WWF All Star Wrestling – September 19, 1981

After a brief visit to the Mid-Atlantic territory we return to the Northeast for another episode of All-Star. For the next few months we will alternate between shows as they both air the same day. Tonight on All-Star we have Killer Khan in action, plus the man he injured Rick McGraw is in the building. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince welcomes us to the show, Pat Patterson and Rick McGraw will join us later. Also tonight Roberto Soto and Mr Fuji & Mr Saito in action. First an interview as Pat Patterson is ringside with Rick McGraw, who has news to give the fans. Rick says his career is over unless a miracle happens, as his injuries from Khan are to severe. Patterson confirms and Rick says if there is any way possible he will be back, as he is sick of hearing Blassie talk about Khan breaking Rick’s neck. Patterson says it a big loss and the fans and the territory will miss him as Rick leaves.

1. Terry Gunn v. Greg Valentine

There is just to much green in this match, as Gunn has a green jacket and tights while Valentine has a green robe and both have green boots too! Valentine quickly drives Terry to the ropes and a clean break, surprising, as the fans applaud that. Drop toe hold and into the Indian Deathlock working the leg of Gunn. While working the legs Greg grinds his elbow into the back and kidney of Gunn, who’s in trouble right away. Suplex from Valentine and followed up with a series of kneedrops. Valentine with a backbreaker as he slowly and methodically destroys his opponent. Gunn dumped hard to the floor, and Greg hammers him on the apron, sending Gunn crashing down also hitting the steps. Greg suplexes Gunn in from the apron and drives a knee into the face of Gunn. Valentine goes after the leg and applies the Figure Four Leglock for the win.

1. Greg Valentine destroyed Terry Gunn

2. Jose Estrada v. Roberto Soto

Haven’t been impressed with Soto so far in his first four matches, very bland and has no charisma. Soto with a top wristlock and takes Jose over, as both men go through a series of counters and reversals. Side headlock from Soto, and Jose almost pins him. Soto sent in and leaps over Estrada and both men with some serious speed and both men take the other down, but back to the side headlock. It was a brief period of excitement and back to the slow moving stuff. Estrada sends him in and catches Soto with a nice knee to the mid-section. Jose all over Soto now, perfect back body drop from Estrada as he’s all over Soto. Soto fires back with left and a slugfest ensues, as Jose backs off but catches Soto with a cheap shot and a nice dropkick gets two. Jose continues to unload on Soto, but Soto comes back with a flying headscissors twice and a big dropkick gets three.

2. Roberto Soto pinned Jose Estrada

Patterson ringside with Fred Blassie and Killer Khan, as Patterson calls Khan one of the best men Blassie ever managed. Blassie calls him Crippler Khan now, as the fans call him that to says Blassie. Blassie makes fun of Andre, and Patterson gets mad about Khan ending the career of McGraw, and Blassie says he didn’t like him and told Khan to hurt him. Blassie laughs about the injuries to Rick, and says he gets great delight watching Rick’s interviews. Patterson says one day someone will get Khan and teach him a lesson, Blassie says Patterson is going too far. Blassie talks about all the injuries over the years, and says it’s fantastic when it happens.

3. Victor Mercado & George Rosello v. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito

Instantly the fans are all over Albano, as Fuji and George start. Fuji quickly chops him down and brings in Saito who rams George into the turnbuckles, then brings Fuji back in. Fuji with the chops on George as they keep the quick tags going. Rosello able to make a tag and Victor has absolutely no chance with Saito. Fuji kicks Victor in the gut, as Albano calls this the greatest tag team he’s ever managed. George back in and right into the chops of Fuji, as neither guy has done anything with Fuji or Saito. Saito with a pair of fireman carry drops, almost an Attitude Adjustment. George driven into the knee of Fuji, and then Fuji with a Samoan Drop for three.

3. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito destroyed George Rosello & Victor Mercado

4. SD Jones & Domenic Denucci v. Jerry Johnson & Johnny Rodz

All four men in the ring to start, and the referee quickly restores order. SD headbutts both men, and Denucci gets a shot on Rodz as well. Rodz getting ran all over the ring as SD keeps chasing him, SD with a shoulderblock and hiptoss sends Rodz to the corner. Rodz rakes the eyes and comes off the ropes and gets backdropped by Jones. Denucci tagged in and gets caught by Rodz, but quickly fires back. Jerry grabs Denucci from behind so Denucci nails him and works the back of Rodz. Denucci takes too long and Rodz catches him and snapmares him down, followed by a pair of big knees. Rodz goes for a third off the second rope but Denucci moves and tags in SD. Rodz kicks SD away and monkey flips him down, Rodz misses the elbow but tags in Jerry. SD catches him coming in with the neckbreaker for three. Well that was no work needed from Johnson.

4. SD Jones & Domenic Denucci defeat Jerry Johnson & Johnny Rodz

5. Killer Khan v. Steve King

Khan quickly takes down King and applies the front facelock, transitions to a rear chinlock. Khan just hammering away on King, who’s tied up in the ropes. Kneelift staggers King, as Khan chokes him on the ropes. Double chop to the throat and a kneedrop gets an easy three for Khan.

5. Killer Khan demolished Steve King

1. Greg Valentine destroyed Terry Gunn
2. Roberto Soto pinned Jose Estrada
3. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito destroyed George Rosello & Victor Mercado
4. SD Jones & Domenic Denucci defeat Jerry Johnson & Johnny Rodz
5. Killer Khan demolished Steve King

Not a great episode, but better then most of the current stuff. Valentine is probably the most methodical worker of all time, never moves faster then he needs to. Khan will face Andre sooner or later, and I hope it’s on here. Next week Angelo Mosca and Killer Khan in action, but first we return to Mid-Atlantic wrestling!

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