WWF All Star Wrestling – July 25, 1981

I think everything seems to be working normal again, as the last round of taping the episodes were a mess. We crowned a new Intercontinental Champion, Don Muraco two weeks ago. This week the Moondogs defend against former champions, Tony Garea and Rick Martel. Can we have another title change this month? Let’s go to the ring.

Vince & Pat welcome us to the show and talk about the exciting tag title match, which opens the show.

1. The Moondogs v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea (TAG)

This is the first wave of the new tapings, which took place on July 22nd in Hamburg, PA. Vince said this could be their final chance at regaining the gold, as Martel and Spot start and Spot gets Martel in the corner but Martel fights back. Martel tries to dislocate the arm of Spot, then tags in Garea who hits a dropkick. Martel back in with another dropkick and slam for two. More quick tags from the challengers but Spot finally tags in Rex, but he gets armdragged down by Martel. Rex rams Martel into the post but puts his head down and Martel kicks him then tags in Garea. Shoulderblock and armdrag from Garea, Spot charges into multiple armdrags and Martel with an armbar. It’s been all challengers so far, as they have dominated the champions. Garea tagged back in and continues to work the arm of Rex, Martel in with a sunset flip for a near fall. Albano is losing his mind at ringside as the Moondogs can’t get anything to work. All four in the ring and Martel gets rid of Spot, so Garea can get a hammerlock on Rex. Elbow to the face breaks the hold but Garea slams Rex however he misses and elbow but tags Martel in. Martel right back to the arm and Rex rakes the eyes, leapfrog from Martel but gets caught with a knee to the back from Spot. Albano gets a shot in and now the Moondogs are in control as they double and triple team Martel in their corner. Martel fights his way out, sends Spot to the corner but runs into his knee and Spot with a nice flying knee for two. Rex back in and continues to work over Martel. Martel gets a right and tags in Garea, who takes on both Moondogs with ease. Rex gets hiptossed across the ring and eats a dropkick. Martel back in and rolls up Rex, but Spot save the match and the titles. Spot drags Martel to his corner but all four in the ring, as chaos ensues. Spot calls for the bone, but Garea wipes out Albano and does a perfect sunset flip on Rex for three. New Champions are crowned here tonight. Patterson charges in to hand the gold to the new champions.

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Moondogs for titles ***3/4

Patterson at ringside with the new champions and Martel is so excited he’s talking french. Garea thought they were in trouble but thanks the fans and they did it as the crowd is on their feet.

2. Johnny Rodz v. Curt Hennig

We get another look at Curt, who hasn’t been perfect yet. Rodz takes Curt down with a drop toe hold into a waistlock but Curt breaks the hold. Front facelock from Rodz, as he drives Curt to the mat and transitions to an armbar. Rodz continues to unload on the youngster who’s got no offense yet. Big slam from Rodz followed by a series of forearm drops. Rodz almost gets the pin after a big elbow to the face sending Curt to the mat hard. Snapmare from Rodz as he again gets a near fall, as Curt will not stay down. Pulling piledriver from Rodz and Curt again kicks out, as Rodz is getting angry. Curt shot in and nailed with a vicious elbow to the jaw, in again and a low back body drop sends Curt crashing to the mat. A second back drop as Curt is in deep trouble, A fourth whip in is countered to a small package for three, but Rodz had a foot on the bottom rope and the ref didn’t see it.

2. Curt Hennig pins Johnny Rodz

Patterson ringside again with the new tag champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea. We get it, Patterson is happy to have new champions and loves these two, but we just had a promo from them. Rick says he knew what kind of people they were facing and they were ready for anything. They call it the people’s belt as the people were behind them, and that the Moondogs were an insult to the fans. Patterson says they probably won’t see Moondogs again, as Albano was furious with them. Garea said they promised the fans they were not going to let them down and they didn’t.

3. Pete Mitchell & Jerry Johnson v. Andre the Giant

Ooh, look a handicap match, it’s been a while. With Hogan and Slaughter both gone, now it’s Andre’s turn. Both guys go after the Giant and he just shoves them aside. Double side headlock and Andre rams the heads of the jobbers together. Andre sets them in the corner and shoulderblocks both men, with Pete getting the worst of it. Andre with a butterfly suplex on Jerry and Pete tries his luck, one big bear paw sends Pete flying. Andre is just playing with these two, as they go for his legs and Andre busy talking to the referee. They finally get Andre in a corner and hammer him, but Andre just smashes them together. Jerry eats a big boot and Pete gets a headbutt, Jerry tossed outside. Andre with a vertical suplex on Pete and drops a big elbow for three.

3. Andre the Giant crushed Pete Mitchell & Jerry Johnson

Patterson again at ringside, this time with Rick McGraw, who suffered a broken neck at the hands of Killer Khan a couple weeks ago. Rick says he is frustrated as the first time he faced Khan he got stretchered out, this time he had Khan on the ropes and that’s why he did what he did. Patterson asks how long he’ll be gone, and he says six to nine week, that’s quite the turnaround for a broken neck. Rick does the “don’t try this at home” promo, and Pat wishes him well.

4. Greg Valentine v. Jack Carson

Valentine quickly catches Carson in a front facelock and Carson makes the ropes, we get a surprising clean break. Lockup and Carson with a side headlock, but Greg counters with a kneebreaker. Patterson talks about the stamina of Valentine, who can go for an hour out there. Valentine gets Carson in the corner and works over the knee of Carson. Figure Four from Valentine gets the quick easy win.

4. Greg Valentine defeats Jack Carson

5. Steve King v. Angelo Mosca

Mosca jumps King at the bell and just stomps and pounds on King. Mosca drives King into the turnbuckle and steps on his face. Mosca with a back elbow takes down King, as Mosca is just overpowering King as he works the back. Backbreaker from Mosca, and then dumps him on his head for three.

5. Angelo Mosca destroyed Steve King

1. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Moondogs for titles ***3/4
2. Curt Hennig pins Johnny Rodz
3. Andre the Giant crushed Pete Mitchell & Jerry Johnson
4. Greg Valentine defeats Jack Carson
5. Angelo Mosca destroyed Steve King

Another great episode with a spectacular title match. Surprising seeing two title changes in one month, as both the Intercontinental and Tag gold changed hands. Curt Hennig scored his first win, over Johnny Rodz and a rare appearance from Andre. Next week Intercontinental Champion Don Muraco faces Curt Hennig and George Steele in action.

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