WWF All Star Wrestling – May 2, 1981

We enter another new taping cycle, and with each cycle I’m seeing more and more changes to what I recognize and less of the seventies look. Even some of the old guard is fading away and more of the mid eighties names are appearing, like George Steele, Don Muraco, Moondogs, etc. Soon we’ll see debuts from Greg Valentine, Nikolai Volkoff, and others. It’s interesting to see the changes as the WWF starts to get more of the weird and wild characters and away from the serious people. Not a lot of people were fans of the change, but it changed not just the WWF but the public perception of wrestling as well. The changes happen slowly, but watching these shows you can see it happening. At the end of this episode is a bonus match, not on the Network but it needs to be seen, stay tuned. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to tonight show, which features an appearance from the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. Also on the card tonight is George Steele and Angelo Mosca.

1. Steve King v. Angelo Mosca

Not sure who’s more boring in the ring, Angelo Mosca or Pedro Morales, either way it’s a snoozefest. Mosca goes right at the arm of King and powers him down, as the crowd starts on Albano. Mosca just works the arm, as Albano at the commentary table talks about how great Mosca is. King tumbles outside where Albano gets a shot in before throwing King back in and Mosca continues to stomp and punch King. Mosca smashes King into the turnbuckle, then into the backbreaker for the win.

1. Angelo Mosca crushed Steve King

2. Angelo Gomez v. George Steele

Steele charges the ring and Gary Michael Capetta bails out quickly, as Animal consistently goes after the poor guy. Steele smashes Gomez in the corner and then bails out of the ring, chasing Gary to the back and clearing out the fans. Steele back in throws a chair in first, the ref disposes of it, Steele eats a turnbuckle apart then smashes Gomez into the exposed steel. Gomez hoisted up in the hammerlock and that ends the match, very quickly. No announcement made, as Gary has not returned, meanwhile Steele just tosses Gomez around the ring then bails out, chasing the fans.

2. George Steele destroyed Angelo Gomez

3. Pete Mitchell v. Dusty Rhodes

Dusty looks no different then any other time I’ve seen in the ring, as he quickly takes Pete down. Pete tries to fight back and Dusty tosses him outside, Dusty follows and throws him back in. Brainbuster from Dusty followed by the big elbowdrop for the pin.

3. Dusty Rhodes beat Pete Mitchell

Vince at ringside with Dusty Rhodes who thanks the fans and says he’s been all over the country and seen all kinds of bad dudes. He challengers anyone who thinks they are bad enough to face him and mentions George Steele and Don Muraco. He also challenges Ping Pong Mosca, and says he was a great football player but he can beat him. Dusty goes on so long they cut to commercial, how rude.

4. Jerry Johnson v. Sgt Slaughter

Slaughter quickly takes down Jerry and drops him straight on his head, that looked really brutal. The crowd is just all over Slaughter and he’s getting redder and redder, like Brock Lesnar. Slaughter with a side headlock and takeover, dropping knees on Jerry. This is about three minutes in, which makes it the longest match so far. Slaughter gets in the face of the referee, Danny Davis, and Jerry struggles to his feet. A knee to the midsection takes him down, whip in and back body drop as Slaughter all over Johnson. Standing dropkick from Slaughter as he follows with a second one, I’m impressed. Into the Cobra Clutch for the win.

4. Sgt Slaughter annihilated Jerry Johnson

5. Baron Mikel Scicluna & Chris Canyon v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea

Mikel & Garea start for their teams, and Baron takes over Garea with a hiptoss and into the shoulder claw. He keeps the hold for way too long, as nothing has happened for about two or three minutes. Garea finally breaks the hold and almost makes the tag, Mikel pulls him back down and back to the same move. Garea finally fights free and makes the tag, but Canyon distracts the ref and Mikel takes him down and again back to the claw. Again Garea makes the tag, and again the ref misses it and right back to the claw. This is horrible, what an awful match that has been, all over move for over five minutes now. Finally the tag is made to Martel and he takes out both men, with ease, dropkick sends Scicluna scurrying to the corner and tags in Canyon. Martel unloads on him and Canyon gets Martel to the ropes to slow him down, driving a knee in. Martel shot in and caught in a bearhug, just this match needs more slowdown, Martel breaks the hold and slams Canyon down, then snapmares him over. Garea tagged back in and continues to work over Canyon, but gets sent to the corner, Canyon charges and Garea moves, Canyon crashes through the ropes and to the floor. Mikel helps his partner back in as Martel back in, and cranks on the neck of Canyon. Garea comes in with a flying bodypress for three ending this abomination of a match.

5. Rick Martel & Tony Garea beat Chris Canyon & Baron Mikel Scicluna

6. Don Muraco v. Terry Gunn

Muraco goes right after Terry and powers him to the mat with a front facelock. Muraco slams Gunn and drops a knee across the throat multiple times, as Vince fawns over the tan of Muraco. Asiatic Spike, a taped thumb, driven into the throat of Gunn, and then some knees to the back of the head as Muraco in full control. Muraco drives the spike into the throat of Gunn for the win.

6. Don Muraco beat Terry Gunn

1. Angelo Mosca crushed Steve King
2. George Steele destroyed Angelo Gomez
3. Dusty Rhodes beat Pete Mitchell
4. Sgt Slaughter annihilated Jerry Johnson
5. Rick Martel & Tony Garea beat Chris Canyon & Baron Mikel Scicluna
6. Don Muraco beat Terry Gunn

That was a fast paced show, until we got to the tag match. That may have been one of the most boring matches I’ve ever witnessed. It was one single move for five minutes and just kept going even after that, what a horrible match. The other matches were kept short and made them enjoyable, but that was torture. Speaking of torture, next week we’re joined by Pedro Morales. However before we begin that episode, it’s a little deviation to something not on the network.

7. Pat Patterson v. Sgt Slaughter

This is the legendary Alley Fight from Madison Square Gardens, and it takes place on May 9, 1981. This is the blow-off to the feud, and is sadly missing from the network, but if you look You Tube can find it. Howard Finkel introduces the combatants, first Pat Patterson clad in Cowboy Boots and an “I Love NY” shirt and Yankees hat, just to make sure we know he’s the face. Slaughter comes out next in fatigues, and Patterson attacks him as he enters the ring. Patterson kicks Slaughter with the boots and slams Slaughter into the turnbuckle. Slaughter gets dumped down on the announce table, right where Vince is and Patterson pulls him back in, then removes his belt. Patterson whips Slaughter with the belt before choking him with it. The crowd has been non stop since Patterson came out, and they are getting louder. Slaughter able to dump Patterson over the top rope, and Patterson hits his back on the apron, giving Slaughter time to get back into this. Patterson comes in and nails Slaughter in the balls, then grabs the belt and whips him some more. Slaughter rakes the eyes to try and slow down Patterson, as Slaughter now has the belt and sends Patterson in, and clotheslines him down with it. Slaughter stands over Patterson and grinds the belt into the mouth of Patterson, as the crowd chants Gomer. Big right hand to the face of Patterson, as Slaughter rips the shirt of Patterson and uses it to choke him. Patterson charges the ropes, and ducks sending Slaughter crashing to the cement floor. Slaughter comes in from the top but misses the diving kneedrop, as Patterson rolls away. Patterson slams Slaughter and hits a kneedrop from the second rope across the face of Slaughter. Another big slam and another kneedrop, and then starts to bite the face of Slaughter. Slaughter rakes the eyes of Patterson to get him away, and then uses the combat boots to stomp on the face of Patterson. Slaughter pulls Patterson to his knees and then kicks him in the face, Patterson gets tossed hard to the cement floor. Slaughter pulls Patterson back in and they starts to slug it out, Patterson pulls the leg out of Slaughter and slingshots him into the steel ringpost. That cause a massive wound to Slaughter as he is gushing blood, and that fires up Patterson who unloads but Slaughter goes low. The face of Slaughter is a crimson mask, as he pulls out brass knuckles and smashes the face of Patterson and both guys are staggering but Patterson blocks the shot from Slaughter and smashes Slaughter into the top of the post again. Patterson pulls off the cowboy boot and cracks Slaughter in the face with it, then back into the top of the post followed more shots from the boot. Slaughter eats the steel post again, as Slaughter is completely drenched in blood. He gets on the apron and Patterson catches him with the boot multiple times and the Wizard charges ringside to throw in the towel. Slaughter tries to get back in still and Patterson nails him again, as the bell rings. What a crazy, bloody brawl that was. Amazing for it’s time.****

7. Pat Patterson beat Sgt Slaughter in the Alley Fight ****

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