Roberts as well, Steamboat thanks Ray for the save but is not sure if he saved him or just wanted to get Ole. Jake says everyone wants to get rid of Ole, and it will happen. After the commentary Bob is with Big John Studd who says by slapping Mulligan Junior he finally got Mulligan’s attention and he will end him. Studd says he hates Cowboys and the South and that Mulligan is the idol of the south but he will end him. Piper joins Bob and says he enjoys the truth, as he makes fun of Steamboat begging for a title shot. Piper says he is the Champion and that he’s the best.

5. Billy Robinson v. Don Kernodle

The bell rings and they lockup, Billy easily takes Don down with an armbar. Don fights free with a headlock, but Billy with headscissors to control Don. Kernodle breaks the grip and Billy with a go behind to the full nelson, Kernodle reverses the hold but Billy powers to the ropes and breaks the hold. Neckbreaker from Billy gets a near fall, and Robinson goes after him but Don makes the ropes. Billy with an impressive gut wrench suplex, Don catches him leg and tries to turn him over for the Boston Crab but Billy makes the ropes quickly. Don tries again and Billy flips through, but Don maintains the grip and gets the Crab applied. Billy bridges out and sends Don into the ropes. That was really unique looking as you don’t usually see people power out of the Crab. Hiptoss from Billy as he applies the side headlock, Don shoots him in and they collide hard in the middle of the ring and both men are down. Don up first and back to the side headlock, Billy powers him to the ropes for the break and Billy gets a shot in the ribs on Don. Slam from Robinson and a knee to the back from Billy, as Don tries to fight back. Atomic Drop from Don staggers Billy. Don with a shoulderblock and a slam gets two. Robinson catches him in a side backbreaker over the knee for three.

5. Billy Robinson defeated Don Kernodle

Bob calls Slaughter to the desk, and Slaughter says they will have a demonstration of the Clutch. They enter the ring and Tony Anthony sits down in the chair, Slaughter says he will release as soon as Anthony taps. Slaughter explains the hold, he locks it on and Tony taps so Slaughter releases. He then kicks the chair away and reapplies the hold, Nelson takes out the referee. Youngblood, Taylor and others make the save causing Slaughter and Nelson to bail out.

6. Ox Baker & Carl Fergie v. Jay Youngblood & Keith Larson

Baker and Fergie start the match double teaming Larson, fast tags keep Larson down and away from Youngblood. Larson whipped into the elbow of Baker, who tags in and slams Larson. Youngblood finally charges in and all four in the ring, the ref gets Youngblood back in and double team from the champions. Heart punch from Baker and Fergie pins him, Youngblood never got in the match legally.

6. Ox Baker & Carl Fergie decimated Keith Larson & Jay Youngblood

Bob joined by Paul Jones, who says what Slaughter did is uncalled for. Youngblood comes out and says Slaughter owes him a shot, as last week he stalled. Mulligan Jr and Roberts join Bob and says the will face any team that wants a match.

1. Blackjack Mulligan Jr & Jake Roberts defeat Charlie Fulton & Markoff
2. Ninja crushed Mike Davis
3. Terry Taylor defeats Mike Miller
4. Jimmy Valiant crushed Tony Russo
5. Billy Robinson defeated Don Kernodle
6. Ox Baker & Carl Fergie decimated Keith Larson & Jay Youngblood

Not the most exciting episode this week, but can’t expect every episode to be a classic. A couple debuts, Taylor, Robinson and Baker plus the feuds of Piper and Steamboat and Slaughter and Youngblood touched on made the show move along. Surprised to see Youngblood job in the main, but then he was protected by not being in the ring at all. Next week is the final episode of the year, headlined by a big challenge for the Sgt Slaughter Cobra Clutch Challenge!


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