WWF All Star Wrestling – March 7, 1981

Coming to us, as always from Hamburg, PA we progress along into March! Last week we had the debut of Magnificent Don Muraco, and a great tag team contest between the champions, Rick Martel & Tony Garea, defeating Johnny Rodz & The Hangman. Tonight we are joined by the number one contenders to the tag titles, The Moondogs and another Cobra Clutch Challenge. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince McMahon welcomes us tonight’s broadcast and goes over the action we will see tonight. In addition to the previously mentioned we also will see The Hangman versus SD Jones, another debut, and Pat Patterson will join us later.

1. SD Jones v. The Hangman

Hangman continues his slide down the ranking, as now he’s a jobber to the stars, too bad thought he’d be a bigger deal. They take a while before locking up and neither man can move the other. Jones with a side headlock takeover, Hangman fights free and hammers away on Jones, smashing his head into the turnbuckle. SD bangs his head into the turnbuckle before dancing, infuriating Hangman. Hangman offers a test of strength, and as SD goes for it Hangman tries for a punch but the ref catches him. Hangman slams SD, but SD bounces back up. Side headlock takeover on SD, but SD scoops the ankle of Hangman. Test of strength again, and Hangman kicks SD in the midsection the goes to an armbar. SD counters to an armdrag but Hangman maintains the armbar. Hangman continues to work over the arm and shoulder of SD, who hammers the chest of Hangman, but Hangman yanks the hair to keep SD off balance. SD finally fights free with a vicious headbutt sending Hangman across the ring, SD kicks away at Hangman and begins to dance. Hangman rakes the eyes and chokes SD on the top rope, SD fights back with a series of jabs staggering Hangman. SD hammers the face of Hangman in the corner, and tosses Hangman across the ring. Slugfest ensues as the bell rings for the time limit. That ends SD Jones’ undefeated streak at 5.

1. Hangman & SD Jones go to a time limit draw

2. Pete Mitchell v. Don Muraco

Muraco lead to the ring by the Grand Wizard, who has words with the ref before leaving the ring. Snapmare and stomp from Muraco, and into the rear chinlock. Muraco sends Pete into the turnbuckle as we’re joined by Pat Patterson, while Muraco continues to destroy Pete. Muraco with a nice gut wrench suplex as the Grand Wizard applauds the moves of his man. Double knee to the chest, followed by the bottom rope hotshot from Muraco. Pete shot in and hit with a shot to the throat and into the Asiatic Spike for the finish.

2. Don Muraco destroyed Pete Mitchell

3. Yoshiaki Yatsu v. Frank Savage

It’s our first time seeing Yatsu, who’s only a few months into his career. Patterson calls him one of the best amateurs from Japan, who missed his Olympic chance. Lots of nice amateur work to start, but Savage quickly hammers Yatsu to the mat with kicks and elbows. Yatsu takes out the leg and begins to work it over, yanking Savage to the middle of the ring. Savage kicks Yatsu away and drives a knee into the back of the head of Yatsu. Yatsu quickly goes back to the leg with a rolling headlock into the leglock, impressive work. Savage rakes the eyes and goes back to the elbows and knees to the back. Yatsu powers out of the top wristlock but they wind up in the ropes and Savage with a nice elbow and big slam followed by an elbowdrop for a near fall! Savage goes for another slam but Yatsu rolls him up for three. Not much of a debut as Savage controlled the whole match and Yatsu scored an upset rollup.

3. Yoshiaki Yatsu defeated Frank Savage

Vince ringside with Fred Blassie & Killer Khan, Blassie says Khan is heading back to Mongolia for a while. Blassie says Khan is being rewarded by Mongolia with 100 camels and getting an award. Vince asks the difference between Upper Mongolia and Lower Mongolia, Blassie says one is higher then the other and laughs wildly. Blassie says he is heading to Mongolia with Khan as well, as he’s afraid Khan may never return. Vince asks about the camels, and Blassie says Upper has 2 humps, Lower has one.

The Cobra Clutch Challenge is being taken, by the Black Demon this week. This is in black and white and from Championship Wrestling from the same day. Loud chants of Gomer right out of the gate, does anyone really think the Demon stands a chance? Slaughter starts to go for it, and Demon shoves him away and leaves. Slaughter and Wizard are furious, as Patterson heads to ringside to talk with Slaughter. Slaughter says he told Demon it might be his last time in the ring and that’s why he bailed, calling Demon as yellow as Patterson who he shoves. As Slaughter walks away Patterson grabs him and tells him to get in the ring. The crowd explodes as Patterson throws his jacket down and gets in the ring, Slaughter heads to the back and we can see the Moondogs through the curtain! Slaughter returns to the ring, as Patterson sits in the chair and waits. Slaughter stalls and Patterson is getting angry, as he goes after Wizard. Patterson sits back down and Slaughter locks it in, Patterson charges the corner and kicks off the top rope, both men crash to the mat but the Clutch is still locked on. Patterson back to his feet and pulls Slaughter over but Slaughter maintains the grip. The ref checks on Patterson, who’s still fighting, Patterson charges the corner, ducks and Slaughter hits the turnbuckle but is still holding the Clutch. Patterson finally breaks the hold, and the crowd is just insane. Slaughter grabs the chair and cracks Patterson across the head, tosses the ref to the cement and continues hammering Patterson who’s split wide open. Wonder if that’s why it’s black and white. Slaughter locks the Clutch back on, and Martel, Garea and Denucci charge the ring to get Slaughter off Patterson but he won’t release the hold. Denucci grabs the chair and smashes it over the head of Slaughter to finally break the hold. This is just chaos as now Gorilla Monsoon is out there too, yanking Slaughter out and drags him to the back. Denucci, Garea and Martel raise the arm of Pat Patterson as the blood is just gushing out. What a segment!

4. Moondogs v. Rick McGraw & Domenic Denucci

This is from the same episode of Championship Wrestling as well. Rex and Denucci start, and Denucci goes after both Moondogs. Rex hammers Denucci, who sends Rex to the corner and beats him down. Rex whipped into King who falls off the apron. Vince calls all three, Moondogs and Albano, a bunch of bums, way to be impartial. King in and chokes away at Denucci, as the Moondogs double team Denucci in the corner. Denucci tries to fight free but the double team tactics are too much as they wear Denucci down. Albano gets his shots in as well, while Rick has the ref and Vince is irate again. Denucci slides under the legs and tags in Rick, who dropkicks both Moondogs and slams Rex with ease. Shoulderblock and Denucci back in, no tag and Vince is confused by the ref allowing that. All four men in the ring as Vince says the have no word on Patterson yet. Rick eats the iron ring post and sent back in. Rex with a nice shoulderbreaker for three.

4. Moondogs over Domenic Denucci & Rick McGraw

5. Angelo Mosca v. Jose Estrada

This is also from Championship Wrestling, weird, did they not film enough for All Star this month? Albano distracts Estrada and Mosca attacks from behind. I’m finding Mosca to be on par with Larry Sharpe for being very boring and bland. It’s just punches and stomps, with nothing major. Mosca showing off his moveset with his kicks, stomps and front facelock. Over the shoulder backbreaker for the win.

5. Angelo Mosca crushes Jose Estrada

1. Hangman & SD Jones go to a time limit draw
2. Don Muraco destroyed Pete Mitchell
3. Yoshiaki Yatsu defeated Frank Savage
4. Moondogs over Domenic Denucci & Rick McGraw
5. Angelo Mosca crushes Jose Estrada

This was a very strange show, as more then half the show was from Championship Wrestling. If you take out the Slaughter/Patterson portion it was a really bad show. However that segment saved the show, and maybe one of the best segments I’ve seen. The crowd was red hot for Patterson and the hatred toward Slaughter was crazy. Simply an amazing moment. Next week the tag champions join us for six man action.

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