WWF All Star Wrestling – November 21, 1981

Previously on All Star Wrestling Valentine, Adonis, Fuji & Saito, and Killer Khan among others had easy wins. This week Curt Hennig teams up with SD Jones, I guess SD and Atlas are not exclusive, and Polish Power Ivan Putski returns. All this and more action coming up tonight. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to the show and go over tonight’s lineup. We will also have a special look at WWF World Champion Bob Backlund.

1. Ivan Putski v. Jose Estrada

Last time we saw Putski was in the seventies, and now he’s clean shaven and looks more like I remember him. OK, why is Bruno on commentary? So this isn’t current it’s from two years ago, why are we replaying old stuff? Wondered why Estrada had hair again, this is annoying when they do this. Putski easily overpowers Estrada and slams him down, Estrada tries to take down Putski, who just shoves him aside, as Estrada goes to the eyes. Bearhug from Putski and Estrada rakes the eyes, which just angers Putski. Putski unloads and nails Estrada with the Polish Hammer to end this. Was there even a point to airing a match from Summer of 79? It wasn’t even a good match, as it just dragged, not a good start to the show.

1. Ivan Putski pinned Jose Estrada

2. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito v. Manuel Soto & Angelo Gomez

Fuji starts with Gomez and just destroys him before bringing in Saito who continues the destruction. Gomez whipped across the ring by Saito who’s all over his opponent with chops. Backbreaker from Saito and Gomez able to make a tag bringing in Soto. Saito scoops him up but gets caught in a side headlock takeover. Saito breaks the grip and tags in Fuji, who chops Soto in the throat but Soto gets a forearm in and backdrops Fuji. Soto with a flying headscissors and Fuji begs off, Saito tries to sneak in and Soto smashes them together, Fuji comes back and kicks Soto to the outside. Soto on the floor, and Albano gets a shot in and now the Japanese team back in control. Saito ties Soto in the ropes and unloads. Soto again gets free and tags in Gomez, who gets double teamed in the corner. Fuji with a Samoan Drop for three.

2. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito defeat Angelo Gomez & Manual Soto

Ringside with Patterson interviewing Lou Albano, Mr Fuji & Mr Saito. Albano calls them his greatest tag team, mixes up the date of the Olympics Saito was in and does a really bad Japanese accent. Saito asks why are American wrestlers so easy to defeat, as Albano gets in the ring, Saito calls the wrestlers soft. Fuji makes a World War II reference, and says their domination is payback. Well, that was kind of tasteless, amazing what they get away with back then. Patterson says if they don’t like America they can go back to Japan, and Fuji says they like the money and the girls.

3. Johnny Rodz v. Tony Atlas

Atlas now sports a wide white headband before his matches, that’s unique. Atlas quickly takes Rodz down a couple times and Rodz hides on the apron. Rodz back in with a top wristlock but Atlas reverses, Rodz counters to a hammerlock and Atlas reverses, Rodz makes the ropes. Rodz with a snapmare and stomps on the head of Atlas. Atlas comes back with a series of headbutts and covers for the easy three.

3. Tony Atlas squashed Johnny Rodz

Now we get a special video on Bob Backlund, starting with his title win in 1978. We see Bob at home with his family and the music is very loud and drowns out most of the talking. Nothing major in the clips but it was a good way to get the champion on television

4. Jesse Ventura v. Steve King

Ventura takes King down quickly and stomps on him, side headlock from Jesse and he pops King. Ventura sends King crashing into the corner and hoists him over his shoulder in the backbreaker for the win.

4. Jesse Ventura destroyed Steve King

5. Ron Shaw & Davey O’Hannon v. SD Jones & Curt Hennig

Jobbers explode in this match, well SD was somewhat being used, but not for long and Curt only has one win in six matches. Davey and Jones start the match, and SD with multiple armdrags sends Davey to the floor. Davey back in and gets taken down, with Hennig tagged in and continues to work the arm. Davey shoots him in but Hennig catches him with the armdrag and back to the armbar. Davey overpowers Curt to the corner and Shaw gets a cheap shot in and tagged in. Shaw with a back elbow and a big elbowdrop almost wins it. Shaw gets caught with his head down and dropkick from Hennig who goes to the armbar, but Shaw reverses. Slam on Hennig and Davey tagged back in, he drives a knee into the face of Curt. Davey with a snapmare and a big kneedrop gets a near fall, as SD had to make the save. Curt eats the turnbuckle, what ever happened to George Steele anyways? Shaw back in and hammers away on Curt, who needs a tag but instead into the knee of Davey. Shaw goes for a slam and Curt blocks and slams Shaw, and follows with a clothesline for three.

5. SD Jones & Curt Hennig over Ron Shaw and Davey O’Hannon

6. Greg Valentine v. Victor Mercado

Valentine quickly over powers Victor to the corner and drives a knee into the midsection. Backbreaker from Greg as he works over the shoulder of Victor. Greg with a nice vertical suplex as he takes his time wearing down Victor, he follows up with the atomic drop. Greg sends Victor to the outside, then catches him on the apron with the suplex back in. Valentine locks on the figure four for the win.

6. Greg Valentine annihilated Victor Mercado

1. Ivan Putski pinned Jose Estrada
2. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito defeat Angelo Gomez & Manual Soto
3. Tony Atlas squashed Johnny Rodz
4. Jesse Ventura destroyed Steve King
5. SD Jones & Curt Hennig over Ron Shaw and Davey O’Hannon
6. Greg Valentine annihilated Victor Mercado

Other then the horrible and boring opening match from years ago, this was a fun fast paced show. Next week we close out November with a Texas Death match between Don Muraco & Pedro Morales!

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