Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – September 19, 1981

We return to the Mid-Atlantic territory, as last week we saw footage of the attack on Wahoo McDaniel from Abdullah the Butcher. Also in action was Jake Roberts and Ricky Steamboat as a tag team plus the debut of Sgt Slaughter. Tonight Roddy Piper teams with Ole Anderson in action, also Slaughter and Ron Bass have matches. Let’s go to the ring.

Bob Caudle & David Crockett welcome us to the show and talk about tonight’s lineup. David says we need to talk about the Wahoo/Abdullah feud, they were pulled from television and after the fans demanded seeing them they will be returning to television. Ron Bass joins the announcers, and says he’s been here a short time but has never seen things like what happens here. Bass talks about Abdullah and says Wahoo will get him.

1. Mike Miller & Ricky Harris v. Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood

Youngblood and Harris start out and armdrags Harris across the ring. Standing dropkick staggers Harris, and Steamboat tagged in and cranks the neck of Harris. Shoulderblock takes down Harris, and a side headlock takeover stagger Harris so Youngblood can be tagged in. Harris makes a tag and Jay just flips Miller over. Steamboat comes in and snapmares Miller, then applies the rear chinlock to control Miller. Miller powers Steamboat into the ropes and shoots him in. Steamboat comes back with a shoulderblock and back to the side headlock. Miller tags in Harris who rams Steamboat into the turnbuckle and slams Steamboat. Big kneedrop gets a two for Harris, who hammers away at Steamboat, but one chop sends Harris flying. Tag to Youngblood who chops both men, and unloads on both, double chop and Youngblood back to the side headlock. Harris fights free and tags in Miller who unloads on Youngblood but misses the clothesline, Youngblood with a series of chops and a big slam and elbowdrop gets two. Harris tries to save and nails Miller, Steamboat tagged in and hits the double chop. Steamboat with a flying crossbody gets the three count.

1. Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood beat Mike Miller & Ricky Harris

2. Sgt Slaughter v. Ron Richie

Lockup and Richie takes Slaughter down with a rollup but only gets one. Drop toehold from Slaughter and he yanks the hair of Ron, side headlock takeover and a stomp. Slaughter just overpowers the smaller man, but Richie with a side headlock and Slaughter sends him in and dropkicks Richie! Slaughter calls out Ric Flair and Wahoo while he works the arm of Richie. A vicious knee to the midsection of Richie as he’s down hard, stomachbreaker gets an easy three.

2. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Ron Richie

3. Jake Roberts v. Jim Nelson

Jake takes out the leg quickly and works over the future Bolshevik. Jake with a modified STF, but Nelson makes the ropes. Nelson with a side headlock and cranks on Jake’s neck. Jake powers out with a top wristlock and yanks Nelson down, working over the neck. Ole Anderson suddenly appears at ringside, and Jake goes to see and here comes Roddy Piper as well. This allows Nelson to get the advantage on Jake, who quickly fires back. Ole tells Nelson something, and he drives a knee to the midsection of Jake then works over the back. Snapmare from Nelson into a rear chinlock and Jake fights free. Jake with a high kneelift and Ole and Piper pull him to the apron. He comes back in and Jake goes after Ole, this allows Nelson to attack from behind. Nelson with a backbreaker and gets a near fall, Piper and Ole circling the ring yelling at Nelson. The crowd is screaming for Jake as Nelson is all over him but Jake shoves him into the turnbuckle. Jake sends Nelson to the corner and unloads on him, keeping an eye on Piper and Ole. Jake with a kneelift and the DDT and another kneelift for three. That may be the debut of the DDT! Ole gets in Jake’s face and Ron Bass makes the save to even the odds. Piper and Ole decide to leave instead of face even numbers.

3. Jake Roberts pinned Jim Nelson

Bob at ringside with Ole asks why he didn’t go in there, he said he won’t go in because he knows he’d get suspended. Piper sits on the desk, and just smiling away, as Ole asks where Flair is and says he can’t wrestle. Piper says Wahoo called him out once and now they took care of him. Slaughter joins the interview area and yells at Bob for his introduction, demanding respect. Bob cuts him off for the match about to start.

4. Charlie Fulton v. Ron Bass (TV)

Ron Bass defending the TV title in this contest, and quickly takes down Fulton with an armbar. Fulton in the ropes and Bass takes out the legs and ties Fulton all up. Fulton gets the ropes to break the grip, and again Bass takes out the leg and applies a half crab. Bob says next up in Piper and Ole in tag action, as Bass is still working the leg of Fulton. Fulton finally gets some shots in and drives Bass into the turnbuckle headfirst, snapmare and into the rear chinlock. Bass counters into an armbar and cranks on the arm showing off his underrated submission skills. Fulton gets Bass in the corner and drives a shoulder in, then hammers the champ. The ref pulls Fulton off Bass and Bass fires back on Fulton, huge back elbow and running elbowdrop gets two. Spinning neckbreaker from Bass gets a near fall, and the announcers are shocked. Bass in complete control just wearing down Fulton with a front facelock, and Fulton gets to the ropes for the break. Bass slowly goes after Fulton and gets caught with a series of shots from Fulton, who’s now going to town on the champion. Slugfest ensues and Bass gets the better, big slam followed by the running powerslam for three.

4. Ron Bass defeats Charlie Fulton

5. Paul Jones & Frank Monte v. Ole Anderson & Roddy Piper

Piper at ringside playing the bagpipes before the match, Jones and Ole start and both men struggle for power. Jones gets a few shots in and Ole makes the tag to Piper, who’s clad in yellow and green plaid! Jones quickly pops Piper sending him to the outside. Piper back in and hammerlock on Jones, who reverses and Piper makers the ropes. Jones shot in and takes Piper down with a shoulderblock and cross body gets two. Both men make tags, and Monte takes over Ole with a pair of armdrags, Piper back in and Monte yanks out the leg of Piper. Piper gets a cheap shot in on Monte, and distracts the ref allowing Ole to get a shot in. Monte fights out of the corner and tags in Jones. Ole catches Jones and smashes his face into the turnbuckle then into the rear chinlock. It’s a small, but very vocal crowd, as the hate Piper and Ole. Jones fights free but Ole close enough to tag Piper, who unloads on Jones. Jones comes back with a tackle and tags in Monte, who quickly gets caught in the wrong corner. Ole tagged in and Monte takes out both men, Jones back in and sends Ole flying to his corner. Piper in and nails Monte but Jones catches him. The ref gets shoved aside as all four men brawling. After the match Piper and Ole attack Monte & Jones, Bass and Steamboat make the save.

5. Frank Monte & Paul Jones defeat Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson by disqualification

Bob at ringside with Bass and Steamboat, Bass calls out Piper and Anderson and says this won’t happen anymore. They want a falls count anywhere match with them, and they’re days are numbered. Steamboat says people have seen it all over Mid-Atlantic, as soon as the numbers are even they run. Steamboat says they will get their revenge on the heels who can no longer run and hide.

1. Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood beat Mike Miller & Ricky Harris
2. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Ron Richie
3. Jake Roberts pinned Jim Nelson
4. Ron Bass defeats Charlie Fulton
5. Frank Monte & Paul Jones defeat Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson by disqualification

A really fast paced episode again, with some really good matches. Surprised to see Piper lose, but at least it was a disqualification. Great show and very enjoyable hour of television. Next week Jay Youngblood faces Ole Anderson and Ron Bass defends the Television Title.

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