WWF All Star Wrestling – May 30, 1981

We finally get to the start of a new taping cycle after stretching the last taping over four weeks by playing old matches. Hopefully they compensated for the longer usage by doing more matches per taping. Guess we’ll find out tonight. This week’s episode was filmed on May 20th, 1981 from Hamburg, PA as usual. Tonight our main event is Rick McGraw versus Angelo Mosca. Let’s go to the ring.

Usual opening video, as it’s been for quite a while, and then we are welcomed by Pat Patterson and Vince McMahon. They announce tonight we will see the World Tag Team Champions, The Moondogs in action. George Steele and Pedro Morales are also in action tonight. They spoil the upcoming match with Rick and Mosca by revealing what happens.

1. Rick McGraw v. Angelo Mosca

Mosca comes to the ring with Lou Albano who gets in the face of Rick who leaves and goes to the dressing room. Rick finally returns with the WWF World Champion, Bob Backlund, alongside him and the crowd erupts. Finally the match starts and Mosca hammers away on Rick, a snapmare and just keeps pounding Rick, but Rick fires back and catches Angelo in the corner. Angelo rakes the eyes and that stops Rick in his tracks, Mosca goes back to beating down Rick. Dropkick from Rick but that doesn’t slow down the much bigger man who just keeps hammering the back and neck of Rick. McGraw tries to come back with a side headlock, and criss cross leads to Albano tripping Rick. This brings in Bob who goes after Albano, but Mosca catches him from behind. Mosca ties Bob in the corner and spits on Backlund. Mil, Martel & Garea make the save.

1. Angelo Mosca & Rick McGraw went to a double disqualification

Vince at ringside with Bob who wants Mosca back out there as gets fired up. It’s like seeing crazy Bob from the 90s early, as he is irate.
2. Steve King v. George Steele

No Gary Michael today, as it’s Joe McHugh doing the ring announcing. Steele goes right at King and rams his head into the turnbuckle then bites his face. Into the opposite turnbuckle as Steele then tosses King to the floor and quickly follows. King bounced off the wooden stairs repeatedly and Steele back in the ring bites at the turnbuckle. King slowly back in and Steele goes after his arm, and into the flying hammerlock for the quick easy win. After the match Steele smashes King into the ringpost then charges into the crowd and overthrows the steps.

2. George Steele destroyed Steve King

Ringside with Vince and his guests are Don Muraco and The Wizard, Wizard says the people need to show respect for Muraco and no chanting “Beach Bum”. Muraco calls out Dusty Rhodes, and says he is Magnificent as he rips his shirt off. He says anyone in the ring with him will feel the spike, as he challenges Backlund and Bruno as well. The fans start chanting at Muraco, and he is furious as he paces the ringside area, while Wizard says this is the disrespect he is talking of. Wizard says he is magnificent and these people can’t even spell magnificent.

3. Ron Shaw v. Pedro Morales

Shaw quickly goes to the side headlock and Pedro flips him away, Shaw tries the armbar and same thing happens. Full nelson from Shaw but Pedro easily breaks the grip, as Shaw just can’t do anything here. Top wristlock from Shaw, and again Pedro tosses him aside. Shaw is really getting annoyed with this, as he powers Pedro to the ropes, rakes the eyes and goes to slam Pedro into the turnbuckle. Pedro blocks and Shaw eats the turnbuckle, then the opposite one as well, one uppercut sends Shaw to the floor. Shaw back in with a side headlock and pops Pedro then rakes his eyes, as Shaw finally on the offense. Pedro stunned in the corner but quickly fires back but Shaw time to recover and he goes for a cheap shot on Pedro. Pedro hits back and then a big slam, double sledge to the midsection and into the Boston Crab for the win.

3. Pedro Morales defeats Ron Shaw

4. SD Jones v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

They start quick as Pedro is still leaving the ring, Mikel pounds SD down, but SD comes back and works Mikel in the corner. Mikel works over the back of SD and then pulls him up by the ears. SD into the turnbuckle, but that does nothing as he dances for Baron. SD easily takes down Baron and stomps the leg. Mikel checks something in his tights and then a side headlock on SD, and he hammers him down. Big headbutt from Mikel and that backfired, SD hits another headbutt and Mikel to the floor. Mikel back in, shoots SD in and catches him with a big knee to the midsection. SD shot in again but catches Mikel with his head down in a sunset flip and gets two. Shoulderblock and both men crash down, SD up first and Mikel bails to the floor. SD follows and gets smashed into the apron, which does affect him. A slugfest ensues on the floor, and the ref calls for the bell.

4. SD Jones & Baron Mikel Scicluna go to a double countout

5. The Moondogs v. Angelo Gomez & Yoshiaki Yatsu

Well, I guess the Yatsu experiment is over as he enter the jobber club. We don’t have Moondog King anymore, as he is gone and a new Moondog has taken over. Rex and Yatsu start, with Yatsu easily taking him down but Rex just chokes Yatsu on the ropes. Moondog Spot, making his debut, helps work over Yatsu from the outside. Albano comes over to the commentary table and says this is Spot taking over for King. Rex shoots Yatsu in but tag made to Gomez and Rex just beats him down. Gomez dropped throat first on the top rope, and Spot tagged in. Spot slams Gomez and continues the offense. Another big slam from Spot and Rex tagged back in, and they double team Gomez. The Moondogs are all over Gomez as Yatsu tries to break it up, which allows even more double teaming. Rex with a backbreaker and tags in Spot who hits an elbowdrop, ala Demolition, for three.

5. The Moondogs defeat Yoshiaki Yatsu & Angelo Gomez

Patterson at ringside asks about the Moondogs, and Albano says he is the runt of the litter.

6. Jerry Johnson v. Killer Khan

Khan quickly goes right after Johnson and hammers him in the ropes, hiptoss takes Johnson down and into the armbar. Vince talks about Khan injuring Andre the Giant, wish they had shown clips or something, as Khan tosses Johnson to the floor. Khan pulls him to the apron and continues to chop away at Johnson. Blassie telling Khan to stay on the man, as he pulls Johnson up and nails him with the double chop. Running kneedrop finishes the match, with ease for Khan.

6. Killer Khan crushed Jerry Johnson

1. Angelo Mosca & Rick McGraw went to a double disqualification
2. George Steele destroyed Steve King
3. Pedro Morales defeats Ron Shaw
4. SD Jones & Baron Mikel Scicluna go to a double countout
5. The Moondogs defeat Yoshiaki Yatsu & Angelo Gomez
6. Killer Khan crushed Jerry Johnson

That was a fast paced episode, with a little storyline happenings. As we saw the beginnings of a Mosca/Backlund feud. The debut of Moondog Spot, who took the place of King. Moondog King, from Canada, was denied re-entry to the United States, thus he had to be replaced. On the other show they wrote him out by saying he was hit by a car, King claims the problem was caused by a rival promoter. Moondog Spot came from the Memphis territory, where he was Larry Latham and teamed with Wayne Ferris, later known as the Honky Tonk Man. They were billed as the Blonde Bombers and involved in the legendary “Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl” with Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. Spot is now officially considered one half of the tag champions with Rex. So that changes the look of the Moondogs now, as Rex is now the bigger man. Next week Mil Mascaras in action, plus the former tag team champions join us.

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