Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – September 26, 1981

Back to the Mid-Atlantic area as we continue with some great Jim Crockett productions. Last week Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson lost via disqualification to Frank Monte and Paul Jones in a shocker. Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood won a tag match and Ron Bass successfully defended his TV title. This week our main event is Jay Youngblood facing Ole Anderson, that should be fantastic. Let’s go to the ring.

David Crockett and Bob Caudle welcome us to the show and announce that we have a new World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair. Flair won the gold on September 17th in Kansas City from Dusty Rhodes, This would be the first of many, many World Titles that Ric Flair would go on to hold. David and Bob are joined by Jake Roberts and Leroy Brown, also known as Elijah Akeem, from the Zimbuie Express. Leroy says he will watch Jake’s back as we head to ringside.

1. Austin Idol v. Scott McGee

Idol quickly with a waistlock and Scott counters to a hammerlock and cranks the shoulder, so Idol makes the ropes to break the hold. Idol quickly to a hammerlock of his own and Scott reversals, so again Idol to the ropes. Full nelson from Idol and Scott powers Idol to the corner for the break. Scott with a drop toe hold and starts to work the leg of Idol, as Bob talks more about the new World Champion. Again Idol to the ropes and breaks the hold and Idol pops Scott then rakes the eyes. Scoop and slam from Idol, who screams out Ric Flair’s name, while he hammers away on Scott who goes back to the leg. Idol able to counter to a facelock and nails Scott in the face then tosses him to the outside. Headbutt through the ropes to Scott on the floor and drags him in the ring. Scott slides behind and goes for the atomic drop, but Idol blocks and hits the back suplex into the figure four for the win.
1. Austin Idol defeats Scott McGee

2. Ron Bass v. Jim Nelson (TV)

Bass quickly goes for the arm of Nelson, as next up is Slaughter, Nelson makes the ropes. Nelson with a top wristlock and Bass counters to a hammerlock and Nelson again to the ropes. Bass quickly back to the arm and wears Nelson to the mat and Nelson able to power to his feet. Nelson with a side headlock and cranks the head, but Bass counters with a nice back suplex. Bass sends him in and catches Nelson with a huge back drop and into the abdominal stretch and Nelson flips Bass over to break the grip. Bass quickly to the headlock and Nelson gets him in the ropes and unloads. Nelson finally on the offense as he rakes the eyes and bites the champion. Front facelock from Nelson as he tries to wear down the big Texan, who backs into the corner and Nelson follows with a knees. The crowd fires up Bass who quickly comes back with a series of rights and a vertical suplex is followed by the running powerslam for three.

2. Ron Bass pinned Jim Nelson

3. Sgt Slaughter v. Frank Monte

Slaughter with a waistlock takedown and Monte rolls to the ropes, Slaughter goes to a top wristlock and Monte can’t break the grip. Leg sweep takes Monte down, while still maintaining the wristlock. Monte with a headscissors finally escapes the grip and Slaughter hiptosses Monte then drops a knee for two. Monte is to slow to go after Slaughter who is not, as he goes right after the smaller man. The crowd is behind Monte, as Slaughter snapmares him over and then head first drives Monte into the corner. Backbreaker gets two for Slaughter as Monte tries to fight back so Slaughter whips him out of the ring. Slaughter catches Monte on the apron and slams him down then shoots him in for a back body drop. A running clothesline from Slaughter is followed by the Cobra Clutch for the win.

3. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Frank Monte

Crockett with Scott McGee who he calls a top contender. David asks how he got to the top of the ranking for the Junior title, and Scott says he worked hard in amateur wrestling. They discuss the pain caused by the figure four as he gets cut off.

4. Grappler and Super Destroyer v Johnny Weaver & Ron Richie

Grappler and Weaver start, and Weaver with a shoulderblock then stomps the face. Destroyer comes in and Weaver with a series of armdrags, tag to Grappler who gets nailed by an armdrag into the armbar. Criss cross and Richie tagged in who armdrags Grappler. Grappler slams Ron but misses the elbow, however he tags in Destroyer who gets caught with the armdrag. Grappler with one of his own but misses the kneedrop, and Ron ties him up then tags in Weaver who takes Grappler down and works the arm. Ron back in and continues working the arm, Weaver returns and continues but runs into the elbow. Grappler tags and Destroyer misses a charge, this brings in Ron but Grapple sneaks a tag in. Weaver gets back in and eats a knee from Grappler who follows with an atomic drop. Destroyer returns to hit a shoulderbreaker and into the rear chinlock. Weaver powers out and both men make tags, all four men in the ring and the heels double team Ron as the ref is busy with Weaver. Superplex from Destroyer for the three. Jake comes out to contest the non tag from Destroyer but the decision sticks.

4. Grappler & Super Destroyer defeat Johnny Weaver & Ron Richie

Bob with Grappler and Destroyer, Grappler says Jake had no business getting involved in their match. Austin Idol comes in and says he is the greatest, as he tries to be Superstar Billy Graham, but fails. Ole comes in to talk about Flair, and says he won’t be champion very long. Ole calls out Jake, Bass and Leroy and says he’s the baddest man.

5. Jake Roberts & Leroy Brown v. Ricky Harris & Mike Miller

Harris and Jake start, and Jake takes out the leg easily and tags in Leroy who splashes the leg. Miller gets tagged in and Leroy takes his leg out and begins working it over, then tags in Jake. Jake continues working leg, and Miller makes a tag. Jake shot in and jumps over Harris and then pops him, Leroy in with a back elbow and clobbers Harris who brings Miller back in. Miller gets a shot in which doesn’t move him, and Leroy just clobbers him. Jake slams Miller as the announcers talk about the United States title tournament, since Wahoo had to vacate the gold after the attack from Abdullah. Dusty, Patterson and Khan are all in the tournament. Leroy with a big headbutt on Miller and tags in Jake, who unloads on Miller. Whip to the corner and backdrop then a snapmare gets one. Leroy returns and gets double teamed but no sells the shots from Harris. Harris eats turnbuckle and Jake back in with the kneelift, sending Harris flying. Miller tagged in and eats a kneelift, Leroy tagged and hits the splash for three.

5. Jake Roberts & Leroy Brown defeat Mike Miller and Ricky Harris

Crockett with Jim Nelson, Mike Miller & Ricky Harris. Nelson says he wants another match with Bass and says he can beat him. Miller claims it was two on one and calls Leroy a big geek and he will counter the splash. Harris says you can win with dignity, but they cheated and he won’t give up.

6. Ole Anderson v. Jay Youngblood

Lockup and Ole wrestles Jay down, but Jay counters as Grappler comes to commentary. Grappler calls out Jake Roberts and says it was three on two, but him and Destroyer will take him out. Ole uses the hair to gets Jay in the ropes and smashes him the tosses Jay to the floor. Ole catches him on the apron and sends back to the floor. Grappler throws him back in and Ole continues to hammer away on Jay, who makes a comeback but gets his eyes raked. Big slam from Ole who drops an elbow and gets two, as Grapple stays at ringside. Jay with a series of chops but Grappler distracts him, and Ole snapmares him down. Rear chinlock from Ole and Jay flips him over then a pair of dropkicks gets two. Grapple into the ring and attacks Jay as we get a double beat down drawing the disqualification. Jake and Bass make the save.

6. Jay Youngblood defeats Ole Anderson by disqualification

Bob with Jake, Bass, Leroy and Youngblood. Bass says their tired of being sneak attacked and they will watch each other’s backs. Jake says the cavalry is here, and Leroy says you need to fight fire with fire and times are changing. Youngblood says if that is how Ole wants to fight he has backup now.

1. Austin Idol defeats Scott McGee
2. Ron Bass pinned Jim Nelson
3. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Frank Monte
4. Grappler & Super Destroyer defeat Johnny Weaver & Ron Richie
5. Jake Roberts & Leroy Brown defeat Mike Miller and Ricky Harris
6. Jay Youngblood defeats Ole Anderson by disqualification

Fantastic fast paced show with little to no slowdown. Just a fun hour of classic wrestling. Such a difference from the WWF shows, as more moves here. WWF is a lot of stomps, kicks and punches, while this is a complete opposite. Both shows are great though, and this was amazing to see. About the Ric Flair title, in this era each territory has it’s own main champion, here it’s Ivan Koloff. Then they have a minor belt, the TV title of Ron Bass. But the World Champion, Ric Flair, would tour each territory and face top challenges, but when he was in a different area then the local belt would be the big belt. It made the rare World title appearances big news and would usually sell out the local arenas since it was few and far between. Sadly we’re missing a few episodes as we jump forward to October 17th so looks like October and November are going to be very hit and miss for both shows, mostly this one.

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