WWF All Star Wrestling – March 14, 1981

After last week’s shocking Cobra Clutch Challenge, where does the Patterson and Slaughter feud go from here. Did Patterson break the hold, or did Slaughter, knowing it was about to be broken, release the hold? What is the status of Patterson after the attack with the chair and subsequent Cobra Clutch? Hopefully we find out these answers on tonight’s episode. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince is with a taped up Pat Patterson, who has a bandage over his head. Pat says he will never forget what happened, but he won’t cry over it, he feels he got out of the hold. The ref says Slaughter released the hold, but Patterson says he did and he’s not done with Slaughter and he will show him what Patterson is all about. Vince changes the subject and asks Pat about Muraco, Patterson says Muraco has held belts around the world and could be a tough challenge from Bob Backlund.

1. Steve King & Domenic Denucci v. Moondogs

Here we go with King versus King again, I swear Vince must think this is hilarious because it happens a lot. Denucci looks happy to be here tonight, as Albano and the Moondogs make their way to the ring. Steve and Rex start, after a lot of stalling, and Steve avoids Rex. Patterson says Albano claims by the end of the year the Moondogs will be champs, and Patterson says he doesn’t think so. Steve caught in the wrong corner and gets double teamed. Steve finally makes the hot tag to Denucci who works over King, who rolls to the floor, and Rex comes in to get hammered. Back body drop sends Rex to the mat, as Albano stomps around the ringside area. King rakes the eyes of Denucci who gets triple teamed, as Patterson talks about King’s large stomach being hard as a rock, which he says almost every match. Denucci winds up on the floor and Albano gets some shots in, King then tosses Denucci back into the clutches of Rex. Denucci finally makes a tag to Steve, who misses a dropkick. Rex with the powerslam and King with a splash for the win.
1. Moondogs defeat Domenic Denucci & Steve King

2. Black Demon v. Don Muraco

Muraco quickly takes Demon down, but Demon kicks him away and goes for the arm. Muraco powers out and clobbers Demon, then smashes him into the turnbuckle. Big scoop and slam plants the Demon, Muraco helps him up and drives the knee into the face. Muraco with a nice jumping neck snap and Demon rolls to the apron, but Muraco relentless drags him in. Demon ducks under the clothesline and sends Muraco to the corner. Demon runs into the knees of Muraco, who quickly hits the Asiatic Spike for the win.

2. Don Muraco crushed the Black Demon

Patterson ringside with the tag champions, Rick Martel and Tony Garea. They really get a lot of TV time, between interviews and matches. Pat asks how they keep the schedule they have, and Martel says he never expected it to be this hard but they’ve been lucky so far. Garea says there is no way they will allow the Moondogs to take the belts, and Patterson says if it happens it will be a disgrace to wrestling. Garea says they stink and don’t shower, Patterson says they might have fleas.

3. Johnny Rodz v. Pedro Morales

Rodz quickly attacks Pedro as he comes in and hammers away in the corner. Rodz rakes the eyes and pummels Pedro, who comes back with shots of his own. Double sledge from Pedro followed by the slam, as Pedro is fired up tonight. Rodz shot to the corner hard and Pedro snapmares him out and catches Rodz with his head down for a sunset flip and three.

3. Pedro Morales crushed Johnny Rodz

4. Ron Shaw, Baron Mikel Scicluna & The Hangman v. Tony Garea, Rick Martel & Rick McGraw
Garea starts with Shaw, who goes after Garea as he talks with his partners. They lockup and Shaw gets Garea in the corner and we get a clean break. Shaw goes behind and Garea reverses and drives Shaw to the mat. Martel tagged in and Shaw sends him in, Martel comes back with a shoulderblock and tags in Rick. Rick with a side headlock, tags in Garea who maintains the hold but gets powered to the heel side. Garea gets triple teamed and all six men in the ring. The ref restores order as Garea with the headlock takeover on Shaw, Mikel breaks it. Mikel hammers on Garea, but Garea falls back and brings in Martel. Mikel slams Martel and stomps away on him. Martel shot in, but Mikel too slow and eats turnbuckle. Hangman tagged in and Martel hammers away on him, snapmare followed by an elbow gets two. Rick tagged in and continues working over Hangman. Garea back in and hits two shoulderblocks, a third fails and he gets slammed. Garea quickly tags in Rick as the champions do fast tags to confuse Hangman. Back elbow catches Garea and Mikel tagged in, he rakes the eyes and slams Garea into the turnbuckle repeatedly. Mikel makes a mistake allowing Garea to tag in McGraw who nails everyone. All six men in the ring as we have chaos, but the ref able to corral everyone back. Hangman and McGraw slug it out, but Hangman powers McGraw to his corner and tags in Shaw. Shaw cranks the neck of McGraw and all six in again. We get order as Martel slams Shaw and locks on the Boston Crab, but Mikel makes the save. McGraw tagged in and a nice vertical suplex gets three.

4. Rick McGraw, Rick Martel & Tony Garea over Ron Shaw, Hangman and Baron Mikel Scicluna

Vince and Pat talk about how great the tag champions are and that they can work with anyone. Vince asks about the Cobra Clutch Challenge, and Pat says it’s not over. Pat says as soon as the move was locked on he felt light headed but knew what he needed to do. Pat says he stunned Slaughter with the turnbuckle shot, and knew he could break it. Pat feels he broke the hold, but the ref says Slaughter released it. Vince asks if Pat feels ripped off for the money, and Pat says he does but it’s not the money, it’s his pride that got damaged. Vince talks about Pat Patterson becoming a face as the Wizard is the one who screwed him over years ago, and wonders if this is the Wizard’s way of getting back.

5. Killer Khan v. Angelo Gomez

Khan attacks Gomez at the bell and hammers the guy, sends him to the corner and snapmares him out. Big slam from Khan, followed by the side backbreaker as Blassie looks on approvingly. Khan pounds the back of Gomez and drops his throat across the top rope. Khan is all over Gomez who has done nothing since the bell rang. Stomach breaker from Khan followed by another big slam and the double kneedrop scores three.

5. Killer Khan destroyed Angelo Gomez

1. Moondogs defeat Domenic Denucci & Steve King
2. Don Muraco crushed the Black Demon
3. Pedro Morales crushed Johnny Rodz
4. Rick McGraw, Rick Martel & Tony Garea over Ron Shaw, Hangman and Baron Mikel Scicluna
5. Killer Khan destroyed Angelo Gomez

A much better episode then last week as the six man was really good and fast paced. Muraco, Khan and Moondogs squashes were fast as well. Next week, Andre the Giant is back!

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