WWF All Star Wrestling – April 4, 1981

Last week’s episode was not the most exciting, other than seeing a very young and very green King Kong Bundy. However this week, we finish off the taping rotation, with a huge match. The Tag Titles are on the line as the champions will defends against The Moondogs, plus Andre the Giant is joining us tonight. This is going to be great. Let’s go to the ring.

Final part of the taping cycle, as Vince and Pat welcome us to ringside for tonight’s show. Sgt Slaughter is in action, and Patterson looks disgusted by that announcement. Pedro being on the show cheers Pat back up, can’t say the same for me.

1. Jerry Johnson v. Pedro Morales

Pedro swarmed by kids for autographs before the match. Our first time seeing Jerry Johnson, and I don’t think he’s going to have much luck. Hammerlock from Pedro and Jerry quickly gets the ropes, so Pedro with a snapmare using the hair. Pedro sends Jerry in and hits a deep sledge to the midsection followed by a backbreaker for three. No Boston Crab tonight?

1. Pedro Morales crushed Jerry Johnson

Patterson at ringside with Pedro, as Patterson say he had no competition tonight and asks about his challengers. Pedro challenges Angelo Mosca to a match. That was brief, thankfully.

2. Angelo Gomez v. Sgt Slaughter

Gomez with a quick top wristlock and Slaughter takes him over with ease. Slaughter with a drop toe hold and ties up Gomez in the ropes but gives a clean break. Slaughter works over the back of Gomez and then tosses Gomez across the ring. Snapmare and kneedrop as Slaughter continues to dissect the man. Another snapmare and repeated punches to the face of Gomez, who tries to fight back. Slaughter smashed into the buckle and Gomez shoots Slaughter hard to the corner and unloads but Slaughter easily retakes control. Vicious clothesline from Slaughter and the Cobra Clutch ends the match.

2. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Angelo Gomez

Vince at ringside with Slaughter and Wizard, as we go back to the Cobra Clutch Challenge with Patterson. Vince says Patterson broke the clutch, and Wizard screams that is wrong. Slaughter says he wasn’t ready for Patterson since the Demon, the original opponent, ran away. They got in the ring and Slaughter says he put on the Clutch and Patterson tried everything to break it, but he failed. Vince says Patterson wants a match with Slaughter and Slaughter says he will accept it, and if he can’t beat Patterson with the Clutch he will leave WWF. Wizard says if he can break the Clutch they’ll pay him 25,000 and Vince say they didn’t pay last time.

3. The Moondogs v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea (Tag)

A rare title match on television, as Martel & Garea defend the gold against the number one contenders, the Moondogs. Martel & Rex start the match, and the crowd solidly behind the champions. Garea catches Rex from behind and pops him. Rex slams Martel and Martel kicks him away, then catches Rex in an armdrag to the armbar and tags in Garea. Patterson again says the Moondogs stand no chance in this match, as Rex corners Garea and unloads. Rex shot to the corner and Garea runs into his knees. Slam and elbow from Rex, but Garea moves. King and Martel both tagged in and Martel easily takes King down. King hard into the corner and caught in a pair of armdrags. Garea tagged back in and they start to work the arm of Rex, Garea tries for a rollup but Rex holds the ropes and he misses an elbow. Martel quickly back in and maintains the work on the arm of Rex, Martel sent in ducks under the clothesline and pops Rex. King tagged in and run right into an armdrag to the armbar. Fast and frequent tags from the champions keep the challengers down, as Tony tries a sunset flip and almost wins the match. Martel back in as they stay on the arm of King, while Patterson continues to praise the champions. King rakes the eyes and Rex distracts the ref and they double team Martel. Side backbreaker from Rex and a two on Martel. Headbutt staggers Martel, who then eats the turnbuckle and King gets a shot in, and so does Albano as Garea had the ref distracted. King gets the tag and keeps ripping at the face of Martel, he’ll never be a model if they keep that up! Moondogs now using fast tags to work over Martel, as Garea gets in but that costs Martel. Martel catches Rex with his head down, but Rex blocks the tag. Both men collide and King gets the tag, while Rex holds Martel, King with a backbreaker gets a near fall. Martel slammed into the boot of Rex, and again Garea gets involved allowing triple teaming on Rick. Martel tries to fight away from the Moondogs and almost makes the hot tag. Slugfest ensues and Martel slides under to tag in Garea, who back drops Rex. Abdominal Stretch on Rex and Kings saves, dropkick from Martel sends King to the floor. The ref gets bumped by Garea and Albano distracts Martel. King nails Garea with the bone and Rex covers Garea for the win and the title! Fantastic match, crazy heat and surprising ending. ****

3. The Moondogs defeat Rick Martel & Tony Garea for the tag titles ****

4. Andre the Giant v. The Hangman

Hangman thinks he stands a chance against the unstoppable Eighth Wonder of the World, I don’t see it. Hangman stalls before they lockup and Andre with a side headlock engulfs the head of Hangman. Andre takes him over with ease and Hangman pulls the hair to break the grip. Hangman wisely bails out of the ring, as Vince says Hangman won’t be able to get the Hangman on Andre because of his size. As he gets back in Andre catches him in a bearhug and deposits Hangman in the corner where he the smashes him. Andre in complete control, but Hangman finally fires back and gets Andre in the corner. One headbutt from Andre sends Hangman flying, Hangmen sent in and chopped down. Whip in again and big boot takes down Hangman, vertical splash from Andre gets the easy win.
4. Andre the Giant pinned The Hangman

5. Don Muraco v. The Black Demon

Muraco quickly takes down the Demon and just casually lets him up. Demon tries to go for the arm and Muraco nails him, then smashes his face into the turnbuckle. Scoop slam followed by the knee to the face, as Muraco is just abusing the Demon. Side backbreaker gets two for Muraco, as Demon tries to fight back and gets snapmared down. Jumping neck snap sends Demon to the apron, where Muraco kicks him to the floor. Demon struggles to get back in and Muraco stomps and chokes him back out again. Muraco misses a clothesline and Demon fires back, sending Muraco to the corner but Demon runs into the fist of Muraco. Asiatic Spike from Muraco ends the night for the Demon

5. Don Muraco beat The Black Demon

1. Pedro Morales crushed Jerry Johnson
2. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Angelo Gomez
3. The Moondogs defeat Rick Martel & Tony Garea for the tag titles ****
4. Andre the Giant pinned The Hangman
5. Don Muraco beat The Black Demon

A great tag team title match highlights this week’s episode as we crown new champions. The Moondogs capture the gold and end the reign of Garea and Martel. Before we move on to next week’s episode we have a house show from two days after this, headlined by Bob Backlund and Stan Hansen in a cage!

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