WWF All Star Wrestling – December 19, 1981

With only two more episodes left for 1981, we’re closing in on the end of the year, but with the addition of Mid-Atlantic, Mid-South and soon World Class we’ll have lots of wrestling. Even though we lose the WWF shows come February and nothing WWF for over two years, at least the other territories are fantastic. Last week on All Star we started a feud between Greg Valentine and Pedro Morales over the Intercontinental Championship, plus SD Jones scored a win over Baron Mikel by countout. This week in the battle of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura faces Curt Hennig. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince welcomes Pat Patterson back, as he was in Japan for a while, and the talk about the Ventura and Hennig match coming up. Also in action are the former champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea plus Adrian Adonis.

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea v. Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada

Rodz and Garea start out with Rodz taking Garea down with a top wristlock. Patterson talks about seeing the Wild Samoans in Japan, whom Rick and Tony defeated for the gold, as he also name drops Andre. Double teaming on Garea, Garea leapfrogs Estrada but can’t roll him up, Estrada misses the elbow and both men make tags. Martel all over Rodz in the corner, Estrada tries to get involved but gets chased off. Martel with a rear chinlock slows down Rodz, who sends him in and they collide with Rodz getting the worst of it. Martel whipped in and Rodz catches him with a knee to the midsection and tags in Estrada who stomps on Martel then rams him into the turnbuckle. Estrada hits a nice flying elbow and gets a near fall, Rodz back in via the top rope and nails Martel with a forearm. Martel runs into the big elbow, and Rodz follows with a kneedrop. Rodz gets caught with his head down and both men make the hot tag, Garea unloads on Estrada and tosses him across the ring. Garea all over both men, backdrops Estrada but sent to the corner, he leaps over Estrada who charges and rolls him up for three.

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Jose Estrada & Johnny Rodz

2. Jesse Ventura v. Curt Hennig

Jesse is introduced as the former bodyguard of the Rolling Stones. They circle and lockup, into the ropes and clean break from Curt. Ventura powers Curt to the ropes, and we get another clean break, surprising Patterson. No clean break this time as he drives an elbow into Curt. Jesse quickly goes after the arm of Curt, Curt able to reverse into a hammerlock and Jesse quickly makes the ropes. Jesse goes back to the arm, and again Curt reverses and Jesse in the ropes and getting frustrated. Jesse with a side headlock and pops Curt in the face, then rakes the laces across the face. Blassie gets a shot in with the cane as the ref admonishes Ventura, Curt sent flying out to the hardwood floor. Curt struggles to the apron and Ventura pulls him up and kicks away at him, sending Curt back to the floor. Ventura refusing to allow Curt back in as he catches him, Curt finally nails Ventura with a shoulderblock and unloads on Jesse. Jesse sent to the corner and Curt charges, but Jesse moves and Curt crashes through the ropes to the floor. Ventura pulls him back in and hammers away on the injured Curt. Backbreaker and cover, but Jesse pulls him up to lock on the over shoulder backbreaker for the win.

2. Jesse Ventura defeated Curt Hennig

Patterson is ringside with Ventura and Blassie, and Blassie goes off on the fans, Backlund, Atlas, Morales, Martel & Garea. Patterson asks why they boo Ventura, and Blassie says because they are stupid. Patterson asks Ventura about his ring entrance attire, and Ventura calls Patterson insignificant and says he’s the most beautiful and colorful wrestler in the world. Ventura says he is the greatest in the world, and Patterson asks if he really was a bodyguard for the Rolling Stones. Jesse says it’s the gospel and he was also the announcer for the Stones. Ventura calls Backlund a nobody and former champion once he steps in the ring with him.

3. Adrian Adonis v. Steve King

Adonis overpowers King easily and takes him down, working over the arm. Adrian slams King and covers but only gets one, dropkick from Adonis gets two this time. Adonis works over King in the corner, then chops him down. King tries to fight back but Adonis shrugs him off and drives a knee into the midsection. Adonis tosses King to the outside and follows, he slams King on the floor and reenters the ring. King crawls back in and gets clotheslined down, then caught in Goodnight Irene for the finish.

3. Adrian Adonis crushed Steve King

4. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito v. Domenic Denucci & Barry Hart

Saito and Denucci start out, and Saito takes him down but Denucci fights free. Shoulderblock sends Saito down, but a second one countered to a hiptoss. Denucci sweeps the leg and cheap shots Fuji, who nails him back and Saito smashes Denucci into the turnbuckle. Albano chokes Denucci while the ref is busy with Saito. Denucci makes the tag to Barry, and they double team Saito. One shot from Saito sends Barry flying, Saito tosses him then stomps away on Hart. Saito slams Barry and tags in Fuji. Chops from Fuji sends Hart crashing to the mat, Saito back in from the top with a chop. Backbreaker from Saito and then he chokes Hart, Denucci gets in and while the ref is busy they double team Hart. Fuji continues to chop away on Hart before tagging Saito back in. Saito with a kick to the chin and snapmares Barry to the mat. Fuji returns and chops Hart in the throat, more fast tags from the Japanese team as they are destroying Hart. Fuji slams Hart and hits a Vader splash, followed by the Samoan Drop for three.

4. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito annihilated Barry Hart and Domenic Denucci

5. Tony Atlas v. Jeff Craney

Atlas wastes no time with a fireman’s carry takedown, and Craney gets away quickly. Craney makes a dumb decision to go for a test of strength with Atlas, but Craney gets a cheap shot in and then bites Atlas. Atlas places Craney on the top rope, and then just pulls him down before driving an elbow into his head. Craney offers a handshake, and Atlas accepts so Craney kicks him and goes for a side headlock. Atlas easily plants Jeff on the top rope and is looking fed up with Craney. Atlas with a waistlock and Craney gets him in the corner and unloads on Atlas in the corner, but Atlas easily fires back. Atlas has had enough as he press slams Jeff for the easy win.

5. Tony Atlas destroyed Jeff Craney

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Jose Estrada & Johnny Rodz
2. Jesse Ventura defeated Curt Hennig
3. Adrian Adonis crushed Steve King
4. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito annihilated Barry Hart and Domenic Denucci
5. Tony Atlas destroyed Jeff Craney

A very fast paced episode this week with nothing bad. Two good tag matches, plus Ventura versus Hennig was really good. Next week is the final episode of 1981 and headlined by Tony Atlas versus Hans Schroeder.

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