WWF All Star Wrestling – February 21, 1981

Last week we saw the final appearances of both Jim Duggan (0-8-0) and Hulk Hogan (19-0-0). Both men will return to the WWF in the future, but for now we move on. Tonight is the last of this taping, and we have Sgt Slaughter and Angelo Mosca in singles action, among other things. Let’s go to the ring.

Vince and Pat welcome us to the show, and go over tonight’s action. We will also see the World Tag Team Champions in action, as the Moondogs are hunting for them, and now so is Killer Khan and Hangman.

1. Sgt Slaughter v. Ron Shaw

This is from Championship Wrestling from the same day. Before the match Jack Carson is in the ring and ready for the Cobra Clutch Challenge. Slaughter comes out with his ears plugged so he can’t hear the Gomer chants. The hold is locked on and quickly Carson is done, that was pointless. Slaughter attacks Carson after and rams him into the turnbuckle before tossing him to the floor as Shaw makes his way to ringside we see Gorilla Monsoon scrape Carson off the floor. Lockup and Slaughter misses the shot in the corner, but catches Shaw anyway however Shaw fires back and makes Slaughter eat the turnbuckle. Slaughter nails Shaw with a back elbow and follows with a big slam in the middle of the ring, then drives multiple knees into the chest of Shaw. Back suplex from Slaughter, as he’s distracted by the fans still, but keeps on Shaw, locking in the Clutch for the easy win. Slaughter tries to after Joe McHugh who won’t take that from Slaughter.

1. Sgt Slaughter crushes Ron Shaw

Patterson at ringside with Slaughter & Wizard, calls out Slaughter for going after Joe and asks if he’s scared of challenge. Slaughter says he doesn’t want to hear that chant anymore and reiterates the Cobra Clutch Challenge. Slaughter says it’s double money for Patterson to get in the ring right now and break the clutch. Patterson says he guarantees that when he’s ready he’ll step in there, and Slaughter asks if he’s yellow and calls him a coward.

2. Rick Martel & Tony Garea v. Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada

The return of Team Brooklyn faces the champions tonight. Martel starts with Rodz, and they start with some amateur style takedowns. Rodz gets Martel in his corner and they double team him, Jose enters via the top rope smashing the back of Martel. Slam from Jose, as Martel tries to get away but Rodz gets tagged in. Martel fights back and sends Rodz into the elbow of Garea, before tagging him in. Garea begins to work over the arm of Johnny, fast tags from the champions keep Rodz on the defense. Rodz able to catch Garea with a knee and slams him down, then tags in Jose who goes to work on Garea, but Garea powers Jose to his corner and brings in Martel. Backslide from Martel gets the flash pin.

2. Rick Martel & Tony Garea beat Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada

Patterson at ringside with Stan Hansen, who asks about friction in the stable. Hansen says he doesn’t talk to anyone and doesn’t know, but doesn’t want to go after Hogan but for the money he’ll break anyone’s neck. Patterson asks about his background, Hansen says he was a teacher till he slapped a kid and now he’s a wrestler, where he wants to be. Hansen says it took him four year to come back, but now he’s smarter, stronger and better than ever.

3. Stan Hansen v. Steve King

Hansen just towers over King, but King goes for a side headlock and cranks on him. Hansen makes the ropes and hammers the chest of King, then rams him into the turnbuckle, snapmare and multiple elbowdrops slow down King. In the corner and Hansen just pounds away on him before tossing King into the ropes and hits the lariat for three.

3. Stan Hansen pinned Steve King

4. Black Demon v. SD Jones

The lockup and SD powers Demon away, Demon complains about the mask being pulled. Demon goes for a waistlock and SD uses his butt to break the hold. Side headlock from the Demon, who dances free and Demon looks frustrated. SD with a side headlock and Demon tries to dance out, but not happening. Armdrag into the armbar from SD as he works over the arm of the Demon. SD takes out the leg and goes for something, but Demon kicks him off, so SD dances. Demon catches SD with a forearm to the jaw and begins unloading on him, but SD dances away again. SD catches Demon in the corner and hammers away before sending him to the opposite corner then tosses him across the ring. SD grabs the mask and holds Demon so he can keep hammering away at the guy, as SD is in complete control with Demon just getting beaten on. Two shoulderblocks and a rolling neckbreaker gets the three count.

4. SD Jones beats The Black Demon

Vince at ringside with SD, who says the neckbreaker is his special now and the WWF is tougher then ever. SD says he looks forward to the toughest competition. Vince says SD needs to be pushed to be the best he can be, SD says he’s from here and learned his lesson and needs to give it all.

5 Angelo Mosca v. Angelo Gomez

It’’s the battle of Angelo, as Gomez faces Mosca in our main event. Now they just introduce him as King Kong Mosca, seems he lost his first name. Mosca towers over Gomez and just hammers the man. Mosca sends Gomez in and shoulderblocks him to the mat, then into the front facelock. Mosca just stomping away on Gomez, who tries to roll away but Mosca catches him and continues the beatings, driving a shoulder into the midsection of Gomez. Mosca with the backbreaker for the easy win.

5. Angelo Mosca destroys Angelo Gomez

1. Sgt Slaughter crushes Ron Shaw
2. Rick Martel & Tony Garea beat Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada
3. Stan Hansen pinned Steve King
4. SD Jones beats The Black Demon
5. Angelo Mosca destroys Angelo Gomez

A mediocre episode this week, with nothing major happening. None of the matches were exciting either, next week starts a new cycle, so maybe something big happens.

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