WWF All Star Wrestling – December 12, 1981

Previously on All Star Wrestling, Adrian Adonis, Pedro Morales and The Masked Executioner won squash matches. Greg Valentine also won a big match defeating SD Jones in a very good television match. Tonight Jesse Ventura is in action, along with Pedro Morales. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince welcomes us to the show and talks about tonight’s card. Also in action Adrian, Steve Travis and Greg Valentine among others.

1. Baron Mikel Scicluna v. SD Jones

Haven’t see the Baron in a bit, thought he might have retired. Baron gets caught in the corner and wants the clean break, which he gets. Mikel catches the arm of SD, but SD reverses and makes the ropes. Clean break from SD, Baron quickly powers SD to the ropes and hammers him then side headlock and takeover. Vince talks about Baron having been around for over a decade. He’s actually been active since 1953, and would retire in 1984, so Vince is off by about twenty years. SD tries to reverse the armbar but Baron rakes the eyes, SD comes back with a big headbutt. SD rams Baron into the turnbuckle but again Baron goes to the eyes and pounds on SD. Jones fires back and Baron tangled in the ropes, SD makes the ref work harder to untie him by tightening the ropes. Rear chinlock from SD as he wears down the much larger Baron, Baron fights free and they wind up in the corner. In the ensuing melee the referee gets taken out, and the bell rings.

1. SD Jones defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna by disqualification

2. Keith Mitchell v. Jesse Ventura

Every week Ventura wears more and more outlandish masks to the ring, just so odd for the era, which made his stand out. Ventura easily overpowers Mitchell and nails him on the ropes. Jesse in full control working the arm of Mitchell who has done nothing so far. Mitchell tries to fight back and Jesse absorbs the blows and fires back, then into the over the shoulder backbreaker for the easy win.

2. Jesse Ventura crushed Keith Mitchell

3. Jeff Craney v. Steve Travis

Travis starts quickly with a drop toe hold into the anklelock, transitioning to a rear chinlock. Craney makes the ropes and we get a clean break. Travis takes him over with an armdrag into the armbar, they do some nice amateur stuff, which would never get over nowadays. Travis is a solid worker, but really lacks charisma or a character of some kind, very bland but knows his stuff. Craney bails to the outside, as this match is really dragging, back in and shoulderblock knocks them both down. Travis up first and slams Craney down, and then hammers Craney in the corner. Hiptoss out of the corner by Travis and cover gets the win, off a hiptoss?

3. Steve Travis pinned Jeff Craney

Vince at ringside with Travis, who thanks Vince and the fans. Travis talks about his newfound aggression and that last time he was here he won rookie of the year. He says he can’t live on his laurels and he’s been around the world and wrestled all sorts of people. Vince asks Steve what is goals are, and Travis says his short term goal is to show the fans what he has learned and long term is to become a champion.

4. Greg Valentine v. Manuel Soto

This is from Championship Wrestling earlier in the day, guess they don’t have anything else from the taping to air. Valentine jumps Soto at the bell and just tears him apart. Soto comes back and hammers Greg in the corner, as the crowd explodes. Big slam from Soto and a pair of dropkicks gets Soto a two count. Shoulderblock from Soto, but a second one doesn’t go well as he runs into the knee of Valentine. Greg with a suplex and the big elbowdrop for three.

4. Greg Valentine crushed Manuel Soto

5. Pedro Morales v. Jerry Johnson

Before the match can start Valentine storms back to the ring and gets in the face of Pedro Morales. The referee finally forces Valentine to the ring, and Vince rushes to ringside and asks what he’s doing. Greg says Pedro claims to be a champion but won’t face him, Pedro comes out and accepts the challenge. Valentine calls him yellow and says he will get the belt and finally leaves. A fired up Pedro is all over Jerry at the bell and sends him to the outside. Back in and Jerry rakes the eyes, but Pedro is to angry to care and just hammers Jerry. Boston Crab from Pedro scores an easy win. After the match Valentine comes back out again, and the referee keeps them apart.

5. Pedro Morales destroyed Jerry Johnson

6. Victor Mercado v. Tony Atlas

Tony powers Victor to the ropes, and Victor fires off some cheap shots which just angers Tony. Tony unloads on him and applies the front face lock and cranks on the neck. Mercado rakes the eyes to break the hold and that fires up Tony, who scoops up Mercado and press slams him for the quick win.

6. Tony Atlas annihilated Victor Mercado

1. SD Jones defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna by disqualification
2. Jesse Ventura crushed Keith Mitchell
3. Steve Travis pinned Jeff Craney
4. Greg Valentine crushed Manuel Soto
5. Pedro Morales destroyed Jerry Johnson
6. Tony Atlas annihilated Victor Mercado

A fast paced episode this week, with half of the matches being from Championship Wrestling. We started a feud with Pedro and Valentine, which will lead to some big matches. Next week Jesse Ventura faces Curt Hennig, plus Garea and Martel in tag action.

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