Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – September 12, 1981

For this first time we venture out of the Northeastern territory and the World Wrestling Federation. We head south to the Mid-Atlantic territory, this show would later become known as WCW Pro and started in 1958. These shows were filmed in Raleigh, North Carolina and was a part of the National Wrestling Alliance, but had their own champions. The reigning, defending Mid-Atlantic Champion at this time is Ivan Koloff, the former WWF Champion, who defeated Ricky Steamboat in November 1980. The Mid-Atlantic United States Championship is currently vacant, last held by Wahoo McDaniel who had to vacate the gold after being injured by Abdullah the Butcher. Mid-Atlantic also had their own tag team champions, The Imperial Russians, Nikolai Volkoff and Chris Markoff, who defeated Dewey Robertson in a handicap match on June 27th 1981. The final championship here is the Television title, currently in the hands of Ron Bass who won the belt from Greg Valentine on September 6th 1981. With a bit of history out of the way, we can proceed to some new ground, tonight we will see Ron Bass team up with Jay Youngblood plus an appearance from Abdullah the Butcher. Let’s go to the ring.

Some really old school footage and map showing the area this territory covered, West Virginia, Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia. We are welcomed to the show by David Crockett and Bob Caudle. They mention Ron Bass winning the Television Championship and the crowd explodes, as the show is filmed in a studio. They talk about Roddy Piper and Wahoo McDaniel and the feud, with both kept off television for now. Bob says we will see an edited version later, which includes Abdullah. Ron Bass joins them at the desk, holding the gold and says it’s the people’s title. Weird to see a face Bass, only ever seen him as the villainous cowboy in the WWF. Tonight we will see Ricky Steamboat, Jake Roberts and the debut of Sgt. Slaughter. So that’s where he went!

1. Jim Nelson & Mike Miller v. Jake Robers & Rocky Steamboat

Steamboat and Miller start out and battle over strength, Steamboat with the armdrag takes him down. Nelson tagged in and side headlock, Nelson sent in and a nice dropkick from Steamboat. Armdrag into the armbar and Jake tagged in and works the arm. Jake with a big slam and a kneelift, odd to see them as team considering the feud they have later in WWF and then little to no interaction after that. Nelson begs off in the corner, Jake with a waistlock and snapmare. Nelson makes a tag to Miller, and Jake takes out the leg then brings in Steamboat who goes after the leg. The ring looks so small here, as they do some fast tags to work on the leg of Miller. Miller finally kicks Jake off and goes for a monkey flip but Jake holds the ropes. Jake tags in Steamboat who gets caught in the corner and Miller unloads then tags in Nelson. Nelson quickly hammers Steamboat and a snapmare into the rear chinlock. Front facelock on Nelson who blind tags Miller who nails Steamboat but misses a clothesline. Steamboat with a series of chops and sends him to Jake, who gets tagged, and Jake peppers him with jabs. Big slam from Jake, who sends Miller into Steamboat, tag to Steamboat who kicks Miller. Miller makes a tag and Nelson eats a dropkick. Jake back in and a big kneelift and back suplex gets three.

1. Jake Roberts and Ricky Steamboat beat Mike Miller and Jim Nelson

2. Ivan Koloff v. Terry Lathan

Koloff is the champion and also carries a big Russian chain with him. He quickly takes the jobber down, but Lathan with a hammerlock and Ivan just shrugs him off and slams him. Test of strength goes as expected as Ivan overpowers him, but Terry rolls through and Ivan yanks his hair. Ivan nails Terry in the back, and quickly unloads on Terry. Ivan tosses him across the ring and continues to work the back of Terry. Double stomp to the mid-section of Terry, Ivan drops a knee off the second rope. A slugfest ensues and Terry staggers Ivan, catching him with a back elbow. Ivan quickly cracks Terry and then a hotshot across the top rope. Backbreaker from Ivan and another kneedrop. Bearhug from Ivan, and he rams Terry into the corner and does it again. Ivan ascends the ropes and drives a knee into the back of the neck of Terry as he sends him to the mat for three.

2. Ivan Koloff crushed Terry Latham

Ringside with Bob and David, as they talk about the match with Ray Goulet and Wahoo McDaniel. Wahoo with the butterfly suplex and covers, we see Roddy Piper at ringside. Piper distracts Wahoo and allows Abdullah to attack Wahoo from behind. Wahoo gets split wide open as Abdullah drives the weapon into his face repeatedly. Piper holds the referee back, as Abdullah just destroys Wahoo. Jobbers floor the ring and Abdullah just throws them aside. Wahoo is wearing a crimson mask, as Abdullah continues to dig away at the face.

3. Super Destroyer & Grappler v. Don Kernodle & Scott McGhee

Destroyer starts with Scott and easily overpowers him. Super Destroyer is also known as The Spoiler or Don Jardine and is from Moncton, New Brunswick. Grappler would later work in WWF as Rick Hunter and Gladiator, a jobber at that point. Destroyer works over Scott and tags in Grappler. Don tagged in and atomic drop gets a two on Grappler. Destroyer back in and Don cranks the arm, then drops a knee. Scott brought in and works the arm, Destroyer pulls the hair and sends him in. Destroyer with a big knee and a headbutt as Scott in trouble. Grappler back in and Scott pulls the legs and that just angers Grappler who slams Scott. Destroyer gets tagged and misses a dropkick, but Destroyer avoids a dropkick from Scott and tags in Grappler. Scott catches Grappler with his head down, tags in Don who takes out both masked men. Back drop on Grappler and a near fall for Don. Elbowdrop misses and Grappler quickly slams Don then drops a knee. Destroyer back in and another headbutt, followed by multiple elbowdrops. Grappler returns and snapmares Don, then a big vertical suplex gets two. Don slides away and tags in Scott, who dropkicks Grappler but gets caught by Destroyer. Destroyer sets Scott on the top turnbuckle and hits the superplex for three.

3. The Grappler & Super Destroyer defeated Scott McGhee & Don Kernodle

Bob at ringside with Ricky Steamboat and Jake Roberts, as Bob welcomes Rick back. Rick says he’s been in Japan learning more martial arts. Jake looks funny wearing the cowboy hat, as he says lots of things happening but he has plans. Jay Youngblood and Ron Bass come out, and Bass says they will face any team that wants a match.

4. Sgt Slaughter v. Mike Davis

Slaughter makes his Mid-Atlantic debut, as I wondered what happened as he disappeared shortly after the match with Patterson. Slaughter quickly overpowers Davis and drives multiple knees into his stomach, the crowd already chanting Gomer!!! Slam from Slaughter who’s all over Davis, Slaughter drives Davis into the turnbuckle back first and continues to hammer away. Back elbow from Slaughter as they talk about how good he did in New York. Backbreaker from Slaughter as we see Ole Anderson stalking around ringside, Slaughter with multiple backbreakers and a big clothesline. Cobra Clutch finishes off the match, quick and easy.

4. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Mike Davis

5. Abdullah the Butcher v. Ron Richie

Abdullah tosses Ron out of the ring and follows, smashing him into the announce table. Piper managing Abdullah, who smashes Ron on the table and keeps breaking the referee count. Ron finally makes it to the ringside and Abdullah tosses him in and chops him down. Headbutt and the big elbowdrop finishes Ron, but Abdullah pulls him up. Another elbowdrop, as per the demands of Piper, and we get three.
5. Abdullah the Butcher annihilated Ron Richie

6. Jay Youngblood & Ron Bass v. Ricky Harris & Ali Bey

Jay uses his speed to keep the Bey off balance, and Harris tagged in as is Bass who overpowers Harris. Bass hammers Harris down and Bey back in, Bass catches him with a monkey flip and brings in Jay. Quick tags keep Bey completely off his game. Bey finally makes a tag to Harris who pounds the arm of Bass, as the crowd is solidly behind the Texan. Jay gets tagged and chops Harris hard, but Harris drives the knees in. Backdrop from Harris who keeps working the back. Big slam from Harris gets two, Jay comes back with the chops and tags in Bass who pops Harris. Jay tagged back in and takes Harris down with a side headlock takeover. Harris would later be known as Black Bart, and spent a lot of time in Memphis, Dallas and WCW. The heels double team Bass in their corner, but Bass fights free and makes a hot tag. Dropkick, vertical suplex and big elbowdrop gets two, Bass and Youngblood with a double team. Series of chops from Jay and Bass with the powerslam gets three.

6. Jay Youngblood & Ron Bass defeated Ricky Harris & Ali Bey

Bob at ringside with the Champion, Ivan Koloff, who looks forward to facing any challenge to his belt. Austin Idol enters for his promo, and says he is the greatest athlete of all time. Sgt Slaughter says he’s here for one reason, looking for some talent to beat and he wants everyone to stand on their feet and salute him.

1. Jake Roberts and Ricky Steamboat beat Mike Miller and Jim Nelson
2. Ivan Koloff crushed Terry Latham
3. The Grappler & Super Destroyer defeated Scott McGhee & Don Kernodle
4. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Mike Davis
5. Abdullah the Butcher annihilated Ron Richie
6. Jay Youngblood & Ron Bass defeated Ricky Harris & Ali Bey

That was certainly different then the WWF shows of the same time. It felt a lot more fast paced and things never stopped. Interesting to see future WWF names like Jake, Steamboat, Bass in their early days. Plus Harris, later Black Bart and Nelson, later Boris Zhukov as jobbers is intriguing. All in all that was definitely something odd, but I like it. Looking forward to more of the Mid-Atlantic territory. Next we return to the WWF, as we have 21 episodes of All Star Wrestling remaining.

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