WWF All Star Wrestling – July 4, 1981

The June 27th episode is actually from last year on the network and that means the proper episode is in the 1980 section. I’m not going to try and figure it out, have enough issues with Network some days. So we’ll just skip forward, as we didn’t miss much anyways, Strong Kobayashi made his debut, and wasn’t around long anyway. Mosca, Hennig, Khan and Muraco won squash matches and Rick Martel, Tony Garea & SD Jones won a squash six man. This week we move along to a new taping, from July 1st in Hamburg, PA and our feature is Don Muraco versus Pedro Morales, which should be good. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince & Pat welcome us to the show and go over the stars we will see tonight. In action we also will see George Steele, but first to the Philadelphia Spectrum for this huge match.

1. Pedro Morales v. Don Muraco (Intercontinental)

This is from June 20th, in Philadelphia as Pedro defends the gold against Don Muraco. Quick push for Muraco who’ s only been around a little while. Muraco shot in early and backdropped then slammed, and Muraco rolls to the floor. The crowd is quickly on Muraco with chants of “Beach Bum” Muraco gets back in and the lockup and into the corner, Muraco rings the bell then pops him, but Morales sends him to the corner then runs into the boot of Muraco. Pedro quickly to his feet, as Muraco begins to climb the ropes, he thinks better of that. Muraco with a side headlock and cranks away on the neck of Pedro, who struggles to break the hold so Muraco drives a knee in to the midsection and a thumb to the throat. Rear chinlock on Pedro, as Don continues to grind away on the champion. Muraco shot in and comes back with a shoulderblock and a big slam plants Pedro in the middle of the ring and back to the rear chinlock. Muraco maintains the grip for quite a while before Pedro powers out, but then Muraco pulls the hair and right back to the hold. The ref catches him and makes him break the hold, so Muraco drives a knee into the back and another thumb to the throat. Then Muraco goes back to the chinlock, but using the thumb in the throat as well. Muraco sends Pedro into the ropes and catches him with the thumb again, and back to the chinlock. Muraco almost pins Pedro with the chinlock, as Pedro rakes the face to break the grip. Pedro shot to the corner and Muraco charges, but Pedro moves and Muraco drives his shoulder into the post, we get a slugfest and Pedro gets the advantage hammering away on the challenger. Muraco sent to the corner and lands hard in the corner, as Pedro is on the attack. Pedro catches Muraco with a back body drop and a forearm sends Muraco to the floor of the Spectrum. Muraco smashed into the post multiple times and tossed back in, Pedro follows but Muraco catches him. The ref gets bumped as Pedro hits the backbreaker and into the Boston Crab for the win, but the ref is still down. Pedro stupidly releases the hold to check on the ref, Muraco has a foreign object and nails Pedro for the win and the belt.

1. Don Muraco defeats Pedro Morales for the Intercontinental Title **1/2

2. Pete Mitchell v. George Steele

We have a new ring announcer, no idea who he is, but Steele doesn’t go after him. They also didn’t start the show announcing the doctor, timekeeper, promoter and referees. Steele quickly eats a turnbuckle and drives it into the face of Pete, as Pat is furious about this. Steele hammers the back of Pete and tosses him outside, Blassie gets a kick in as Steele pulls him up and slams Pete into the post. Steele pulls him in and works over the shoulder of Pete, softening him up for his finisher. Pete gets tossed out one side, dragged back in and tossed out the other side, as Steele chews on the ropes. Mitchell struggles to get back in the ring and Steele catches him in the Hammerlock for the win.

2. George Steele destroyed Pete Mitchell

Vince is ringside with the new Intercontinental Champion, Don Muraco and the Grand Wizard. Wizard says he doesn’t care what the fans think of Muraco winning the gold. Muraco says their lawyers can prove he never used a foreign object and Wizard say Pedro needs to prove it. Muraco says he can be anything and this is stage one of his dominance.

3. Johnny Rodz v. Tony Garea

Garea uses his speed to keep Rodz off balance, as Patterson says Martel and Garea are still a team. Rodz rakes the eyes and unloads on Garea in the corner, snapmare and then Rodz chokes away on Tony. Kneedrop missed by Rodz and Tony quickly goes after the leg. Rodz kicks him away, and begins to work the arm of Tony, then stomps Garea to the outside. Garea struggles to make his way to the apron, and does a nice sunset flip in to pin Rodz.

3. Tony Garea pins Johnny Rodz

4. Steve King v. Greg Valentine

Valentine goes right after King and snapmares him down, then drives an elbow into the top of his head. Backbreaker from Valentine followed a knee to the back, as King is in trouble from the bell. Valentine all over the leg of Steve King as he sets him up for his finisher, but first tosses him outside. King finally back in and eats a pair of elbowdrops then Valentine locks on the figure four for the easy win.

4. Greg Valentine crushed Steve King

Patterson at ringside with Greg Valentine and Grand Wizard, as Patterson says Greg looks better then ever. Wizard says if you think the figure four is something just wait. Valentine says there will be a new version, and he’s saving it for Backlund, Morales or maybe Patterson. He says he was run out of the territory because he was breaking legs.

5. Angelo Gomez v. Angelo Mosca
Mosca jumps Gomez at the bell and quickly unloads on the unsuspecting opponent. Mosca catches him in a bearhug and drives Gomez into the corner then continues to pound on his back. Gomez getting tossed all around the ring as Mosca is just to big and powerful. Backbreaker gets a quick win for Mosca.

5. Angelo Mosca annihilated Angelo Gomez

1. Don Muraco defeats Pedro Morales for the Intercontinental Title **1/2
2. George Steele destroyed Pete Mitchell
3. Tony Garea pins Johnny Rodz
4. Greg Valentine crushed Steve King
5. Angelo Mosca annihilated Angelo Gomez

A good episode, other then the final match. A title change is rare to see on TV back then, so that was good. The match wasn’t too good though as a lot of restholds, but it was still a big moment. Next week we have a giant six man tag, plus the WWF Champion in action as it’s the most stacked card in All Star history!!!!

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