Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – December 12, 1981

Returning to the Mid-Atlantic territory for another exciting hour of wrestling. Previously we had Ole Anderson and Ray Stevens team up to defeat Buddy Landell and Paul Jones in a match for the tag gold. It seemed like Stevens was going to replace the injured Gene Anderson, but during the match Ole rammed Landell into Stevens for the win, and Stevens did not like being used and both men left with a belt. Also more talk on the upcoming tournament and the battle royal to decide the opening round, tonight we should know the opening round. Let’s go to the ring.

Bob Caudle and David Crockett welcome us to tonight’s show and talk about tonight’s matches. They are visited at ringside by Sgt Slaughter and Pvt Jim Nelson, who stands at attention. Slaughter says lots of people want to try the Cobra Clutch challenge and win the thousand dollars, which he hands to Crockett to hold. Slaughter challenges anyone to come out now and do it, not after he has a tough match, and then talks about being United States champion for three months. Nelson says he is ready for combat, as Slaughter makes him do push-ups.

1. Charlie Fulton v. Ricky Steamboat

The bell rings and they lock up, into the ropes for a clean break. Another lockup and to the corner for another clean break. Steamboat with a side headlock takeover, off the ropes and Charlie with the shoulderblock but a second one gets Charlie caught by a dropkick. Back to the side headlock from Steamboat, Steamboat off the ropes and shoulderblock sends Charlie down and right back to the side headlock. Charlie powers back to his feet and Steamboat climbs the ropes and flips over, while maintaining the headlock. Charlie gets a shot in to break the hold and hammers away on Steamboat before applying a rear chinlock of his own. Steamboat breaks free and charges off the ropes, but misses the crossbody and splatters on the apron. Charlie quickly back to the chinlock to wear down Steamboat, who looks dazed now. Steamboat fights free and chops away on Fulton, then shoots him to the corner and nails him, then quickly locks on the double arm surfboard for the win.

1. Ricky Steamboat defeated Charlie Fulton

2. Ivan Koloff v. Jim Grey (TV)

Koloff powers Grey to the mat and applies the chinlock but Grey counters to an armbar. Koloff kicks him away and rolls him up for one. Koloff shot in, and Grey goes for a back drop, but Koloff counters to a sunset flip for a near fall. Koloff drives a knee into the midsection of Grey and rams him into the turnbuckle. Grey tossed across the ring then backdropped, as Koloff begins to work the back before tossing Grey to the cement floor. Koloff catches him on the apron and smashes a forearm across the chest then brings him in, drives a boot into the chest and stomps him. Koloff with a series of knees to the ribs and a slam, then into the front facelock. Grey in trouble as he gets snapmared to the center, Koloff drives a knee to the midsection from the top rope for the win.

2. Ivan Koloff crushed Jim Grey

Bob and Jim talk about Ray Stevens and that the Anderson brothers say he can’t be trusted. We go to video of a Ricky Steamboat squash, as we see Roddy Piper make his way to ringside. Piper watches as Steamboat hits his finisher on the jobber and charges the ring. A brawl ensues and Ole charges the ring, wipes out the ref and Ole and Piper double team Steamboat. Ray Stevens makes the save for Steamboat and they chase the heels from the ring.

3. Ray Stevens v. Mike Prater

Prater attacks before the bell, but Stevens comes back easily. Big slam and piledriver for the super fast win.

3. Ray Stevens crushed Mike Prater

Bob is joined by Stevens, who says he’ll do whatever he has to do to win but his word is his bond. Stevens says he does what he says he will do, he says Ole has sacrificed his own brother to win.

4. Jimmy Valiant v. Mike Miller

Valiant sent off the ropes and comes back with a pair of shoulderblocks and some armdrags sends Miller to the floor. Miller back in and Valiant unloads, hits a back elbow and big elbowdrop for three.

4. Jimmy Valiant crushed Mike Miller

5. Sgt Slaughter & Pvt Jim Nelson v. Jay Hamilton & Tony Anthony

Nelson and Jay start, with Jay taking Nelson down as Slaughter leaves ringside. Slaughter on commentary says Nelson can take both men by himself, and says he is doing the challenge after this instead. Meanwhile Nelson is getting hammered, as Youngblood comes to accept the challenge. Anthony tossed Nelson across the ring, drops an elbow and gets two, as Slaughter returns to the ring. Slaughter tagged in and nails Anthony with the stomachbreaker and gets two, tags Nelson back in who unloads on Anthony. Backbreaker from Nelson but Jay tagged in, but Nelson catches him with a back elbow. Slaughter back in and hammers Jay in the corner, Jay comes back with an armdrag and a dropkick gets only one. Anthony gets a tag and Slaughter nails him then brings in Jim, who smashes Anthony into the turnbuckle. Double teaming from Slaughter and Nelson work over Anthony, but he tags in Jay who tries to take down Nelson. Nelson slams him but misses the elbow and tags in Anthony. Anthony misses the dropkick and Slaughter tagged back in, big clothesline from Slaughter. Cobra Clutch from Slaughter for the finish.

5. Sgt Slaughter & Pvt Jim Nelson defeat Tony Anthony & Jay Hamilton

Youngblood at ringside wants another chance at the Clutch, but Slaughter says he just had a match and he’s had a chance. Slaughter lists a bunch of jobbers who he says deserves a chance, and this brings out Sandy Scott. Sandy says there is an open challenge and he will face Youngblood now and demands he get in the ring. Slaughter asks if he doesn’t and Sandy says they will strip him of the United States title. Slaughter begrudgingly gets in the ring, as Jay readies for the Clutch. Ole and Piper at ringside suddenly, as Slaughter stalls. Slaughter stalled long enough for the show to end without having to do the challenge.

1. Ricky Steamboat defeated Charlie Fulton
2. Ivan Koloff crushed Jim Grey
3. Ray Stevens crushed Mike Prater
4. Jimmy Valiant crushed Mike Miller
5. Sgt Slaughter & Pvt Jim Nelson defeat Tony Anthony & Jay Hamilton

As usual a fast paced exciting hour of television, just a great show from start to end again. Next week tag champions Ox Baker & Carl Fergie face Jay Youngblood and Keith Larsen plus Slaughter in action. However before we get to that, we are venturing to a new territory again. This time it’s Mid-South Wrestling for the first time. I can’t wait for this, as I picked up the DVD set earlier this year and was amazed by how great it was. Our first show featured Ted DiBiase facing Paul Orndorff, plus Junkyard Dog in action!

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