WWF All Star Wrestling – May 23, 1981

Last week they replayed the tag title change from the previous month, which seemed odd as they did and old match the week before as well. Now we see why, as this becomes the fourth episode from that taping. So somewhere along the way they decided to make the tapings last four weeks, and I assume it was after the did they taping so they needed to pad the shows. This week we get another old match with Bruno Sammartino, plus Mil Mascaras and Don Muraco in action to finish this taping. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to the show and go over the card. Oh no, it’s the midgets, not happy about that. They were nothing but bad comedy to make people laugh, and looking back on it, it’s disgusting to see. Plus we get Bruno versus Nikolai from years ago.

1. Nikolai Volkoff v. Bruno Sammartino

This is from 1974, and is just being show to pad the taping to four weeks. Blassie at ringside with Volkoff, and Bruno is not happy seeing Blassie out there. Bruno quickly goes after the arm, and Volkoff makes the ropes. He rakes the eyes and slams Bruno into the turnbuckle. Volkoff charges into the boot of Bruno, who quickly unloads on the Russian. Volkoff was announced as being from Siberia, which is funny as later he’s from Lithuania. Bruno pounds Volkoff to the mat, and Volkoff back off, only to pull out a foreign object which he rakes across the eyes of Bruno. Volkoff gets sent hard to the turnbuckle and Bruno quickly back on the offense, as the crowd is solidly behind the WWWF Champion. Criss cross leads to both men colliding in the middle of the ring. Both men slowly up and Volkoff with a backbreaker on Bruno, he tries to pull Sammartino up but Bruno rolls him up for the win.

1. Bruno Sammartino pins Nikolai Volkoff

2. Johnny Rodz v. Mil Mascaras
This is from Championship Wrestling that aired on April 18, at least it’s from this year. Both men in bright green is just hard on the eyes, as Mil takes Rodz over with the arm. Rodz with a headscissors but Mil easily gets out. Mil caught in the corner and Rodz unloads, but then goes for the mask which angers Mil. Atomic drop from Mil only gets one, and Rodz goes for the eyes. Slam on Mil and a second becomes a small package but Rodz in the ropes. Flying chop from Mil and Rodz gets him to the corner again. Rodz shot in to the opposite corner, hiptoss and Rodz gets a foot on the ropes. Snapmare from Mil and into the rear chinlock, Rodz bites his way free. Mil shot in and Rodz with a shoulderblock, Rodz tries again but Mil moves. Mil with a twisting suplex floating over into the pin. That was a unique little move, as Rodz attacks after the bell and Mil dropkicks Rodz out.

2. Mil Mascaras pinned Johnny Rodz

Vince is with Stan Hansen, before the show started for an empty arena interview. Hansen says he came out of Texas as an unknown and he knew he would dominate the North East and he did. Vince says he did it almost overnight when he broke Bruno’s neck, as people only knew him as the Texan. Hansen says people in the North have no pride, and he was okay being known as the Texan because people fears Texans. Hansen says he wishes he had a recording of the snap of Bruno’s neck, and says all he is left to accomplish is to retire Bruno. Hansen says he has hatred for people, and it’s what makes him thrive.

3. Don Muraco v. Angelo Gomez

The crowd is all over Muraco with chants of “Beach Bum” and he is not impressed. Muraco is fired up and just goes crazy on Gomez, smashing into the buckle and unloads on him. A really bad looking Tombstone piledriver is followed by the vertical suplex. Muraco ascends the ropes and hits the big splash for three.

3. Don Muraco crushed Angelo Gomez
4. The Carolina Kid & Farmer Jerome v. Sky Low Low & Kid Chocolate

Vince mixes up his sideshow attraction matches, and calls this a ladies match at first. These matches are just bad, and is probably one of the most offensive things in wrestling. That and a black guy called Kid Chocolate is pretty bad. Sky has been around a long time. I just can’t recap this, as Patterson is already laughing at the way they look. Referee Danny Davis has this look like, why me, and I concur. Sky is already in his fifties at this point, and around forty years into his career. Anyways, it is what it is and let’s pretend this match never happened.

4. Carolina Kid & Farmer Jerome beat Sky Low Low & Kid Chocolate

5. Killer Khan v. Jack Carson

Khan quickly on the attack hammering Carson with screaming, he chokes Carson in the ropes. Snapmare and into the neck vice, as he rips at the mouth. Khan is all over Carson, who has done nothing, as he chokes him across the ropes and stomps Carson to the apron, he pulls Carson back in and chops him down. Back to choking Carson on the ropes, he shoots him in and hits the double chop and the kneedrop finishes it off.

5. Killer Khan squashed Jack Carson

1. Bruno Sammartino pins Nikolai Volkoff
2. Mil Mascaras pinned Johnny Rodz
3. Don Muraco crushed Angelo Gomez
4. Carolina Kid & Farmer Jerome beat Sky Low Low & Kid Chocolate
5. Killer Khan squashed Jack Carson

What a way to end the taping. As we get two matches from different tapings, one from almost a decade earlier, plus the horrible midget match. Easily one of the worst episodes of All Star so far, and I don’t think it’ll be topped anytime soon. Next week we get Rick McGraw versus Angelo Mosca, with an appearance from Bob Backlund.

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