WWF All Star Wrestling – March 28, 1981

Last week we had appearances from the World Heavyweight Champion, Bob Backlund and Andre the Giant, with both in action. Going to be hard to top that, as we don’t get either man very often. Tonight we get a tag match with the Moondogs, not quite the same. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to the show, and announce we will see Yoshiaki Yatsu in action tonight. Also in action is Charlie Brown, Patterson looks at Vince on that one, as Vince says he faces Angelo Mosca. That seemed to be a joke on either Patterson or Charlie?

1. Charlie Brown v. Angelo Mosca

Brown is wearing a football jersey for some reason, as Mosca makes his way to the ring with Lou Albano. Mosca does his usual punch, kick and stomp offense, as Brown tries to fight back and gets sent across the ring. Mosca slams Brown in the middle of the ring and yells at Charlie to get up, and he tries only to be knocked back down again. Mosca scores the win with the backbreaker. Glad that’s over.

1. Angelo Mosca crushed Charlie Brown

2. Chris Canyon & Jack Carson v. The Moondogs

Chris Canyon would go on to greater fame, as King Kong Bundy, one of my all time favorites. He looks so weird here with shaggy hair, and a lot thinner. Moondogs starts with Carson and quickly double team him, as Patterson says he doesn’t believe the Moondogs can beat the champions. Carson finally makes a tag to Canyon, who about 325 here, is in bright purple and Rex slams him with ease! That’s some serious power from Rex, as King tagged in and continues to beat on Canyon. Canyon fights free to tag in Carson, who doesn’t do much as King rakes his eyes and takes him down with an armdrag. Rex tagged in and continues working on the arm of Carson, as Patterson continues to say there is no way the Moondogs can defeat the champions as they are too slow. The Moondogs use quick tags to work over Carson, as they maintain working the arm, very different style from the Moondogs. Canyon gets tagged in and taken down quickly by King with a series of shoulderblocks. King drops Canyon across the top rope and Rex tagged in and rakes the back. Canyon eats the turnbuckle, as King back in and they double team Canyon. Rex tosses Canyon to his corner and Carson back in, he sends Rex to the corner but runs into the knees. Rex with a powerslam and King tagged in for the splash and pin.

2. Moondogs beat Chris Canyon and Jack Carson

Patterson at ringside with Albano and Moondogs, asks if the Moondogs can speak English. Albano says they can communicate and the Moondogs steal the shirt from Albano. Patterson asks if he washes the Moondogs, and Albano says he made a prediction six months ago that they would be tag champions, and they are almost there. Patterson calls them disgusting as Albano goes after the crowd again, Patterson asks if the Moondogs would make good champions. Albano says they would be something for people to look up to and love, and they will be champions. Patterson storms off the interview set, as the Moondogs are enjoying their bones.

3. Domenic Denucci v. Black Demon

Well, I guess it’s time for Denucci to get his annual win. Denucci with a hammerlock, and Demon reverses, Denucci with a drop toe hold. Both men show off some nice amateur moves, as Denucci sends Demon tumbling to the floor. Denucci gets Demon on his shoulders, and places him on the top rope, where he slaps Demon across the face, classy. Demon with a series of hiptosses, and a cover only gets one. Denucci with an armbar but Demon shoots him in and a back body drop gets one again. Demon in complete control of Denucci, didn’t see that coming, as Denucci slams Demon. Vince talks about how great last week was, and I concur that was one of the best episodes, as Denucci works on the mask of Demon. Demon gets Denucci in the corner and unloads on him, slamming the head of Denucci into the turnbuckle. Demon controls Denucci sending from corner to corner and now chokes him on the top rope. Denucci fires back with forearms, and armdrags Demon over. Demon comes back with forearms of his own and chokes Denucci in the corner. Denucci fires Demon hard to the corner and catches him in the airplane spin, drops Demon for three.

3. Domenic Denucci over Black Demon

4. Yoshiaki Yatsu v. Larry Sharpe

So does this make Sharpe a jobber now, or is WWF bored of Yatsu already? Sharpe shows off his surprising amateur skills, and Yatsu applies an armbar. Snapmare from Sharpe followed by a few knees and elbows, but Yatsu grabs the leg and cranks the knee. Sharpe makes the ropes and quickly armdrags Yatsu over and into the top wristlock. Sharpe with a stomach claw on Yatsu, really, I thought that disappeared with the Samoans. Yatsu has not looked good in this match, as Larry been in control the majority, but he finally gets a hold of the arm of Sharpe and cranks on it. Sharpe reverses and Yatsu bridges out and chops the throat of Sharpe. Yatsu distracted by the ref and Sharpe nails him and back to the stomach claw. Yatsu stumbles to the floor and Sharpe follows, and we get a slugfest with the bell ringing. Sharpe takes off as Yatsu gets the advantage, guess we’ll get a rematch?

4. Yoshiaki Yatsu & Larry Sharpe go a double countout

5. Ron Shaw v. SD Jones

SD and Shaw grapple for supremacy with neither getting an advantage. Shaw with a waistlock and SD uses the butt to break. SD with a headscissors, but Shaw gets the ropes. Vince says next week we get Pedro Morales and Sgt Slaughter, plus the Moondogs face the tag champions in a title match! SD with a side headlock takeover, and Shaw tries to fight free, sending Jones in. Shaw drops down, so does SD and Shaw has no idea where he is. Shaw turns around right into the side headlock takeover again as SD wears down Shaw. Shaw gets him in the ropes and pops SD, SD fires back and hits the rolling neckbreaker for three.

5. SD Jones pinned Ron Shaw

1. Angelo Mosca crushed Charlie Brown
2. Moondogs beat Chris Canyon and Jack Carson
3. Domenic Denucci over Black Demon
4. Yoshiaki Yatsu & Larry Sharpe go a double countout
5. SD Jones pinned Ron Shaw

Not a great show, as the Yatsu experiment seems to be over, that was quicker then Rick McGraw. Cool to see King Kong Bundy very early in his career, made the show for me. Next week is huge as the Tag Team Champions put the gold on the line facing the Moondogs plus another appearance from Andre!

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