WWF All Star Wrestling – July 18, 1981

Last week we crowned a new WWF Intercontinental Champion in The Magnificent One, Don Muraco. The July 11th episode is the same as the previous week’s, but the July 18th episode is the July 11th episode. The Network is such a mess when it’s thing they don’t seem to care about. This week we’re joined by both the Intercontinental Champion and the World Champion, plus a gigantic six man tag, so let’s not waste time. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat open the show and go over the action tonight. Rick McGraw will face the monstrous Killer Khan, as we have the most action packed show ever tonight.

1. Andre the Giant, Tony Garea & Rick Martel v. Moondogs & Lou Albano

This is from the Capitol Center in Washington, DC and is the first match back for Andre. It’s heavily clipped as Andre slams Rex in the middle of the ring and pulls him up by his belt loops. Garea stomps away on Rex, and all six in the ring. The Moondogs collide and Martel sunset flip on Rex for the first fall. Second fall, double backbreaker on Garea and Moondogs take second fall as Andre wasn’t fast enough. Andre rams the Moondogs together and Spot shot in and gets nailed by Andre, who headbutts all three and splashes Spot for the third fall and win. We saw about three minutes of the match, which went over ten so heavily clipped.

1. Andre, Tony Garea & Rick Martel defeat Moondogs & Captain Lou

2. Rick McGraw v. Killer Khan

Khan jumps Rick at the bell and just mauls him, snapmare and double chop. Khan yanks at the mouth of Rick and screams and stomps on him, as Blassie looks on approvingly. Rick is in trouble as Khan is all over him and cranks away on the arm and shoulder. Rick catches Khan in fireman’s carry and drops him ala the Attitude Adjustment and is suddenly on fire. Rick hammers the face and head of Khan, and Blassie is irate now. The crowd is loud for Rick as he grabs the ponytail of Khan and drives his face into the turnbuckle but runs into a side kick. Rick kicks Khan away and goes back after the head of the Mongolian Monster. Monkey flip sends Khan to the center for a two count as Khan is dazed but gets a headbutt to the midsection to stop him. Khan with a side backbreaker and a big elbow as Khan back in control, double chop and Rick goes for the eyes. Rick with a double knee to the face and a backslide gets a near fall, Rick keeps on pounding on Khan. Khan driven into the turnbuckle face first and Rick maintains the aggression. Side headlock but Khan turns that into a Saito Suplex, as Patterson says that may have broken the neck of Rick. Khan drops a double knee to the back of his neck, as Rick isn’t moving at this point. Double chop and Rick in the ropes, Khan stomps away sending Rick to the floor. As Rick struggles to get in we get a replay of the vicious Saito Suplex, we come back to Khan right back on Rick. Blassie gets a shot in with the cane to the throat, and Khan sends Rick in taking him down with the double chop. Khan ascends the ropes and drops the double knee off the second rope for the win. Great match

2. Killer Khan pinned Rick McGraw ***3/4

Patterson is ringside with Blassie and Khan, who says he gives Rick credit for giving Khan fight. We see them helping Rick to the back, as Patterson says Andre is back and he wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of Khan. Blassie says if Patterson was Khan he wouldn’t be managing him, as he hated Patterson with Wizard and hates him more now. Blassie claims he never interfered in the match as Khan dominated . Blassie says the greatest line “Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat” and laughs. Patterson says Andre is in great shape and wants Khan, as he is irate. Blassie says of course he is he missed two months and once something breaks it never goes back to normal.

3. Moondog Rex v. Bob Backlund

Backlund comes out and the place explodes for the World Champion. Rex charges and Backlund sweeps out the leg twice, Rex grabs an arm but Backlund rolls through and takes down Rex. Backlund starts to work over the arm of Rex, as Albano pounds on the apron. Moondog tries for a slam Bob drops behind and rolls up Rex, Albano on the apron so Backlund nails him. Rex gets taken down and tries to make a tag, but there is no Spot for this match. Here comes Spot, as Albano went back to get him, while Backlund goes back to the arm. Backlund slams Rex down hard, shoots Rex in and Rex drops as Backlund gets caught coming off the ropes by Albano who trips him. Rex slams the head of Backlund into the turnbuckle and goes for a piledriver, but Backlund reverses into a backdrop. Backlund hits the piledriver on Rex and covers for two, as Spot and Albano are pacing ringside. Rex catches Backlund in a back suplex and both men are down. Atomic drop blocked by Backlund who rolls up Rex for the win. The Moondogs and Albano jump the champion who cleans house on the Tag Champions. The ring fills with fans celebrating with the World Champion, probably almost a hundred people in the ring, crazy sight.

3. Bob Backlund defeats Moondog Rex ***

4. SD Jones & Domenic Denucci v. Chris Canyon & Ron Shaw

I guess it’s time for Denucci to get his quarterly win, as he starts with Shaw. Shaw goes for the arm and Denucci counters out into a rear chinlock. Shaw catches him in the ropes and nails Denucci, who fires back and Shaw tags in Canyon. Canyon overpowers Denucci sending him to the corner, but Denucci hammers Canyon and tags in SD who pops his future Wrestlemania opponent. Two shoulderblocks don’t move Canyon and neither does a dropkick, as Canyon confers with Shaw. Test of strength and both men kick the other, but SD tags in Denucci who hammers the back of Canyon. SD and Denucci use quick tags to work over Canyon, while Shaw keeps distracting the ref. Vince says they have an update on Rick McGraw who has a fractured neck from Khan. Shaw finally tagged in and takes down Denucci, but SD makes a save. Shaw drives the head of Denucci into the turnbuckle and tags in Canyon who works over Denucci who fires back. Canyon whipped into SD who headbutts him and Denucci covers for three.

4. Domenic Denucci & SD Jones beat Chris Canyon & Ron Shaw

5. Jack Carson v. Strong Kobayashi

Our first time, and last time, seeing Kobayashi as he didn’t stick around after this taping. Kobayashi with a side headlock takeover and cranks the neck of Carson, who powers to the ropes and nails Kobayashi. Patterson points out that Kobayashi is wrestling barefoot, as he nails Carson with a chop. Vince says Rick McGraw has been taken to the hospital and now it’s reported he has a broken neck. Some weird half nelson rollup pins Carson as they keep talking about McGraw. Kobayashi continues beating on Carson after the bell.

5. Strong Kobayashi beat Jack Carson

1. Andre, Tony Garea & Rick Martel defeat Moondogs & Captain Lou
2. Killer Khan pinned Rick McGraw ***3/4
3. Bob Backlund defeats Moondog Rex ***
4. Domenic Denucci & SD Jones beat Chris Canyon & Ron Shaw
5. Strong Kobayashi beat Jack Carson

If they had shown the six man in full instead of the Strong Kobayashi match this would’ve been much better. Still a great show, with two fantastic matches. Next week the Tag Champions, The Moondogs battle the former Champions, Rick Martel and Tony Garea in a huge title match.

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