Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – October 17, 1981

We missed a few weeks, but we return to the Mid-Atlantic region for more amazing action. Tonight in action we will see Sgt Slaughter, plus the debut of The Great Kabuki. Kabuki was a major draw in the Texas region, and now he’s arrived in Mid-Atlantic. Let’s go to the ring.

Bob & David welcome us to tonight’s show and talk about tonight’s action. Jimmy Valiant is in action, plus Jay Youngblood faces Roddy Piper! New United States champion Sgt Slaughter is in action, as he won the gold in a tournament final over Ricky Steamboat. Jake Roberts and Jay Youngblood join the announcers and talk about the tag titles, which have not been defended in sixty days. Youngblood talks about his match with Piper, which brings him out and he gets right in Jay’s face. Piper says he took out Wahoo, and tonight he’ll take out Youngblood. Piper tries to make it a death match, and Crockett says he cannot and that Abdullah is suspended and Piper can be too. Youngblood promises to teach Piper a lesson tonight and not to mess with the Indians. Bob and David send us to a tape of Jimmy Valiant as we see clips of some of his previous matches which some classic old school music.

1. Jimmy Valiant v. Jim Nelson

Valiant quickly goes after Nelson and rams him into the buckle, then catches his boot and unloads. Nelson gets him in the corner and hammers away, but Valiant reverses the whip and tosses Nelson across the ring. Valiant with a side headlock and Nelson gets him in the ropes and Valiant breaks then back to it, quickly taking Nelson down. Valiant sends Nelson in and drives a back elbow in followed by an elbow drop for three.

1. Jimmy Valiant beat Jim Nelson

2. Roddy Piper v. Jay Youngblood

They tie up and into the ropes, Piper with a cheap shot so Youngblood retaliates. Piper takes Youngblood down and they do some amateur style reversals with Youngblood coming out on top. Youngblood sends Piper flying out of the ring, Back in and into a test of strength, Piper drives Youngblood to the mat but Jay powers back up and they slug it out. Youngblood with a side headlock takeover, Piper counters with a headscissors and we have a stalemate again. Youngblood takes Piper down, and starts to work over the leg, as the announcers talk about the debut of Kabuki next. Piper rolls out of the ring and screams at the referee, Piper with a quick sunset flip gets two and quickly rolls back out as Jay rings his bell to break the pin attempt. Piper back in and Youngblood is to cautious as Piper catches him in a backbreaker and begins to work over the back. Piper goes for a bearhug and Jay headbutts free then rams him into the turnbuckle, splitting Piper open. Piper nails Jay in the throat and slams him down, then drops an elbow for a near fall. Youngblood comes back with chops, but Piper catches him in a sleeper and Youngblood is fading. Youngblood makes the ropes and breaks the grip, Piper continues the offense and a perfect vertical suplex hurts both men. Youngblood catches Piper with a crossbody and a slugfest ensues as both men are just smashing each other with forearms and chops. Shoulderblock sends both men crashing to the mat, and Piper able to cover Youngblood for two. They keep slugging it out and getting pin attempts as the bell rings, as we get a time limit draw. After the match Piper is all over Youngblood, and the referees pull Piper away and get him to leave the ring.

2. Roddy Piper and Jay Youngblood go a time limit draw ***

3. The Great Kabuki v. Charlie Fulton

Kabuki comes out with swords, a green rope and mask, what an entrance, he even does the Yokozuna pose before the match as Bob and David have no idea what to make of him. He removes the mask to reveal the creepy face paint and quickly chops Fulton down. Another big chop and cover scores the super fast win!

3. The Great Kabuki destroyed Charlie Fulton

Bob is with Wahoo, who says he doesn’t like Piper and calls Piper a coward. Wahoo says Piper will get he deserves as Jake comes in for his promo. Jake congratulates Jay for hanging with Piper, and talks about the tag belts no being defended.

4. Leroy Brown & Jake Roberts v. Ali Bey & Ricky Harris

Leroy and Ali start, with Leroy just pounding on Ali who’s able to make a tag to Harris and they double team Leroy. Leroy powers out and tags in Jake, who snapmares him and goes for a sleeper but Harris gets the ropes. Leroy back in and begins to work the leg of Harris and brings Jake back in, as they double team his leg. The announcers talk about the suspension of Abdullah and if Piper is making plans to bring someone else in. Harris finally gets a tag to Ali who smashes Jake into the turnbuckle. Snapmare for Ali who drags Jake around the ring, tags in Harris who slams Jake and drops a knee. Jake able to tag in Leroy who headbutts Ali and Ali stumbles back and tags in Harris. Leroy slams him and a big splash finishes Harris.

4. Leroy Brown & Jake Roberts beat Ali Bey & Ricky Harris

5. Sgt Slaughter v. Frank Monte

Slaughter is the new United States Champion, and takes his time getting ready. He quickly goes after Monte with a series of knees to the midsection and a big stomachbreaker. Back elbow to the midsection as Slaughter in full control. Monte tries to fight back but Slaughter absorbs the blows and just hammers away. Scoop slam and then a backbreaker from Slaughter gets two, Slaughter rams his into the turnbuckle then a running clothesline into the Cobra Clutch for the easy win.

5. Sgt Slaughter crushes Frank Monte

Bob is joined by the United States Champion, Sgt Slaughter, who says he does what he says he’s going to do. He says he will win every match he’s in and everyone needs to stand at attention. Former Mid-Atlantic Champion Ivan Koloff joins us and says it’s not over with Steamboat and it won’t be over till one of them is gone from the territory. Ole comes in and says everyone wants to know about the tag belts, and he says he has no partner at the moment and when the time comes they’ll be back

1. Jimmy Valiant beat Jim Nelson
2. Roddy Piper and Jay Youngblood go a time limit draw ***
3. The Great Kabuki destroyed Charlie Fulton
4. Leroy Brown & Jake Roberts beat Ali Bey & Ricky Harris
5. Sgt Slaughter crushes Frank Monte

Another good fast paced episode of Mid-Atlantic with lots of action and a couple good matches. Next week’s episode is missing as we jump to the October 31st episode.

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