WWF All Star Wrestling – February 28, 1981

Finishing off the month of February, we start a new taping cycle. These shows were taped on the 25th of February, as usual in Hamburg, PA. Last week we saw Sgt Slaughter again challenge Pat Patterson to the Cobra Clutch Challenge, which Patterson said he wasn’t ready for. Tonight we have another person taking the challenge, while Patterson step up? Let’s go to the ring.

The show opens with no audio, hope this doesn’t go through the whole show. As soon as we see Vince the audio kicks in and he’s alone right now. Tonight we have tag action, Pedro Morales and a debut coming up!!

We start with the Cobra Clutch Challenge from Championship Wrestling from the same day. Rick McGraw steps up to the challenge, and the crowd goes wild. Slaughter comes out and the crowd is all over him with Gomer chants. McGraw is ready in the chair, as we see a huge Gomer banner in the crowd, and Slaughter spots it and goes off the deep end. Wizard tries to calm him down, as McGraw waits patiently. Finally it’s locked in on McGraw and McGraw starts to power up, but Slaughter tightens his grip. McGraw fades away and the challenge is over, as the ref checks the arm, but on the third it stays up. Rick drives Slaughter to the corner repeatedly and Slaughter tries to keep the hold on, as the crowd is rabid. McGraw drops to the knees and the ref checks on him, but he won’t quit but he finally passes out and it’s over. Slaughter leaves and gets in the face of Patterson on the way out.

1. Black Demon v. Pedro Morales

The Intercontinental Champion returns to face the Demon, and bore me to tears. Meanwhile we hear someone say on commentary “What am I supposed to do now?”, don’t know what that was. Pedro with a hammerlock drives Demon to the mat, Demon makes the ropes and Pedro goes to a top wristlock takedown. Demon breaks free, but Pedro just goes back to the arm, Pedro is so boring to watch in the ring. Demon gets Pedro to the ropes and gets a shot in, Pedro fires back but Demon avoid it and bails out. Demon gets back in and Pedro with a hiptoss sends Demon to the corner. Demon slow to get up and catches Pedro in a side headlock, Pedro lifts him in a backbreaker and into the Boston Crab for the win. After the match Pedro offers a handshake to Demon, who accepts it.

1. Pedro Morales defeats Black Demon

Vince at ringside with the Grand Wizard and debuting Magnificent Don Muraco!!! One of my favorites finally debuts, as Wizard talks about how great Muraco is. Wizard calls him the greatest surfer and greatest wrestler. Muraco says he is an artist, a performer, and has studied in Japan. Muraco says has more talent then anyone and he calls New York dirty, but Bob Backlund is a fantastic athlete but he’s the greatest.

2. Don Muraco v. Angelo Gomez

Muraco quickly wrestles Gomez to the mat, and he struggles to the ropes where Muraco nails him with a knee. Snapmare and jumping neck snap as Muraco works the neck, using the ropes to his advantage. Crossface on Gomez, as he grinds Gomez into the mat, Muraco helps him up and drives the double knee to the chest and a perfect standing dropkick. Gomez tries to fight from the rear chinlock, so Muraco takes him down with a Russian Legsweep then drops a knee across the chest. Muraco drags Gomez to the ropes and a hotshot on the bottom rope, snapmare again and the thumb to the throat, The Asiatic Spike, makes it debut for the victory!

2. Don Muraco beat Angelo Gomez

3. Hangman & Johnny Rodz v. Rick Martel & Tony Garea

Hangman back to teaming with a jobber, where did Khan go? Rodz starts with Garea, and Rodz catches him in the ropes with a shot. Side headlock takeover from Rodz, as he tries to wear down Garea. Rodz snapmares Garea across the ring and brings in Hangman who unloads on the champion. Hangman with a side headlock, Garea almost powers out, but Hangman uses the hair to hold on. Hangman clobbers Garea on the ropes and back to the headlock, Martel tagged in but Rodz had the ref distracted. Rodz in now, and again the ref misses Martel tagged in, the heels double team Garea and Vince is getting mad on commentary. Fast tags and double teaming control Garea, who’s in a lot of trouble. Garea sends Hangman to the corner and makes the hot tag, Martel in and takes out both guys, big dropkick sends Hangman to the floor. Hangman takes his guy getting back in, and Martel takes him down with a drop toe hold, Rodz tries to interfere and Garea chases him off. Hangman catches Martel with a forearm and powers him to the corner, shot to the opposite corner but Martel reverses and Hangman hits the post shoulder first hard. Garea in and begins to work the injured arm, Martel returns to the battle and continues to work the arm. Hangman uses the hair to get Martel in the ropes and Rodz gets a cheap shot in before being tagged in. Rodz slams Martel down and drops a pair of elbows, but Martel fires back. Martel gets caught and all four in the ring, Martel takes out Hangman and then they double team Rodz. Back in the heel corner and all four in again, the ref restores order as Martel continues to take apart Rodz. Garea tagged in and unloads on Rodz, then headlock takeover, but Rodz uses a headscissors to slow down the champions. Garea fights free and catches Rodz, but Rodz shoots him in and its a back elbow followed by stomp off the ropes. Second one misses and Martel tagged in, flying headscissors takes Rodz down, second one works just as well. Rodz rakes the eyes, and sends Martel in, back body drop and a splash gets a near fall for Rodz. Rodz sends him in, and Martel comes back with a sunset flip for three. Great match, fantastic work from everyone. After the match the heels want more so the champions send them to the outside.

3. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Johnny Rodz & Hangman ***1/2
4. Stan Hansen v. Steve King

Hansen quickly goes right after King with elbows, as Vince asks about Rick McGraw. Patterson says McGraw did a great effort in the Cobra Clutch Challenge but he shouldn’t have swung back and forth. Patterson says you need to stand still and he’s tempted to try, but he’s not positive yet. Meanwhile Hansen tosses King across the ring, next week Slaughter has another challenger for his Cobra Clutch Challenge. King tries to fight back but that just angers the big Texan, who stomps King to the apron. Hansen pulls him in and hits the back elbow followed by a series of kneedrops. Lariat from Hansen scores the quick easy victory.

4. Stan Hansen demolished Steve King

1. Pedro Morales defeats Black Demon
2. Don Muraco beat Angelo Gomez
3. Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeat Johnny Rodz & Hangman ***1/2
4. Stan Hansen demolished Steve King

A really good episode this week, the Cobra Clutch Challenge was the closest we’ve seen so far. The tag match was fantastic and made the show. Great to see the debut of the Magnificent One, Don Muraco as well. Next week we have the Moondogs, who Vince calls the Bulldogs, in action!

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