WWF All Star Wrestling – August 1, 1981

Last week we saw the WWF Tag Team Championship change hands as Rick Martel & Tony Garea regained the gold from the Moondogs. It seemed like from the commentary that they wrote off the Moondogs after that. So, who will be the first challengers for the new champions? Also last week we had Andre the Giant in action and an interview with Rick McGraw promising he’d be back. Tonight we have Intercontinental Champion, Don Muraco defending the gold against Curt Hennig. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat open the show and talk about how dangerous George Steele is. They also talk about Don Muraco being the new champion, and Pat says Muraco could beat Bob Backlund for the gold.

1. SD Jones & Steve King v. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito

Joe McHugh doing the announcing goes over the promoter, referees and doctors, so they’re still doing that. Well, SD is officially a jobber now, as he’s with King, that was a very fast plummet. Captain Lou leads his new team to the ring, wearing a Japanese bandanna, as he replaces the Moondogs much like he did with the Samoans. Fuji and Jones start the match and Fuji quickly chops Jones before tagging in Saito who continues to chop on Jones. Fuji back in as Jones finally fires back and brings in King, and they double team Fuji, but Fuji just tosses King across the ring with a butterfly suplex. Saito tagged back in, as Pat talks about the Japanese working barefoot. Boston Crab from Saito but King makes the ropes to break the hold. Saito brings Fuji back in and Fuji with a perfect vertical suplex and a headbutt to the back before tagging Saito back in. Saito with a stomach claw on King who fights free but gets chopped in the throat. Fuji brought back in and chops King down hard and brings Saito back in, as Albano looks on approvingly. Double team from the Japanese team, Fuji slams King and drops a headbutt, Saito with a kick to the throat for three.

1. Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito beat Steve King & SD Jones
2. Johnny Rodz v. Pedro Morales

The last match was from Championship Wrestling, as Gary Micheal is back doing announcing. Rodz with a top wristlock and Pedro flips free with ease. Last week was the final appearance of Rick McGraw, so that was a sad way to end his WWF run, as was the final appearance of the Moondogs. Meanwhile Pedro is just pummeling Rodz around the ring, he’s still better then Mosca. Danny Davis’ hair is just hilarious as it’s so big and fluffy looking, as Rodz removes the turnbuckle pad and keeps the string from it. Pedro rams the head of Rodz into the steel bolt twice, as Rodz comes back using the rope around the throat of Pedro. Pedro fights free and sends Rodz in, catching him with a backdrop and a big slam sends Rodz out of the ring. Rodz pulls Pedro out and tries to ram him into the post, but Pedro blocks and sends Rodz into the iron post twice. Rodz gets back and almost slams Pedro, but Pedro slides behind and rolls up Rodz for three.

2. Pedro Morales pinned Johnny Rodz

Patterson ringside with Pedro, who’s signing autographs, says in his book Pedro is still champion. He asks how Pedro feels about the way he lost the belt, Pedro says he has lots of confidence and knows he can beat Muraco anytime. Pedro says he can go in the ring and beat anyone, as Pat goes over all his accolades. These two are like the mutual admiration society as they talk about how great each other are and that Pedro can beat Muraco easily. Not a great way to put over the new champion.

3. Don Muraco v. Curt Hennig

We get a battle of current Intercontinental champion versus the future Intercontinental champion, in about nine years. Muraco quickly overpowers Curt and sends him to the corner and hammers him. Hennig off the ropes and catches Muraco in a sunset flip for two. Patterson says we could see an upset as he really dislikes Muraco as champion, calling him a beach bum. Side headlock into a hammerlock from Muraco, reversed multiple times with Muraco coming out on top. Muraco drops an elbow to the back of the neck of Curt and gets two. Muraco misses a clothesline and Curt with a perfect dropkick and unloads on Muraco, but misses a corner charge. That’s the end of the match as Muraco with a big splash gets three.

3. Don Muraco defeated Curt Hennig

4. Killer Khan v. Charlie Brown

Khan wastes no time going right after Brown and tosses him to the floor. Khan follows and stomps Brown on the floor, and Blassie helps Brown help sending him back in the ring. He was better off on the floor as Khan continues to destroy Brown in the ring. Side backbreaker from Khan who’s been in control since the bell rang. Brown gets sent back to the floor where Blassie throws him back in, and Khan with a chop across the back. Leaping piledriver from Khan and Brown is out, but Khan not done yet as he chops Brown in the throat and drops the double knee for three. After the match Charlie gets stretchered out, as the next victim enters the ring.

4. Killer Khan destroyed Charlie Brown

5. Vic Taylor v. Roberto Soto

Soto was also known as Invader II in Puerto Rico, and catches Vic with a back body drop and then a second one. Soto into the armbar and takes Vic down. Soto cranks away on the arm. Into the ropes and Vic with a shot, but Soto fires back with one of his own and back to the arm. Dropkick from Soto scores the win.

5. Roberto Soto crushed Vic Taylor

6. George Steele v. Jack Carson

Not optimistic for the chances of Jack Carson in this match, as Blassie leads the Animal to the ring. Steele as usual chases Gary from ringside, grabs the water pitcher from the timekeeper table and smashes it over the head of Carson. The referee trying to avoid the attacks from Steele, who enjoys a little turnbuckle before going back after Carson. Steele drives the head of Carson into the second turnbuckle, then eats the two turnbuckles. Flying hammerlock on Carson and that’s the match.

6. George Steele annihilated Jack Carson

1. Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito beat Steve King & SD Jones
2. Pedro Morales pinned Johnny Rodz
3. Don Muraco defeated Curt Hennig
4. Killer Khan destroyed Charlie Brown
5. Roberto Soto crushed Vic Taylor
6. George Steele annihilated Jack Carson

A pretty good show as even the Pedro match was good. A new tag team debuted and the debut of Soto as well. As we replace the leaving stars with new stars. Next week Don Muraco faces Domenic Denucci in our main event!

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