WWF All Star Wrestling – August 29, 1981

The third and final part of this taping cycle concludes. Last week we had the debut of a new tag team of Angelo Mosca and Killer Khan, who destroyed the competition. Can they become the next challengers to the Tag Team Champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea? This week we’re joined once again by Mr Fuji & Mr Saito in action, among others. Let’s head to the ring.

Vince & Pat welcome us to the show, and go over tonight’s matches as Soto faces Rodz and Don Muraco in action. Patterson gives Muraco credit for being champion and says Don is getting more vicious.

1. Don Muraco v. Tom Lynch

Muraco is going to lynch Tom during this match, as he doesn’t stand a chance against the Intercontinental Champion. Muraco quickly takes Tom down and rolls him up but they’re in the ropes. Another takedown and Muraco hammers Lynch as he just toys with the guy. Spinning neckbreaker from Muraco who follows with a high knee to the face. Abdominal stretch takeover into a near fall, Don transitions to a front facelock and grinds away at Lynch. Tombstone piledriver from Muraco gets the easy three.

1. Don Muraco crushed Tom Lynch

Patterson standing by with Rick McGraw who announces he will be out indefinitely and needs surgery. Rick says he wants to come back and Pat says he feels for him and asks about Khan. Rick says Khan will pay the price one day and Andre will finish Khan, but he hopes to get his hands on him.

2. Ron Shaw v. Pedro Morales

Shaw starts out by stalling on the apron, which just angers Pedro. Pedro catches Shaw and nails him, so Shaw bails to the floor. Shaw gets back in a Pedro snapmares him, so Shaw again stalls on the floor. Pedro gets Shaw in the corner and Shaw removes the tag rope. Shaw rakes the rope across the eyes of Pedro and hammers him, then drives Pedro into the turnbuckle. Thumb to the eyes of Pedro as Shaw is all over him now but one shot from Pedro sends Shaw flying to the floor. Pedro drags him back in and snapmares him over the top rope. Shaw smashed into the turnbuckle repeatedly as Pedro in control. Double sledge from Morales, followed by a big slam and Boston Crab for the win.

2. Pedro Morales beats Ron Shaw

Patterson at ringside interviews Greg Valentine and Grand Wizard. This is the same interview that aired a few weeks ago after Valentine refused to release the figure four after the match.

3. Johnny Rodz v. Roberto Soto

Rodz with a top wristlock takeover and cranks the arm of Soto, who powers up but Rodz pulls the hair to take him down. They wind up in the ropes, and Soto with a side headlock, comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock taking down Rodz. Soto goes for the legs of Rodz and reversal from Rodz as both men work the mat. Rodz chokes Soto and refuses to release as the bell rings, and I guess it was an error as the match continues. Soto gets a few shots in and Rodz fires back and a slugfest ensues. Rodz with a snapmare and drops the knee, slam on Soto but Rodz misses the splash. Soto quickly with a jackknife cover gets the three.

3. Roberto Soto pinned Johnny Rodz

4. Mohammad Saad & Domenic Denucci v. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito

This is from Championship Wrestling that aired the same day, guess they’re low on footage for All Star. Fuji and Denucci start the match, and into the ropes for a clean break. Again to the ropes and another clean break from Fuji. Denucci in the wrong corner gets caught by Saito and they double team Denucci. Denucci fights back as Saito tagged in and both men do some nice amateur work on the mat, no one does that anymore. Fuji tagged in and unloads on Denucci as Albano screams at the crowd. Denucci slams Fuji who quickly tags in Saito who gets slammed down. Saito quickly on Denucci and ties him up. Quick tags from Fuji and Saito as they wear down Denucci, Saad gets the tag and quickly gets demolished by Saito. Dragged to the heel corner they double team Saad. Saito chops the daylights out of Saad, then tags in Fuji who drops Saad with a Samoan Drop for three.

4. Mr Fuji and Mr Saito defeat Muhammad Saad & Domenic Denucci

5. Tony Atlas v. Mike Masters

This is the same match we saw a while back from November of 1979. No idea why they replayed this match for the third time.

5. Tony Atlas beat Mike Masters

1. Don Muraco crushed Tom Lynch
2. Pedro Morales beats Ron Shaw
3. Roberto Soto pinned Johnny Rodz
4. Mr Fuji and Mr Saito defeat Muhammad Saad & Domenic Denucci
5. Tony Atlas beat Mike Masters

Nothing major this week to end the taping cycle. They had to be short from the taping to include a match from almost two years ago that had nothing happen. Next week we roll into September and a new taping cycle starts. On next week’s episode we have both the Tag Team Champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea in action plus Mr Fuji and Mr Saito join us again.

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