WWF All Star Wrestling – September 26, 1981

To the Northeast for another exciting episode of All Star Wrestling. Last week Rick McGraw announced his retirement due to injuries from Killer Khan, which Freddie Blassie and Khan relished in. SD Jones & Domenic Denucci scored a win, as did Mr Fuji & Mr Saito in tag action. Khan, Greg Valentine and Roberto Soto also won their respective matches. This week we have Angelo Mosca in action, plus the tag team Champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince welcomes us to the show, and announces that Greg Valentine and Killer Khan are also in action along with the Intercontinental Champion, Don Muraco. Vince says we will see why Pat Patterson is not with us, due to injuries but he will be back. We go to the match in question.

1. Victor Mercado v. Angelo Mosca

Typical Mosca match as he goes right after Victor with stomps and punches. Multiple snapmares and pin, but Victor up at two. Powerslam and again Angelo pulls him up. Mosca chokes away at Victor, and Patterson is getting really annoyed as Mosca pulls him up at two again. Vince says there is no place for this, as the ref is still not calling a disqualification. Angelo pulls him up again and the ref has had enough and disqualifies him. Patterson at ringside with the ref says Angelo got what he deserved. Angelo nails Patterson from behind with a pitcher of water, tosses referee Dick Whoerlie aside and stomps on Patterson. Mosca cracks Patterson in the head with the pitcher and Vince is losing it. The fans are so close checking on Patterson as is the doctor and referee.

1. Victor Mercado beats Angelo Mosca by disqualification

2. Baron Mikel Scicluna & Ron Shaw v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea
Mikel and Martel start, with Mikel overpowering Martel to the mat. Mikel with a shoulder claw and Martel tries to fight free, Mikel uses the tights to keep Martel on the mat. Shaw comes in, without a tag, and continues the claw and the ref allows it which angers Vince. Martel kicks free and tags in Garea, Shaw snapmares him over and into the shoulder claw. Garea almost fights free but Shaw uses the tights to take him back down. Garea with elbows breaks the hold and snaps Shaw over, then drops a knee. Shaw sends him in and Garea with a shoulderblock and armdrag into the armbar. Shaw able to get the ropes to escape and tags in the Baron. Mikel hammers Garea and rams him into the turnbuckle multiple times, but Garea blocks one and Mikel eats the turnbuckle. Mike winds up in the wrong corner and tries to tag Martel, but Garea tags him in and goes to work on the arm. Some quick tags and double teaming from the champions as they work the arm of Mikel, who reaches for a tag. Shaw in and Garea and Martel begin working his arm. Shaw catches Martel in a headscissors, and Martel easily breaks free and tags in Garea. Snapmare and legdrop from Garea who’s in full control, Shaw rakes the eyes of Garea who makes the tag to Martel. Martel with the top rope sunset flip scores the win.

2. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Ron Shaw & Baron Mikel Scicluna

Ringside Vince is joined by the Tag Team Champions, who say it was a tough match. They put over Baron and Shaw as being two tough guys and they had to work hard. Garea talks about how dangerous guys like Steele and Khan are, but they will face any challengers. Vince says Fuji and Saito are the greatest Japanese team ever, Garea says they will be their toughest challengers ever.

3. Greg Valentine v. Ron Ringo

Greg in purple rope and black tights this week, but his opponent is in green again. Valentine quickly hammers Ron to the mat with forearms, he follows up with a series of kneelifts as he destroys Ringo before tossing him out. Valentine pulls him in with a back suplex and follows with a butterfly suplex as Valentine shows off his skills. Figure Four finishes off Ringo easily.

3. Greg Valentine destroyed Ron Ringo

4. Killer Khan v. Lee Wong

I don’t think Wong stands a chance in there, as Khan just destroys him at the bell. Khan tosses Wong out of the ring and then catches him on the apron. Wong has had no offense as Khan with chops and elbows then shoots him in for the double chop. Side backbreaker from Khan followed by the kneedrop for three.

4. Killer Khan crushed Lee Wong

5. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito v. Joe Cox & Domenic Denucci

Saito and Denucci start for their teams, and Denucci powers Saito the ropes. No clean break and both men with forearms, Saito backs off and bows at Denucci. Fuji tagged in and Saito holds Denucci so Fuji can chop him. Denucci nails Fuji, who comes back with a chop to the throat and claw. Saito back in and works the arm of Denucci who makes the tag to Cox. Saito easily takes him down and cranks the side headlock. Multiple chops from Saito, who then tags in Fuji who continues the attack. Slam from Fuji and a big legdrop, Saito back and stomps away on Cox. We get a look at Albano in a green kimono, headband and smoking his cigar, which disgusts Vince. Cox is just getting torn apart and tossed across the ring, as the Japanese team are manhandling him. Saito with a Saito Suplex for three.

5. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito crushed Joe Cox & Domenic Denucci

6. George Rosello v. Don Muraco

The crowd is all over Muraco with the “Beach Bum” chants as soon he gets to ringside. Muraco quickly takes George down with a side headlock and into the front facelock. Muraco nails the tombstone piledriver for three. That was quick and painless for the Intercontinental Champion.

6. Don Muraco annihilated George Rosello

1. Victor Mercado beats Angelo Mosca by disqualification
2. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Ron Shaw & Baron Mikel Scicluna
3. Greg Valentine destroyed Ron Ringo
4. Killer Khan crushed Lee Wong
5. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito crushed Joe Cox & Domenic Denucci
6. Don Muraco annihilated George Rosello

A pretty good episode this week, with a storyline starting between Patterson and Mosca. The tag champions match was good, as was Fuji and Saito. Patterson is scheduled to return next week, I assume he’ll get back in the ring to face Mosca. We skip forward on the Network to October 10th so I guess we miss week.

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