WWF All Star Wrestling – September 5, 1981

Last week ended the last taping cycle, and I guess they were a little short as we got a match with Tony Atlas from 3 years earlier. That was very weird, as they’ve shown it already once before this year. Anyway, this week starts the next taping and tonight we have the Tag Champions facing Johnny Rodz and Mikel Scicluna among others. Let’s go to the ring.

Pat and Vince welcome us to tonight’s show, as we also see Mr Fuji & Mr Saito in action, who Pat calls the second best team in the world. Also in action Angelo Mosca and more.

1. Jose Estrada v. Pedro Morales

Jose returns, as we haven’t seen him in quite a while, with a new mustache and shaven head. Estrada with a quick side headlock, as Pat talks about the new look of Estrada, Pedro powers him to the ropes. Top wristlock from Jose, and Pedro easily powers out of the hold flipping Jose over his shoulder. Jose pops Pedro, and Pedro fires back sending Jose to the corner to recuperate. Eye rake from Jose as he begins to pound on Pedro in the corner, but that just angers Pedro who chases Jose from the ring. Jose back in and goes right for the eyes of Pedro, who retaliates and Jose bails, so Pedro goes after him and pummels Jose on the floor. Back in the ring and both men going after the eyes, with Pedro getting the advantage. Pedro with an armbar, and Jose gets to the ropes and goes to the eyes again. Pedro sends him in and nails Jose with the double sledge, sending Jose back outside for the third time. Jose quickly back in with a side headlock but Pedro unloads and backdrops Jose and a shoulderblock followed by a small package for three.

1. Pedro Morales pinned Jose Estrada

2. Steve King & Domenic Denucci v. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito

As Fuji does the ceremonial salt the crowd gets on Albano, Saito & Denucci star the match. Saito quickly goes for the arm of Denucci and brings in Fuji who chops and kicks Denucci down. Denucci fights off Fuji and goes after Saito, but this allows double teaming from the heels. Fuji with the neck claw on Denucci, and Denucci fights free but gets hiptossed and Fuji drops a knee. Steve King again gets the referee’s attention allowing more double teaming. Saito in and Denucci unloads on him, but gets caught by Fuji who chokes him with the tag rope. Fuji back in legally and goes back to chopping away on Denucci, who tries to fight free but tag made to Saito. Denucci to the corner and Saito misses the charge, King tagged in and they double team Saito. Saito easily gets control of King and tags in Fuji who chops King to the mat. Quick tags from the heels destroy King with ease, and Saito easily pins him.

2. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito destroyed Steve King and Domenic Denucci

3. Killer Khan v. Jeff Craney

Jeff makes his debut tonight, and I don’t think he has a chance against the unstoppable Mongolian Monster. Jeff not sure what to make of the massive Khan, who quickly overpowers and chokes Jeff. Khan with a snapmare and stomps away on him. Khan screams in the face of Jeff as he chops and hiptosses him around the ring, Jeff stomped to the floor. Khan pulls him to the apron and hammers Jeff back to the floor. Khan tears Jeff to pieces and drops the double knee to the chest for the easy three.

3. Killer Khan crushed Jeff Craney

4. Johnny Rodz & Baron Mikel Scicluna v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea

Rodz and Martel start with Martel angering Rodz right from the start. Martel with a series of takedowns continues to frustrate Rodz, as Mikel on the second rope distracts Martel. This allows Rodz to get a shot in and he quickly hammers Martel in the corner, Rodz works over Martel and tags in Mikel who maintains the attack on Martel. Vince talks about Mikel being a former champion, as Martel fires back and knocks down the bigger man. Garea tagged in and the begin to work the leg of Mikel. Mikel overpowers Garea and tags in Rodz who comes in via the top rope. Rodz sends Garea to the corner, and Garea crumples to the mat. Mikel holds the hair of Garea and Rodz charges in, but Garea moves and Rodz hits the ground. All four men in the ring and Martel just hammers on Mikel while Garea cranks the ankle of Rodz. Order restored as Martel back in, and rams Rodz in the corner, and then to the other corner as he tries to tag anyone, even the timekeeper. Rodz goes to the third corner and almost gets a tag but Martel catches him, but Rodz sends Martel in and gets a kneelift it. Sends Martel in again and Martel comes back with a sunset flip for three.

4. Rick Martel & Tony Garea beat Johnny Rodz & Baron Mikel Scicluna

5. George Rosello v. Angelo Mosca

Mosca quickly goes after George and stomps and chokes the man down right at the bell. Slam from Mosca and cover, but he pulls him up at two. Back elbow from Mosca and another slam and cover, but again pulls him up. Patterson is getting annoyed with that, as Mosca drives a shoulder into the midsection of George. Backbreaker from Mosca for the easy three.

5. Angelo Mosca annihilated George Rosello

Patterson at ringside with referee Dick Whoerlie, and asks why he doesn’t disqualify Mosca for pulling him up. Dick says he won’t take it anymore and next time the first time they pull someone up he will disqualify them. Bet that comes up next week!

1. Pedro Morales pinned Jose Estrada
2. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito destroyed Steve King and Domenic Denucci
3. Killer Khan crushed Jeff Craney
4. Rick Martel & Tony Garea beat Johnny Rodz & Baron Mikel Scicluna
5. Angelo Mosca annihilated George Rosello

A fast paced episode this week as the hour really flew by, even Pedro’s match. Interesting to see if the disqualification that Dick mention happens. Next week Pedro faces Rodz and a new face appears!

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