WWF All Star Wrestling – September 12, 1981

Last week on All Star Wrestling, referee Dick Whoerlie made the proclamation that next time someone pulls the opponent up before three he would disqualify them. Tonight does that happen? Also tonight Pedro Morales faces Johnny Rodz and we have a debut. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat talk about tonight’s card as Don Muraco joins us in action. Greg Valentine will be in action as well tonight, as Pat talk about the legs Greg has broken.

1. Terry Gunn v. Don Muraco

The Intercontinental Champion enters the ring with a smirk looking at Gunn, but no manager this week? Wonder where the Wizard is this week, seems odd he’s not there with the champion. Muraco easily takes Gunn down with a running powerslam and drops a big knee. Butterfly suplex as the crowd is all over Muraco, Muraco pulls Gunn up and hits a side suplex. Gunn is pretty much dead, as the powerslam could’ve been the end. Legdrop and cover, but Muraco pull him up at two and no disqualification. Tombstone piledriver and Muraco ascends the ropes for the big splash for three.

1. Don Muraco destroyed Terry Gunn

2. Johnny Rodz v. Pedro Morales

We go from the current Intercontinental champion to the previous champion. Pedro enters and Rodz tries to leave but gets snapmared back in and tossed around, Rodz finally escapes the ring. Rodz back in with a side headlock on Pedro who sends him in and backdrops Rodz who tumbles to the floor. Rodz gets the tag rope and uses it on Pedro, but Pedro drives Rodz into the turnbuckle bolt and Rodz back to the floor. Rodz back in and snapmares Pedro but misses the kneedrop and Pedro back in control. Rodz quickly comes back with kicks and rights, but one shot from Pedro sends Rodz to the mat. Rodz is the best part of this match as he is bouncing around the ring like a pinball for Pedro. Pedro sent hard into the bare turnbuckle bolt and then the opposite one, Rodz sends Pedro in and Pedro catches Rodz with his head down in a backslide for three.

2. Pedro Morales pinned Johnny Rodz

Patterson at ringside with Pedro, who’s signing autographs, Pat says Rodz is always a handful. Pedro says Johnny is a tough wrestler who’s crazy and one of the toughest around. Pedro says he’s been up and down many times but he always gets up and he will get Don Muraco.

3. Lee Wong v. Greg Valentine

Lee Wong from Hong Kong makes his debut, I’ve only heard of him from an old issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated where they called him the worst of all time. Greg with a quick front facelock and hammers the back of Wong, Greg with a hammerlock takedown as he controls his opponent. Butterfly suplex from Greg as he maintains control of Wong, multiple backbreakers and then Wong is tossed from the ring. Wong struggles back into the ring, he should’ve stayed on the floor, as Greg is all over him with forearms. Greg with a nice back suplex and followed with a vertical suplex, as Wong as done nothing since the opening bell. Multiple elbowdrops across the chest of Wong and cover, but he pulls Wong up at two and no disqualification from Whoerlie? Valentine goes after the leg of Wong, weakening it for the Figure Four for the win.

3. Greg Valentine crushed Lee Wong

4. Jerry Johnson v. Roberto Soto

Lockup and side headlock takeover from Soto, Jerry tries to break by pulling the hair but referee Davis sees it. Soto sends him in, hits a shoulderblock and back to the side headlock. Into the ropes and Johnson with a cheap shot, so Soto fires back with one of his own. Back to the side headlock and Johnson gets him in the corner and goes to the eyes. Soto sends Jerry to the ropes and backdrops him, then a big slam as Soto goes back to the side headlock. Johnson rakes the eyes again and stomps away on Soto, as he finally gets some offense, but Soto fires back. Soto takes out the leg of Jerry, who makes the ropes. Jerry with a side headlock, but Soto counters to a top wristlock. Jerry pulls the hair and back to the side headlock, as Vince says Jerry took a vacation down the Hershey Highway?!? I can’t believe he said that! Johnson takes Soto down and drops an elbow for a cover and one. Johnson sends Soto to the corner and charges with a knee, the ref pulls Jerry out of the corner. This allows Soto to send Jerry in and hit a big forearm. Soto goes to the arm, then snapmares Jerry over for two. Vince announces next week Rick McGraw will be joining us to talk about his injuries. Meanwhile Soto hits a nice dropkick for three.

4. Roberto Soto pinned Jerry Johnson

5. Steve King v. The Masked Executioner

This would be the fourth Executioner to enter the WWF, and is formerly known as Ron Shaw! Executioner powers King into the corner and snapmares him over. Armbar from Executioner as he stomps on King at the same time. Patterson says he knows nothing about this Executioner, who is donned in blue, the original three were in black. The original three were Killer Kowalski, Big John Studd and Nikolai Volkoff and held the tag titles in the seventies. Executioner with a wristlock and King tries to fire back but Executioner comes back with a neckbreaker for three.

5. The Masked Executioner defeated Steve King

1. Don Muraco destroyed Terry Gunn
2. Pedro Morales pinned Johnny Rodz
3. Greg Valentine crushed Lee Wong
4. Roberto Soto pinned Jerry Johnson
5. The Masked Executioner defeated Steve King

A pretty good episode this week, with the debut of the Executioner. Muraco just destroyed the poor jobber he faced this week and could’ve won in the first thirty seconds. Coming up next, for the first time we leave the Northeastern part of the US and the WWF and we head South! We’re heading to the Mid-Atlantic region and in our first episode we have Ron Bass, Roddy Piper and Abdullah the Butcher make appearances.

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