WWF All Star Wrestling – June 6, 1981

A new month brings us to the middle of 1981, and it’s been a great year so far with lots of new faces. Some exciting, some not so much. We’ve lost a few names from last year, some may return in the future, others are gone for good. Steve King continues his losing streak, as does Angelo Gomez, and a few others, while others are still undefeated. Tonight, in Hamburg, PA, we continue the year and our feature bout is Johnny Rodz & Baron Mikel Scicluna facing former tag champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to the show, and tonight we also have SD Jones versus Don Muraco. Pat calls it a main event anywhere in the world, if you say so. Also in action tonight are the Moondogs, Vince says it’s Rex, King and Spot, it’s just Rex and Spot as King is gone.

Vince at ringside for an interview with Andre the Giant, who comes out on crutches. They blame it on Killer Khan in Rochester, New York on May 2nd but from what I heard he broke his ankle getting out of bed. Andre says it’s his first broken bone and cast, but Khan will pay. I hope they show the match. Andre says he will be back soon, in a couple months, and he will chase Blassie and Khan all over the world. Vince asks about the injury, and Andre says he didn’t think it was as bad, but the doctors told him it was broken. Vince says he can’t believe someone can stop Andre, but this proves Andre is not indestructible and can be hurt. Andre says he will come back and Blassie better find a new man, because he will end Khan.

1. Charlie Brown & Davey O’Hannon v. Angelo Mosca

The return of the handicap matches, as now it’s Mosca facing two guys. Mosca quickly rams their heads together and then just unloads on both guys. Mosca sends Charlie to the corner and then Davey into Charlie as Mosca just continues to crush both men. Brown eats the turnbuckle, and Davey grabs Mosca from behind and Brown gets a shot in, which does nothing. Davey tossed to the floor, and lands hard, Albano helps him up and pops him. Mosca ties Brown in the ropes and goes after Davey, who he nails hard, then back in. Side back suplex from Mosca and a big slam, as Davey makes his way back in and gets slammed on top of Brown. Mosca stands on both for the easy three.

1. Angelo Mosca destroyed Charlie Brown & Davey O’Hannon

2. Tony Garea & Rick Martel v. Baron Mikel Scicluna & Johnny Rodz

The heels try to cheap shot the former champions, but that doesn’t work out as the ref tries to keep order. Martel and Rodz start out and Rodz takes Martel down twice then drops a knee into a chokehold. Mikel tagged in and Rodz holds Martel so Mikel can unload. Mikel into the chinlock, tags Rodz in who enters via the top rope. Snapmare on Martel, who’s in trouble at the start, as Rodz in control. Martel fires back but gets caught in the wrong corner and double teamed. Garea tries to help but this allows more double teaming, Martel finally makes the hot tag to Garea and Rodz tries to escape, but Garea catches him and is taking out both guys. Garea begins to work the arm of Rodz, who finally makes a tag to Mikel who hammers Garea down. Garea whipped in and caught with a big knee, Mikel just unloads on Garea in the corner then tosses Garea to the opposite side and follows with a knee. Rodz tagged back in and the heels double team Garea, bringing in Martel to try and save. Garea makes a tag to Martel and they get the rowboat on the heels, there’s a move you don’t see anymore. Martel on the leg of Rodz, who pulls the hair to break the hold and send Martel in, catches Martel with a knee followed by a shoulderbreaker and elbowdrop and kneedrop for two. Martel in again and Martel catches Rodz with his head down for a sunset flip for three.

2. Tony Garea & Rick Martel beat Johnny Rodz & Baron Mikel Scicluna

Vince at ringside again, with the Wizard and Muraco, as Wizard again demands respect for Muraco. Muraco again calls out Dusty and calls him cottage cheese legs, and calls himself the prince of darkness. Muraco says when he gets in the ring his opponents learn the power of the spike, as he channels some crazy evangelist. The crowd is all over Muraco, which infuriates him, as this seems to be the same interview as the previous week.

3. SD Jones v. Don Muraco

It always confuses me when they interview the person at ringside before the match, when they come back from commercial they disappeared. Muraco was in blue with a black shirt in the interview, now he’s in all brown. Lockup and Muraco takes SD down, but SD counters and a clean break, as SD dances. Rinse and repeat two more times, as the crowd all over Muraco. SD with a side headlock on Muraco, who sends SD in and misses a clothesline. SD with a dropkick and a quick side headlock takeover. Muraco counters using his power with a side backbreaker and drives the knee into the back of SD. The thumb of Muraco jammed into the throat of SD, who’s struggles to his feet but Muraco smashes his head into the turnbuckle which does nothing. Muraco begs off but SD unloads, and the crowd explodes. SD with a big headbutt staggers Muraco, a second one send Muraco to the ropes where he gets all tied up. Muraco whipped in and catches SD with his head down in a Russian Legsweep, followed by the big splash for three. A solid match, and a good way to keep building Muraco up.

3. Don Muraco pinned SD Jones **1/2

4. Jack Carson & Rick McGraw v. The Moondogs

Vince complains that Spot and Rex are not the tag champions and that they need a ruling on this. Not the first time they’ve had three guys hold the gold at once, as The Valiant Brothers and the Executions did the same. Meanwhile Rick dropkicks Rex multiple times but gets clobbered, ducks under a clothesline and nails Rex then tags in Carson. Rex quickly takes control and they double team Carson. Slam from Rex and Spots gets tagged in and hammers Carson down before bringing Rex back in. Rex chokes Carson on the ropes, tag to spot and the backbreaker/elbow drop combo finishes.

4. Moondogs crush Jack Carson & Rick McGraw

5. Mil Mascaras v. Ron Shaw

Shaw with a side headlock but Mascaras counters to a waistlock, Shaw counters and gets taken down quickly. Mascaras really doesn’t given anyone anything in the ring, anytime someone gets a move he quickly counters it. He doesn’t seem to want to take any offense in his matches, and makes all his matches very boring. As soon as Shaw got an armbar he counters right to the headscissors, Shaw gets a few forearms in and Mil with a monkey flip and dropkick for a near fall. Mascaras with the flying chop and a jackhammer type move for three.

5. Mil Mascaras pinned Ron Shaw

1. Angelo Mosca destroyed Charlie Brown & Davey O’Hannon
2. Tony Garea & Rick Martel beat Johnny Rodz & Baron Mikel Scicluna
3. Don Muraco pinned SD Jones **1/2
4. Moondogs crush Jack Carson & Rick McGraw
5. Mil Mascaras pinned Ron Shaw

The tag match was good as was Muraco/SD and always love to see Moondogs, but the handicap and Mil matches were boring. I guess the SD push is as done as Rick McGraw getting pushed. Although they seem torn on what to do with McGraw as he goes from pushed to jobbed almost weekly. Next week we have a huge debut, but I won’t start to hammer that point.


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