WWF All Star Wrestling – March 21, 1981

Last week we had a great six man match with the Tag Champions and Rick McGraw. Tonight the champions have a different partner, a man who probably weighs as much as the tag champions, Andre the Giant. Yes, it’s a very rare appearance from the Eighth Wonder of the World, as Andre gets in the ring tonight. Also scheduled to join us is the World Champion, Bob Backlund as this seems to be a very stacked episode. Let’s go to the ring.

This is the first episode of a new taping cycle, as Patterson no longer has his bandage. This was filmed on March 18th, and we will also see Angelo Mosca and Sgt Slaughter in action. Vince and Pat hype up the appearance of Bob Backlund in action tonight, as seeing the World Champion on TV was a very rare occurance.

1. Johnny Rodz, Black Demon & Baron Mikel Scicluna v. Rick Martel, Tony Garea & Andre the Giant

The Demon has a new outfit, still not black as now it’s blue and still keeping his hot pink boots, what a fashion look! All three go after Andre at the bell and he easily takes them all down, Baron pulls Andre to his corner and Andre smashes all three. Andre tags in Martel who begins to work the arm of Mikel, and Garea tagged in continues to work the arm. Mikel pulls him off balance to break the hold and yells at Andre. Mikel unloads on Garea then drives a knee into the midsection, Garea smashed into Rodz who gets tagged in. The heels triple team Garea and Demon tagged in, they work over Garea as Mikel back in. Garea fights free, and tags Andre in so Mikel bails out. Mikel slow to get back in and pounds on Andre, Rodz off the top rope does nothing. Mikel rakes the eyes and Andre just keeps working him over. Andre sends Mikel to the corner, and Mikel catches Andre with a knee, driving him into the knee of Rodz. Rodz tagged in and they triple team Andre. All six men in the ring, and the ref sends the faces back allowing more triple teaming on Andre. Rodz runs into Andre’s foot and Andre tags in Garea who works the arm and brings in Martel. Martel gets caught in the wrong corner and Demon tagged in, but Martel unloads on him. Armdrag into the armbar on Demon, as Andre walks right over him after Mikel and Rodz, then back over him to go to his corner. Hiptoss from Demon and shoulderblock, Demon off the ropes and gets hiptossed to his corner where he tags in Mikel. Martel brings in Garea who takes control of Scicluna, but Scicluna rakes the eyes and begins to work over Garea. Rodz in via the top rope with a knee but misses the next one and Andre tagged in. Andre with a big boot on Rodz, and a big right sends Rodz to the mat. Headbutt and Rodz tries to escape, Mikel and Demon come in and he stacks them in the corner. Andre and the champions crush the heels in the corner, as Rodz gets the worst of it. Martel tagged in and a backbreaker on Rodz gets two as Mikel breaks the pin. Martel and Rodz slugging it out, and Rodz bites Martel then hits a series of knees and snapmare. Tag to the Demon who distracts the ref allowing Scicluna to clobber him. Rolling neckbreaker and the ref out of position, as Demon almost pinned the champ. Rodz back in but misses the forearm and Andre back in, big vertical suplex and forearm dropped on Rodz for three. Fun, fast paced six man tag. Lots of non-stop action from all six men.

1. Andre, Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeated Black Demon, Mikel Scicluna & Johnny Rodz ***

2. Angelo Gomez v. Angelo Mosca

Last week was King versus King, this week is Angelo versus Angelo, Vince has a weird sense of humor. Mosca quickly takes down Gomez, as the crowd all over Albano, who joins Vince and Pat on commentary. Mosca continues to dominate Gomez, who’s got nothing so far. It’s just punch, kick and stomp from Mosca, as usual. Mosca slams Gomez with ease and drops an elbow but pulls Gomez up. Mosca with a backbreaker for the easy win.

2. Angelo Mosca crushed Angelo Gomez

Patterson ringside with Angelo Mosca and Captain Lou Albano, Patterson tells Albano to keeps hands off him. Mosca says WWF has the best wrestlers, and that is why he is there. Mosca says he does whatever he wants, as Albano is the ring screaming at people. Patterson says he heard Mosca has challenged the champions and supposedly they’ve run away and he doesn’t believe it. Mosca calls out Backlund and Morales and says they keep running scared, and Albano yells at Patterson again.

3. Steve King v. Sgt Slaughter

The Gomer chants start before Slaughter is even on camera, as Wizard leads him to the ring. Fireman’s carry takeover sends King to the mat and Slaughter drives the knee in repeatedly. Slaughter with a pair of backbreakers and King sent to the ropes for the back body drop. Standing dropkick from Slaughter, followed by the hiptoss as Slaughter in full control. King smashed into the turnbuckle twice and snapmared out of the corner into the Cobra Clutch for the win.

3. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Steve King

4. Bob Backlund v. The Hangman

A very rare appearance from the WWF World Champion tonight in this non-title affair. A nice series of counters and reversals from both men, into the test of strength and Hangman forced to the corner. Hangman comes out irate and Bob sweeps the legs. Hangman gets a boot in and side headlock, and Bob tries to shoot him in but Hangman holds the hair. Bob sends Hangman to the corner and catches him in a side headlock takeover. Hangman sends him in and Backlund comes back with a shoulderblock and back tom the side headlock as Bob is watching someone at ringside. We spot Fred Blassie making his way to the ring, as Hangman sends Bob in again and another shoulderblock. Bob quickly returns to the side headlock takeover, Hangman sends him again and catches Bob in a nice backbreaker for one. Hangman misses the elbowdrop and Bob takes him down with the headlock again as Bob controls the bigger man. Hangman fights free and gets a backbreaker on Bob, as Hangman works the back, sends Bob in and catches him in a high bearhug. Bob uses a headbutt to weaken the grip and tosses Hangman down. Hangman sends Bob to the corner and catches him in the bearhug again, Bob counters into a very weird pin move for two. Hangman goes for a slam but Bob slides down behind and rolls him up for three. What a unique ending, very impressive. ***

4. Bob Backlund pinned Hangman ***

5. Ron Shaw v. Pedro Morales

They lock up and Pedro with a hiptoss sends Shaw down, lockup and an armdrag this time. Shaw gets Pedro to the ropes and pops him, but Pedro fires back and Shaw hides in the corner. Pedro easily takes Shaw down with a hammerlock and Shaw fights his way free. Shaw rakes the eyes and hammers on the Intercontinental Champion, who fires back on Shaw. Shaw sent in and Pedro with the sledge, quickly locks on the Boston Crab for the win.

5. Pedro Morales beat Ron Shaw

1. Andre, Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeated Black Demon, Mikel Scicluna & Johnny Rodz ***
2. Angelo Mosca crushed Angelo Gomez
3. Sgt Slaughter destroyed Steve King
4. Bob Backlund pinned Hangman ***
5. Pedro Morales beat Ron Shaw

If it wasn’t for the two main matches this would’ve been awful. Between Mosca and Morales, just two boring guys in the ring. But the six man and the Backlund match saved the show. Next week we get a tag match featuring the Moondogs.

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