WWF All Star Wrestling – April 25, 1981

After a very lackluster episode last week, we come to the final part of this taping. Tonight we have a six man tag match as the former champions, Rick Martel and Tony Garea team with SD Jones. Hopefully we get some more good stuff this week. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us and talk about tonight’s six man tag, plus Don Muraco joins us. Also on the card is Mil Mascaras and George Steele, who opens the show. Patterson asks who is worse, Steele or Moondogs, as he hates both.

1. Terry Gunn v. George Steele

Steele chases Gary Michael Capetta from the ring as he is doing his announcements, sending Gary running. Gunn goes up and over the ropes by Steele who chokes and rakes the face, as Blassie approves. Steele splits the turnbuckle open and enjoys some, then offers some to Gunn. Gunn tossed back out so Steele can enjoy his meal, he catches Gunn on the apron and smashes him into the steps. Gunn doesn’t want to get back in, but gets caught on the apron and pulled back in. Steele uses a foreign object and jabs Gunn in the throat. Flying hammerlock from Steele for the easy win. After the match Steele rips a piece of wood from the steps and chokes Gunn with it, then takes a bite out of it.

1. George Steele mutilates Terry Gunn

2. Charlie Brown v. Angelo Mosca

They’re still trying to clean up the turnbuckle stuffing from the ring as Mosca comes to the ring. That might be the best part of the match, as Mosca immediately gets Brown the corner and hammers him down. Mosca with a big shoulderblock and he continues to hammer away at Charlie. Mosca just keeps pounding away on Brown, he’s beating the peanuts out of him. Brown shot to the corner and Mosca follows with a shoulder tackle, the opposite corner for another one as Brown tumbles to the floor where Albano kicks him. Brown smashed into the steps from Albano, as Brown struggles to get back in and Mosca resumes the beating. Backbreaker from Mosca for the easy win. After the match Mosca smashes Brown a few more times, before they finally load him on the stretcher and Mosca knocks him off the stretcher before hitting him with it.

2. Angelo Mosca crushes Charlie Brown

Vince ringside with Albano and Mosca, as Vince points out that the crowd doesn’t like him. Mosca says he doesn’t care what the fans think, and challenges Bob Backlund. Mosca says when he gets a hold of Backlund he’s going to hit him with so many rights he’ll beg for a lift. Vince say Angelo will be surprised by how quick and agile Bob is, Mosca says he is just as agile.

3. Jerry Johnson v. Mil Mascaras

Mil is still dressed like a giant lime, with a big lime robe as well. Side headlock from Mil as he takes Jerry over. Jerry sends him in and Mil with a shoulderblock and begins working the arm of Jerry. Vince says Albano claims Mil is uglier then the Moondogs, Pat says that no one can be uglier then Moondogs except maybe Moolah and Vince starts naming other people, ignoring Pat’s comment. Mil stays on the arm of Jerry and takes him down with the legs, he lets Jerry back up. Back to working the arm of Jerry, who catches Mil in the corner and hammers him but Mil shoves him away. Side headlock from Mil and Jerry shoots him in, Mil holds the ropes and back to the side headlock. Mil with a pair of armdrags as he just keeps embarrassing the guy. Mil slams Jerry down and climbs the ropes, hit a flying bodypress for three.

3. Mil Mascaras pins Jerry Johnson

4. Chris Canyon, Jack Carson & Baron Mikel Scicluna v. Rick Martel, Tony Garea & SD Jones

Mikel and Martel start the match, with Mikel using a side headlock takeover then hammers the back of Martel. Scicluna sent into the turnbuckle twice and both men have a standoff. Mikel takes Martel down with an armdrag and into the armbar. Martel caught in the corner and triple teamed as Carson tagged in and Martel kicks away to tag in Garea. Garea pops Carson and brings him to his corner, bringing in SD who unloads on Carson. SD takes out Canyon and Mikel as well, then tags Martel back in. Carson in trouble as the fast tags keep him in the corner, but Garea gets to close to Canyon who grabs his hair. Mikel in and misses a charge, Martel gets the tag and works the leg of Mikel, Jones tagged in and continues to work the legs of Mikel. Canyon tagged in and we get SD Jones versus King Kong Bundy four years before the Wrestlemania contest, this time SD is the star as he dropkicks Canyon and tags in Martel who slams Canyon, then a hiptoss. Garea gets the tag and Canyon gets him int corner and hits an avalanche, a second one misses and Garea tags in SD again. Canyon powers SD to his corner and he gets triple teamed. Carson tagged in by Canyon and SD and Garea double team the arm work, as Carson gets flipped over multiple times. Martel back in and stays on the arm of Carson, dropkick staggers Carson and Garea comes in with the top rope sunset flip for three.

4. SD Jones, Tony Garea & Rick Martel defeat Chris Canyon, Jack Carson & Baron Mikel Scicluna

5. Pete Mitchell v. Don Muraco

Muraco quickly overpowers Pete dragging him to the mat and into the ropes. Mitchell has no clue what to do with Muraco, who drives a knee into the midsection and then double knee to the chest. Hotshot on the bottom rope from Muraco, as Wizard approves of the beating. Standing dropkick from Muraco knocks Pete on his rear, so Muraco pulls him up and drives a knee to the chest again. Tombstone piledriver from Muraco, and followed by a vertical suplex, Muraco ascends the ropes and hits the big splash for the win.

5. Don Muraco destroyed Pete Mitchell

1. George Steele mutilates Terry Gunn
2. Angelo Mosca crushes Charlie Brown
3. Mil Mascaras pins Jerry Johnson
4. SD Jones, Tony Garea & Rick Martel defeat Chris Canyon, Jack Carson & Baron Mikel Scicluna
5. Don Muraco destroyed Pete Mitchell

A better episode then last weeks, but some of the matches seem to drag with certain people (Mosca, Mil). The six man was really good, and Steele and Muraco were both brutal beatings. Next week we’re going to see an American Dream!

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