WWF All Star Wrestling – June 13, 1981

This starts a new taping cycle which is strange as the last taping was only two episodes and the one before that was for four? That makes no sense, wonder if they are working the kinks out before settling on a normal taping cycle? Last week we have a really good tag team match, and Don Muraco continued his winning ways defeating SD Jones. Last week I said we would have a debut, but I am incorrect as it’s actually a return. He was with the WWWF in 1978/1979 and left for two years to go to the Mid-Atlantic territory. Tonight he returns and someone will get hammered. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to the show and tonight we will see the Moondogs face Rick McGraw and SD Jones. Patterson again calls this a main event anywhere in the world and confuses SD Jones with Domenic Denucci! Also tonight via video is Andre the Giant and much more.

1. George Steele v. Rick Bolton

Bolton is making his debut tonight, and he did not draw a good opponent for a debut. Steele just drives Rick to the mat and stomps away at him. Steele is all over the arm and shoulder of Rick, who has no chance in this match. Flying hammerlock wins the match easily, and the arm of Rick is completely dislocated and looks disgusting. This is pretty graphic for 1981, as Vince is disgusted. After the match George just keeps twisting and tried to snap the arm, as Blassie finally pulls George back. Steele keeps going after the arm, as it is twisted and contorted in a gruesome way and I don’t think we’ll see this guy ever again.

1. George Steele crushed Rick Bolton

2. Davey O’Hannon & Pete Doherty v. Tony Garea & Rick Martel

This is the debut of Pete, as Garea and Davey start. Davey uses his power to take down Garea, but gets caught in a pair of armdrags. Pete tagged in and gets nailed by two armdrags as well, and Pete rolls out. He slowly gets back in and a side headlock on Garea, Double team from the heels, Pete was here in the sixties as the Golden Terror and was pushed, now he’s basically a jobber. He’s here till 1992 now, as his last match is in July of 92 for WWF, so he’s here for a long time. Meanwhile Martel works on the arm of Davey as the faces have been in control a majority of this. Pete tries to save so Garea nails him and sends him to the floor, as Vince gives an update on Bolton who is now retired from wrestling. Well that was a quick decision made by the guy, as Garea gets the tag and takes down Davey with a dropkick and armdrag, tags in Martel who works the arm. Martel gets caught in the wrong corner and gets double teamed by Davey and Pete. Pete gets tagged in and sends Martel in, Martel comes back with a dropkick and Davey grabs Martel by the feet and holds him so Pete can get him. Davey tagged in and slams Martel but misses a legdrop and tags in Pete. Martel makes the hot tag to Garea who nails both guys. Snapmare on Pete and tags Martel, who back drops Pete. Pete shot in and chopped, as Garea tagged in and sunset flip pins Pete.

2. Rick Martel & Tony Garea pinned Pete Doherty & Davey O’Hannon

Patterson at ringside with Tony and Rick, and asks about the Moondogs. Tony says the new Moondog is faster and smaller then Rex or King, but they’ve been studying tapes of Spot and think they have him figured out. Garea says it won’t be long till they have the gold back. Patterson says Albano is not crazy, as he has three Moondogs and the ruling is they are the champions, no matter which two are in the ring. Martel calls Albano a snake, hope he doesn’t spray his cologne on him, that would be Arrogance! Garea promises they will get the Moondogs and Rick agrees.

3. Don Muraco v. Fred Marzino

We haven’t see Fred this year, so welcome back, as he faces the undefeated, unstoppable Don Muraco. Muraco welcomes Frank back with a pair of slams and starts to hammer the back. Butterfly suplex from Muraco, as he showcases his skills, as he hits a nice vertical suplex. Muraco with the big splash for the easy three.

3. Don Muraco destroyed Fred Marzino

Vince at ringside brings out Andre the Giant, still on crutches, and asks how he is. Andre says he has good news, as he is getting the cast of tomorrow and be back in the ring in about five weeks. Vince asks if it’s wise to comeback so soon, Andre says he will be ready and Blassie better get Khan in shape. That brings out Fred Blassie, who calls Andre washed up and Andre gets in his face. Andre whacks Blassie with his crutch and staggers, this brings out Khan who whacks Andre, and partially Vince, with the crutch. Patterson charges to ringside and Khan and Blassie disappear as they help Andre to his feet.

4. Jerry Johnson v. Mil Mascaras

Mil starts out with a hiptoss on Jerry and then takes him down with an armdrag. Jerry rakes the eyes and pounds on Mil, who ignores that and tosses Jerry aside. Mil with the crossbody for three.

4. Mil Mascaras defeated Jerry Johnson

5. SD Jones & Rick Martel v. The Moondogs

What is an Australian Tag Team Match, and why is the match announced as that? Vince makes sure we know this is non title. Rex and Rick start with Rex overpowering Rick easily. Rick blocks a shot and nails Rex, then tags in SD who sends Rex in and hits a shot on both Moondogs. Side headlock from SD, and Rex sends him in shoulderblock takes down Rex. Second time but SD caught in a slam, but SD comes back with some armdrags and Rex quickly tags in Spot. Spot rakes the eyes and tags Rex back in, double elbow drops SD. I can’t get over how tiny Spot looks, he gets a lot larger by the mid eighties. Rex drops SD on the top rope throat first and tags in Spot. Another double team move takes SD down, but SD with a headbutt. Rex tagged in and gets caught by SD with the lefts and tags in Rick who dropkicks Rex. Rick with a slam on Rex, but can’t snapmare him. Dropkick misses and Rex drives an elbow into his jaw. Spot tagged and backbreaker/elbow finishes the match.

5. Moondogs beat Rick McGraw & SD Jones

Vince and Pat talk about the opening match, and Vince asks if the flying hammerlock or George Steele should be barred. Pat says Steele should be barred but not the move as Steele attacked after the match.

6. Pete Mitchell v. Greg Valentine

This is the return of the Hammer, Greg Valentine with manager Grand Wizard. He never changes, as he always looks the same no matter what year it is. Lockup and Valentine powers him to the ropes and a clean break. Greg snapmares Pete down and drives an elbow into the shoulder of Pete. Greg just cranks on the arm, but Pete makes the ropes. Pat talks about Greg’s endurance, as Greg starts to work the leg of Pete. Side back suplex and followed by a big elbow from Valentine, who locks on the figure four for the win.

6. Greg Valentine annihilated Pete Mitchell

1. George Steele crushed Rick Bolton
2. Rick Martel & Tony Garea pinned Pete Doherty & Davey O’Hannon
3. Don Muraco destroyed Fred Marzino
4. Mil Mascaras defeated Jerry Johnson
5. Moondogs beat Rick McGraw & SD Jones
6. Greg Valentine annihilated Pete Mitchell

Another really good episode tonight with five good matches. Other then the Mil match, which is just him burying everyone. The return of the Hammer is pretty awesome, and Steele just killed the jobber he faced. Also the Andre/Khan storyline continues, hopefully the stretcher match is on here, otherwise I’’ll have to find it. Next week Andre returns and issues a warning to Blassie and Khan!

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