WWF All Star Wrestling – October 10, 1981

The previous week’s episode is another lost episode, which featured wins from Mil Mascaras, Pedro Morales, Angelo Mosca, Killer Khan, Don Muraco and Fuji and Saito. Muraco won a handicap match, as those return again, they were big on those back then. Tonight Greg Valentine faces Curt Hennig, in a battle of future Intercontinental Champions, and Tony Atlas in action. Let’s hope it’s from this year. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat Patterson welcome us to the show. Tonight in action is Angelo Mosca, who Pat says he doesn’t like him, and Tony Garea & Rick Martel in tag action.

1. Greg Valentine v. Curt Hennig

This week the Hammer is in purple, not the lime green from a few weeks ago. After slowly removing his robe and getting ready he ties up with Curt and brings him to the corner. Greg goes for the cheap shot and Curt moves, Greg elbows the turnbuckle instead. Curt with a side headlock, and Greg shoots him in and a drop toe hold from Greg. Curt quickly sneaks away from Greg, and they circle. Back to a side headlock from Curt, and Greg powers him to the ropes and goes for a hiptoss, but Curt reverses and a dropkick staggers Valentine. Greg finally gets Curt in the corner and unloads on him, Curt in a lot of trouble as Greg tosses him to the cement floor. Curt gets caught on the apron and Greg hammers him, as Curt crumples to the floor again. Curt catches Greg with a shoulderblock through the ropes and a pair of perfect dropkicks, but Greg catches him with a back elbow. Back suplex from Valentine and quickly locks on the figure four for the win. After the match Greg attacks and drops Curt across the top rope crotch first sending him crashing to the cement floor. Curt gets stretchered out after that vicious attack.

1. Greg Valentine defeated Curt Hennig

2. Angelo Mosca v. Angelo Gomez

Vince loves doing the battle of same names, as we’ve seen this multiple times. If you’ve seen one Mosca match, you’ve seen too many, it’s always the same. Kicks, stomps and forearms, multiple pin attempts and pulling up the opponent and a backbreaker for the win.

2. Angelo Mosca destroyed Angelo Gomez

Pat at ringside with Mil Mascaras, and they talk about how great each is. Mil mumbles that he’s worked all over the world, as he is hard to understand. Even Andre isn’t this hard to decipher, they talk about Mil and his training schedule and that Mil is a movie star in Mexico. Mil issues a challenge to Don Muraco.

3. Jerry Johnson v. Pedro Morales

Pedro quickly goes after the arm of Jerry who makes the ropes. Hammerlock from Pedro takes Jerry to the mat, and Jerry powers to the ropes to break the hold. Jerry rakes the eyes of Pedro multiple times and rakes his face across the ropes. Pedro fires back and goes back to the arm and transitions to a rear chinlock. Big slam from Pedro and a backbreaker gets three.

3. Pedro Morales crushed Jerry Johnson

4. Tony Atlas v. Johnny Rodz

I feel like we’ve seen this match before, and it is an old match. From November 10, 1979 we get this match again. Atlas wins.

4. Tony Atlas over Johnny Rodz

5. Mikel Scicluna & Jose Estrada v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea

Estrada quickly goes after the arm of Tony and drives him to the mat. Tony smashed into the turnbuckle and tag made to Baron who takes down Tony with a nice headscissors. Garea powers out into a headlock but Mikel yanks the hair and back to the headscissors. Mikel and Estrada double team Garea and Estrada continues to hammer away on Garea. Snapmare and into a top wristlock from Estrada, who keeps control of Tony. Mikel back in and yanks the hair of Garea to take him down and keep control, as Martel is getting more frustrated in the corner. Garea finally makes the hot tag and Martel just decimates both men as all four in the ring and this allows the heels to cheat and gets the advantage. Estrada sends Martel to the corner but takes too long and gets caught. Back body drop sends Estrada crashing to the mat, and Baron makes a save. Estrada able to get a spinning kick to the midsection but Garea tagged in. Garea leapfrogs Estrada and rolls him up for three.

5. Tony Garea & Rick Martel beat Jose Estrada & Baron Mikel Scicluna

6. Ron Shaw v. Mil Mascaras

Shaw quickly takes Mil over, and Mil kicks him away. Mil with a full nelson and Shaw makes the ropes but Mil pulls him to the center. Vince reports that Curt suffered a dislocated kneecap in the match earlier but will return. Mil hits the flying chop, dropkick and suplex for two. Shaw sends Mil in, reverse and back bodydrop, flying crossbody from Mil for three.

6. Mil Mascaras pinned Ron Shaw


1. Greg Valentine defeated Curt Hennig

2. Angelo Mosca destroyed Angelo Gomez

3. Pedro Morales crushed Jerry Johnson

4. Tony Atlas over Johnny Rodz

5. Tony Garea & Rick Martel beat Jose Estrada & Baron Mikel Scicluna

6. Mil Mascaras pinned Ron Shaw

Not the most exciting week of All Star, other then the Hennig/Valentine match. Everything else just dragged and showing a match from two years ago, again, is just annoying. This was the end of that taping cycle, so again they were short. Next week we have Andre the Giant in action plus a handicap match with Angelo Mosca and a big debut.

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