WWF All Star Wrestling – November 28, 1981

Previously on All Star Wrestling, Greg Valentine, Tony Atlas and Jesse Ventura won squash matches. Mr Fuji and Mr Saito won a tag squash as did new team SD Jones and Curt Hennig. We also had a pretty good show from Madison Square Garden where Pedro Morales regained the Intercontinental Championship from Don Muraco in a Texas Death Match. Tonight it looks like they are playing the match on television, which was easily the best Pedro match I’ve ever seen. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince welcomes us to the show, and announces tonight we will see Jesse Ventura and Tony Atlas in separate matches. First we are going to the main event.

1. Don Muraco v. Pedro Morales (IC, Texas Death Match)

This is from the Madison Square Garden show I just reviewed, so a little cut and paste saves some time.Muraco sporting a beard and has his hair slicked back, wonder if he arrived in a pink Cadillac? Muraco tosses the Intercontinental title at Pedro and says let’s start. They start with a slugfest and Pedro gets the advantage sending Muraco to the corner. Muraco is irate screaming at the crowd, as they boo him. Muraco gets a shot in and Pedro answers back with one of his own, and both men just glare at each other. Muraco powers Pedro to the corner and unloads, but Pedro sends him to the corner and a double sledge to the gut sends Muraco to the apron. Back in and they tie up, Muraco with a side headlock and pop Pedro, then drives him down with elbows. Muraco drops a knee across the face and gets two, Muraco then tosses Pedro over the top rope to the cement floor. Muraco follows and stomps on Pedro, then drops Pedro crotch first on the steel guardrail. Muraco back in the ring and poses, as the crowd is all over him. Pedro pulls back in and rammed into the steel post as Muraco is all over the former champion. Pedro sent in and a nice dropkick from Muraco sends Pedro back out and crashing into the guardrail. Muraco follows and rams Pedro headfirst into the steel post, a second time countered and Muraco smashes into the post. Both men struggle to get back in, and Muraco sends Pedro in and a back body drop sends Pedro crashing to the mat. Muraco in full control takes his time stomping and kicking Pedro, but goes for a spinning toe hold and Pedro pulls him closer so he can rake the eyes. Muraco tries for the thumb and Pedro with a shot to the midsection staggers the champion. Pedro sends Muraco into the corner where he crashes upside down, and leaves the ring, so Pedro follows. Muraco eats the guardrail and then into the steel post, as Pedro in full control now, as Muraco into the post again. Pedro back in the ring and Muraco is gushing blood as he struggles back in and Pedro all over Muraco. Pedro nails Muraco and he’s tied in the ropes, Pedro charges and Muraco nails him. Both men are hurting but Muraco up first and a headbutt to the lower midsection send Pedro into convulsions. Muraco with a side headlock and Pedro sends him in, both men crash hard into each other, both men struggle to get up but Muraco up first. Muraco sends Pedro in and Pedro ducks under the clothesline and hits a headbutt to the gut and a big right scores the pin and title. ****1/2 Best Pedro match I’ve seen, just a crazy brawl. On the replay we see Muraco drop brass knuckles, and Pedro scoops them up after avoiding the clothesline and nailing Muraco with them.

1. Pedro Morales pinned Don Muraco to win Intercontinental title ****1/2

2. Tony Atlas v. Jerry Johnson

With that we return to the Hamburg Fieldhouse for our regular matches. This is the first wave of this taping from three days ago. Atlas easily overpowers Jerry but Jerry with an armbar and works the shoulder of Atlas. Tony easily reverses the hold and Jerry tries to make the ropes, but Atlas doesn’t move. Jerry able to fight free, charges Atlas who catches him back in the armbar and powers Jerry to the mat. Jerry gets Atlas in the corner and rakes the eyes, he follows that with choking on the ropes and begins to unload on Atlas in the corner. Each shot to the head of Atlas hurts the fist of Jerry, and Atlas comes back with a headbutt and rams Jerry into the buckle. Hiptoss from Atlas followed by the earringer, and Atlas goes back to the arm, but Jerry breaks free and tries to work the shoulders. Atlas powers out and then press slams Jerry for the three.

2. Tony Atlas pinned Jerry Johnson

Vince at ringside with Tony Atlas, who stole Pat Patterson? Atlas thanks the fans for pushing him to be his best. Atlas says he does his best and tries to make the crowd happy, and stays in his best shape to hang with the competition. Vince asks why he chose wrestling, and Tony says when he was a kid he watched kids playing baseball and rather watch it. In Junior High he started wrestling, and when he turned nineteen he became a pro and wrestling is the best sport. Tony says he played team sports and didn’t like losing as a team, in wrestling it’s all up to him and no one can drag him down.

3. Lee Wong v. Adrian Adonis

Adonis quickly goes after the arm of Lee and flips him over with ease. Drop toe hold into a grapevine from Adonis as he shows off his underappreciated skills. Huge slam from Adonis gets two, and Adonis with a back elbow drops Lee. Rolling facelock into a pin gets two, as Adonis in full control. Adonis drops an elbow on the top of the head of Lee, and then another from the second rope. He peels Lee off the ropes and hits a powerslam for the cover and pulls Lee up at two. Lee tossed hard to the outside as Blassie looks on approvingly, Lee gets to his feet and Adonis pulls him to the apron. Brianbuster brings Lee in, followed by a hotshot and into the “Goodnight Irene” sleeper for the easy win.

3. Adrian Adonis crushed Lee Wong

4. Ron Shaw v. Steve Travis

Travis making his WWF debut, I don’t recall him to be honest. He gets Shaw in the ropes and a clean break, armbar from Shaw countered easily by Travis. Rollup from Travis gets a near fall, and Shaw approaches cautiously, Travis with a go behind and a series of nice amateur moves from both men leads to both in the ropes. Shaw rolls out to take a breather, and the crowd laughs at him. Back in and Travis again dazzles him with amateur takedowns, sending Shaw out again. Shaw gets back in and taken down with an armscissors from Travis, Shaw breaks the grip with the ropes. Rear chinlock and a hair pull from Shaw, who works over the neck of Travis. Travis fires back and sends Shaw crashing to the mat. Scoop slam from Travis gets two, side Russian legsweep gets three.

4. Steve Travis beat Ron Shaw

5. Jesse Ventura v. Barry Hart

Barry looking more like the Barry Horowitz we know, as he has a bit of stubble now. Jesse easily overpowers Barry and cranks away at a side headlock and rakes his eyes across the ropes. Ventura quickly goes to work on the back of Hart, hammering away on him. Ventura hoists him up in the vertical backbreaker for the win.

5. Jesse Ventura destroyed Barry Hart

1. Pedro Morales pinned Don Muraco to win Intercontinental title ****1/2
2. Tony Atlas pinned Jerry Johnson
3. Adrian Adonis crushed Lee Wong
4. Steve Travis beat Ron Shaw
5. Jesse Ventura destroyed Barry Hart

Adding in the fantastic Pedro/Muraco match made this a great episode. That was one of the best matches of the year, and potential match of the year. Everything else moved quickly and was enjoyable. A solid episode this week. Next week, Greg Valentine faces SD Jones and new Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales joins us.

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