WWF All Star Wrestling – May 9, 1981

Hopefully we don’t have another match like that tag match last week, what a debacle that was. However the bonus match after the show was amazing, and the finish to the Slaughter and Patterson feud. Tonight we have Intercontinental Champion, Pedro Morales in action, and hopefully something good. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to tonight’s broadcast, and Pat is happy to see Pedro Morales tonight. Also joining us, via old video, Bruno Sammartino, guess we don’t have enough current stuff.

1. Otto Von Heller v. Bruno Sammartino

This is from April 29, 1974 as Bruno is the WWWF Champion at the time. Why is this being aired seven years later? Otto uses the riding crop on Bruno as the bell rings and chokes away on the champion. Bruno sends Otto crashing to the corner and catches him in a backdrop. Otto eats the boot from Bruno and a hiptoss gets a near fall as the crowd, as usual with Bruno, is very into everything. Otto chokes Bruno on the ropes and only breaks when the ref gets to four. A shoulderblock takes down Bruno, but a second attempt leads to a hiptoss from Bruno. Bruno chokes Otto in the corner and sends Otto to the turnbuckle and pops him. Otto tied in the ropes and Bruno with a pair of running kicks and unloads on him before the ref unties Otto. Bruno tries to grapple on the mat with Otto, but that was never his strong suit. Bruno tossed outside, but now he’s angry as he comes back and just destroys Otto. Otto rakes the mouth of Bruno and into the side headlock, Otto runs into the powerslam and gets pinned.

1. Bruno Sammartino beats Otto Von Heller

2. Mil Mascaras v. Black Demon

This looks to be from Championship Wrestling now, and more recent, as Mil takes Demon down quickly and works the leg. Mil transitions to the arm, as Vince asks Pat if he’s ever seen a match with both guys in masks, Pat says not often. Vince says some guys need the mask, Pat agrees and says Moondogs and Albano. Mascaras sent to the corner, he springs off the second rope and hits the bodypress for three.

2. Mil Mascaras pinned Black Demon

Vince at ringside with Don Muraco and the Grand Wizard, asks why he wants to be called Magnificent Muraco. Don says for the first time on the east coast there is talent on the east coast, and mocks Bruno, Patterson, Vince and Dusty. Vince says fans know who he is, and asks why he is in WWF now and not before, Don says he’s a simple man and has been to the top of the mountain and knows true power. Muraco talks about being trained in the Katana Blade, and is the final product of training, conditioning, courage and power.

3. Dusty Rhodes v. Moose Monroe

Moose returns, we haven’t seen Moose in a long time it feels like. As we got the battle of two big men, and Moose gets Dusty in the corner but misses a shot as Dusty dances away. Moose gets Dusty in the ropes and again misses the shot, tumbling over the ropes to the floor. Moose back in the ring and Dusty goes right to the arm, Moose makes the ropes. Side headlock from Moose who hits Dusty, who comes back with a juke and jive. Classic Dusty Rhodes, as he gets caught in the ropes and now Moose unloads. Bionic Elbow from Dusty sends Moose to the mat, and Dusty cranks the ankle. Moose able to fight free and they lock up, Moose with a bearhug on Dusty, as Pat makes fun of Moose and says he’s as bad as Moondogs and Steele. Rhodes breaks free and eats a back elbow, big elbowdrop for three.

3. Dusty Rhodes pinned Moose Monroe

4. Rick McGraw v. Chris Canyon

Quite the size difference between these two, as Canyon is massive compared to Rick. Canyon shoves Rick to the corner with ease, another lockup and Canyon sends Rick flying again. Pair of standing dropkicks sends Canyon to the floor. Canyon back in and Rick tries for a hiptoss, but Canyon blocks. Rick tries to slam Canyon, but that doesn’t work, Rick needs to use his speed to control the much bigger man. A second attempt fails and now Canyon hammers the back of Rick. Canyon slams Rick with ease and send him in, back elbow sends Rick to the mat. Canyon misses the elbowdrop and Rick kicks and stomps at him. Rick unloads on Canyon but the monkey flip fails and Canyon drops an elbow on him for a near fall. Canyon lifts Rick up with ease and drops him, but misses a big legdrop. Rick slams the big man and follows with an elbow for three.

4. Rick McGraw defeated Chris Canyon

5. Johnny Rodz & Pete Mitchell v. SD Jones & Domenic Denucci

Guess it’s time for Denucci to score a rare win, he gets one a quarter it seems. Denucci and Rodz start with Rodz taking him down with the armbar. Rodz hammers on Denucci then chokes him in the ropes, Pete tagged in and that goes as expected. Denucci sends him to his corner and tags in SD, they double team the arms of Mitchell, SD cranks away on the arm but Mitchell pops him, so SD retaliates. Mitchell makes a quick tag to Rodz, who gets a side headlock on SD and hammers away on him. SD easily comes back and drags Rodz to his corner to tag in Denucci who hits a shoulderblock on Rodz. A second fails as Denucci gets back dropped, now it’s Rodz who misses as he tries a big elbow. Denucci slingshots Rodz into Jones who nails him hard. Mitchell tagged back in and fast tags take him down easily, as SD hits a headbutt and elbowdrop to finish. After the match they help Mitchell up and SD hits him, that’s quite a dick move.

5. Domenic Denucci & SD Jones beat Johnny Rodz & Pete Mitchell
6. Ron Shaw v. Pedro Morales

Shaw attacks Pedro before the bell and hammers him down then chokes him in the corner. Shaw all over Pedro and rakes him across the ropes as Shaw is making the most of this. Pedro eats the turnbuckle and has his eyes raked, Shaw gets caught with one shot from Pedro stuns him. Pedro fires back and Shaw bails to the floor, but Pedro follows and rams the shoulder of Shaw into the post. Pedro back in and Shaw slowly gets back in, Pedro tosses him across the ring. Double sledge from Pedro and into the Boston Crab for the win.

6. Pedro Morales crushed Ron Shaw

1. Bruno Sammartino beats Otto Von Heller
2. Mil Mascaras pinned Black Demon
3. Dusty Rhodes pinned Moose Monroe
4. Rick McGraw defeated Chris Canyon
5. Domenic Denucci & SD Jones beat Johnny Rodz & Pete Mitchell
6. Pedro Morales crushed Ron Shaw

An odd episode as we get a match from seven years ago, plus the Mil match was not from this taping. Strange for the middle of the taping cycle. Next week we have the Moondogs versus Tony Garea and Rick Martel for the belts.

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