WWF All Star Wrestling – May 16, 1981

Last week for some strange reason, they decided to air two matches not from that taping. One from seven years ago and the other seemed to be from Championship Wrestling. Not sure why they did that, but this would the third and final part of the taping from April 29th, so hopefully it’s back to normal. Tonight’s show is headlined by the Moondogs versus Tony Garea & Rick Martel for the Tag Team Championships. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to Hamburg, PA for another exciting episode. Joining us tonight is Angelo Mosca and Domenic Denucci faces Killer Khan in our other main event.

1. Moondogs v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea (Tag)

This is not a new match, instead we’re replaying the title change from the April 4th episode. So, I’m just cutting and pasting the recap from that episode. A rare title match on television, as Martel & Garea defend the gold against the number one contenders, the Moondogs. Martel & Rex start the match, and the crowd solidly behind the champions. Garea catches Rex from behind and pops him. Rex slams Martel and Martel kicks him away, then catches Rex in an armdrag to the armbar and tags in Garea. Patterson again says the Moondogs stand no chance in this match, as Rex corners Garea and unloads. Rex shot to the corner and Garea runs into his knees. Slam and elbow from Rex, but Garea moves. King and Martel both tagged in and Martel easily takes King down. King hard into the corner and caught in a pair of armdrags. Garea tagged back in and they start to work the arm of Rex, Garea tries for a rollup but Rex holds the ropes and he misses an elbow. Martel quickly back in and maintains the work on the arm of Rex, Martel sent in ducks under the clothesline and pops Rex. King tagged in and run right into an armdrag to the armbar. Fast and frequent tags from the champions keep the challengers down, as Tony tries a sunset flip and almost wins the match. Martel back in as they stay on the arm of King, while Patterson continues to praise the champions. King rakes the eyes and Rex distracts the ref and they double team Martel. Side backbreaker from Rex and a two on Martel. Headbutt staggers Martel, who then eats the turnbuckle and King gets a shot in, and so does Albano as Garea had the ref distracted. King gets the tag and keeps ripping at the face of Martel, he’ll never be a model if they keep that up! Moondogs now using fast tags to work over Martel, as Garea gets in but that costs Martel. Martel catches Rex with his head down, but Rex blocks the tag. Both men collide and King gets the tag, while Rex holds Martel, King with a backbreaker gets a near fall. Martel slammed into the boot of Rex, and again Garea gets involved allowing triple teaming on Rick. Martel tries to fight away from the Moondogs and almost makes the hot tag. Slugfest ensues and Martel slides under to tag in Garea, who back drops Rex. Abdominal Stretch on Rex and Kings saves, dropkick from Martel sends King to the floor. The ref gets bumped by Garea and Albano distracts Martel. King nails Garea with the bone and Rex covers Garea for the win and the title! Fantastic match, crazy heat and surprising ending. ****

1. The Moondogs defeat Rick Martel & Tony Garea for the tag titles ****
2. Killer Khan v. Domenic Denucci

This is our real featured match, as the unstoppable Khan faces the legendary Denucci. Khan quickly drags Denucci to the ropes and chokes and chops away at him, while screaming the whole time. Denucci trapped in a rear chinlock as Khan wears him down and then chokes him on the ropes. It’s been all Khan since the start as he continues to hammer away at Denucci, but Denucci finally gets a few shots in. Khan drives a knee into the midsection and that stops Denucci cold. Denucci grabs the ponytail of Khan and starts to pull using the ropes as leverage and then a straight shot to the nose. Referee Danny Davis yells at Denucci to stop the shenanigans, as Khan back off. Denucci continues to work over the face and nose of Khan, who’s yelling to Blassie for help. Khan gets a shot in and sends Denucci tumbling to the floor, and Blassie drives the cane into the side of Denucci. Denucci struggles to roll in the ring and Khan just stomps away on him, Denucci smashes Khan in the nose again to slow down the massive Mongolian. Khan dropped to his knees, but fires off some shots to the midsection sending Denucci to the floor. As Denucci gets to apron Khan kicks back down, Denucci gets his foot stuck in the ropes and Davis rules that a countout? Not sure how Davis decided that.

2. Killer Khan beat Domenic Denucci by countout

Patterson ringside with Fred Blassie and Killer Khan, and Patterson this can’t be counted as a win. Blassie says it doesn’t matter how you win, as long as you win. Blassie puts on the hat of Khan, and says the Mongolian people welcomed him as one of their own. Khan screams and mumbles into the microphone, and Blassie translates it to “Give me my hat back, my head is cold” and laughs at his own joke. Blassie asks Patterson if he had roast camel, it’s a delicacy and that Khan is a bigger name over then then Genghis Khan. Blassie says he’s the richest manager, and couldn’t live on five hundred dollars a week. Patterson asks Khan what he thinks of Bob Backlund and Khan screams and shrieks, same reaction about Pedro and Dusty.

3. Jack Carson v. George Steele
Gary Michael just barely makes it out of the ring as Steele chases him to back. Steele grabs a water jug and smacks Carson with it, then grinds it into his face. Steele just squeezing Carson down to the mat and wins. Carson getting stretchered out, but Steele kicks Carson to the floor.

3. George Steele beats Jack Carson

4. Angelo Mosca v. Rick McGraw

Back to the jobber level for Rick, as he continues to yo-yo around. Angelo with a shoulderblock but a second one countered to a drop toe hold, as Rick goes to work on the leg of Mosca. Angelo easily kicks Rick off and nails Rick so hard he flies over the top to the floor, where Mosca follows and slams Rick on the floor. Albano pulls up and Rick rakes him eyes, but Mosca back out and nails Rick, sending him back in. Slugfest ensues and Rick mounts the corner, but the monkey flip fails and now Angelo takes over. This has been the best match from Mosca, thanks to Rick who goes to the midsection and a dropkick sends Mosca to the corner. Rick sent to the opposite corner and crushed, repeat in opposite corner and snapmared out. Rick whipped hard to the corner, and Mosca charges but misses and crashes hard. Rick drops multiple legs and ascends the ropes for the splash, but Angelo gets the knees up. Backbreaker from Mosca and that’s the end of that battle.

4. Angelo Mosca beat Rick McGraw

5. Pedro Morales v. Johnny Rodz
Knew we were not making it out of this without a Pedro match. Rodz quickly goes after the arm and Pedro powers him to the ropes for the clean break. Pedro into the hammerlock and now Rodz makes the ropes. Back to the hammerlock and Pedro powers Rodz down, then drives his knee into the shoulder. Rodz makes it to his feet and gets a top wristlock on Pedro, Rodz pulls the hair to drag Pedro to the corner and nails him repeatedly. Pedro has had enough and fires back, shoulderblock and into the a backslide for the quick win.

5. Pedro Morales pinned Johnny Rodz

1. The Moondogs defeat Rick Martel & Tony Garea for the tag titles ****
2. Killer Khan beat Domenic Denucci by countout
3. George Steele crushed Jack Carson
4. Angelo Mosca beat Rick McGraw
5. Pedro Morales pinned Johnny Rodz

That was another odd episode, seems to be the norm lately, as they seem to be stretching out the taping. Next week Mil Mascaras returns to face Johnny Rodz, plus Don Muraco in action.

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