WWF All Star Wrestling – June 20, 1981

Episode two of this taping continues along, as last week we had two good tag team matches plus an appearance from Andre the Giant. Killer Khan & Freddie Blassie attacked the injured Andre, who tonight will make an announcement. Also scheduled to join us are the former tag champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us, as they talk about the controversy of the three Moondogs. Also in action are Mil Mascaras and Angelo Mosca, as we go to our huge interview.

We get a closeup of Andre’s foot, showing the scar as the cast has been removed. Vince at ringside with Andre asks if he is ready for Khan, Andre says he is ready. We go back to the interview from last week where Khan and Blassie attacked Andre, while he was still on crutches, The best part is Vince going after Khan and Blassie after they take down Andre. Back to the current interview, as Vince asks Andre how he feels. Andre says the cast is now off and he is ready for Khan and he will take care of Blassie as well.

1. Pete Doherty v. Mil Mascaras

Mil all decked out in black is attacked at the bell by Pete, and Mil no sells the shots and nails Pete sending him to the corner. Pete rakes the eyes and gets Mil down, but Mil counters and gets two. Mil with a side headlock but Pete pops him a few times and sends him to the corner, Pete misses the corner charge. Mil hits a dropkick, followed by a vertical suplex for a near fall. Pete rakes Mil across the ropes and hits a shoulderblock. A second one misses and Mil with the flying chop, dropkick and jackhammer for three.

1. Mil Mascaras pinned Pete Doherty

2. Frank Savage v. Pedro Morales

We go from one annoyance to the other this week. Two of my least favorites from this era. Pedro catches Frank early with a double sledge and a right sends him to the floor. Pedro brings him in the hard way, but Frank with a side headlock, Pedro counters with a kneebreaker. Frank goes back to the side headlock and this time Pedro counters with a backbreaker. Frank again catches Pedro with a couple shots and back to the side headlock, but Pedro gets him to the ropes and swings. Frank quickly bails out and takes his time getting back in. Pedro slams Frank in from the apron and then follows with a back body drop. Another big slam from Pedro to the Boston Crab for the win.

2. Pedro Morales beat Frank Savage

Patterson at ringside with the Intercontinental Champion, Pedro Morales. Patterson asks how long he’s had the gold, he says since December and he’s ready for all challengers. They talk about Pedro having held all the gold and being the pride of Puerto Rico. Pedro talks about all the places he’s wrestled and calls the WWF the major league, as everyone wants to wrestle at Madison Square Garden and the North East. They talk about Pedro’s diet and workout. Pedro challenges anyone to talk the title and Patterson wishes him the best.

3. Angelo Mosca v. Steve King

Mosca quickly overpowers King and just hammers the guy on the mat then rams him into the turnbuckle. Mosca is all over King with forearms, stomps and chokes, in other words a normal Mosca match. Mosca finally covers King but pulls him up at two, then nails the backbreaker for the win.

3. Angelo Mosca destroyed Steve King

4. The Moondogs v. Jack Carson & Curt Hennig

Wow, our first time seeing Curt Hennig, and he looks so young here. Rex and Carson start out and Rex slams Carson into the turnbuckle, then tags in Spot who unloads. Curt tagged in and hits a perfect dropkick on Rex, but can’t armdrag him. Vertical suplex from Rex who brings Spot in and Spot pounds the back of Curt then tags in Rex. Curt’s about six months into his career at this point, as Carson tagged in and gets double teamed by the Moondogs. More double teaming on Carson, who’s getting destroyed by the Moondogs, as they hammer away and drop elbows on the man. Curt just watching as Carson is getting crushed in the Moondogs corner. Finally Curt tries to save but the ref stops him, allowing more double teaming on Carson. Rex with a backbreaker and Spot with the elbowdrop for three.

4. The Moondogs destroy Jack Carson & Curt Hennig

5. Johnny Rodz & Ron Shaw v. Tony Garea & Rick Martel

Rodz and Martel start for their teams and Rodz tries to take out the leg of Martel who does the same. Rodz with a snapmare and elbowdrop into the rear chinlock. Martel counters to a hammerlock, and Rodz makes the ropes. Rodz with a go behind and takedown on Martel, who Vince calls McGraw, as Martel breaks the grip. Rodz with a top wristlock and uses the hair to pull Martel down. Shaw tagged in and Rodz hold Martel allowing Shaw to get a few shots in. Shawn with a hiptoss and gets two on Martel, who misses the tag. Rodz tagged in and comes in from the top with the forearm. A series of kneedrops from Rodz gets a near fall, as Martel needs to make a tag. Rodz send Martel to the corner, but Martel reverses and tags in Tony. Back body drop from Tony as Shaw comes in and Garea unloads on him too. Snapmare on Shaw and two for Tony as he sends Shaw in and some quick tags leads to the top rope sunset flip for three.

5. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Ron Shaw & Johnny Rodz

6. Charlie Brown v. George Steele

Steele quickly goes after the returning Gary Michael chasing him away, and then uses the bottom rope like a trampoline. Steele again goes after Gary on the outside before charging Charlie and mauls the guy. Forearm across the face and slammed into the turnbuckle as Charlie in trouble early. It’s weird as Charlie’s tights are the same color as his skin so from a distance he looks naked out there. Someone tossed a can at Steele, so he smashes it off the head of Brown. Steele again smashes Brown into the steel bolt, and then begins to work the shoulder and arm. Flying hammerlock for the easy win. After the match Steele goes after the arm of Brown, but doesn’t injure like the last match.

6. George Steele crushed Charlie Brown

1. Mil Mascaras pinned Pete Doherty
2. Pedro Morales beat Frank Savage
3. Angelo Mosca destroyed Steve King
4. The Moondogs destroy Jack Carson & Curt Hennig
5. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Ron Shaw & Johnny Rodz
6. George Steele crushed Charlie Brown

That started out as pretty awful episode with those first three matches, but action picked up. Both tag matches and Steele were good, which helped the show. Next week we have a six man tag and Curt Hennig faces Johnny Rodz!

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